disney fairytale wedding

  1. B

    Brittany & Francisco's Planning Journal - June 20, 2021 WP/II/AAR

    Hi everyone! I've always loved reading everyone's planning journals and after being in a funk of wedding planning (thanks covid 🙄), I thought creating a planning journal might be a nice way to get excited about planning again. Quick background on us, Francisco and I met about 6 years ago when...
  2. J

    Bar Package Question

    For any past Disney Brides...I’m planning on a 4 hour reception and I asked my consultant this question, but she was not very clear. If I have a 4 hour bar package and use an hour for the pre reception that leaves me with 3 hours for the reception so will Disney allow me to close the bar for an...
  3. J

    Disney Wedding Pre-Reception Venue Fee?

    To anyone who has had a wedding Disney World, do you know if I would have to pay a separate fee for the venue? I'm planning on getting married in the Wedding Pavilion and have my reception at the Grand Floridian Ballrooms. My consultant told me that my pre-reception would be held in the...
  4. M

    wedding planning - unanswered emails/vague answers?

    When I first contacted Disney, they would call/email right away. When dealing with Pam Pearce ( wedding consultant) she usually responded a few hours after I sent an email. once was placed with a “wedding team” I emailed and asked for an introduction call For the following week to go over a few...
  5. A

    MK photo session...worth it???

    This girl needs some help! My husband and I recently got married at wdw. Getting photos taken in front of Cinderellas castle was not a necessity up until recently. All I want to do is put my dress back on and frolicking through disney again! Plus, how many brides actually get to experience...
  6. MeghanEmily

    "You and me, we're in a club now!" - a DFTW/Disneymoon/Vacay August 2017 PTR

    GUYS! Oh my goodness, it’s happening! It’s really happening! This is a real live PTR being written! My very first, in fact. The reason for this PTR is simple: The boy and I are in a club now...the Engagement club! And soon to be in the Married Folk Club! And our Disney Fairytale Wedding is...


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