disney visa

  1. SouthFayetteFan

    I love credit cards so much! v3.0 (see first page for add'l details)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are new, It is highly recommended that you read the first 6 "stickied comments" before jumping in here! :welcome:Welcome to the "I Love Credit Cards" Thread!! :welcome: This is a continuation from our Original Thread which generated over 2million views and 70k comments...
  2. AliceInJerseyLand

    Can I pay for Minnie Vans with Disney Dream Rewards Dollars?

    and also with gift cards? I have racked up all these points and am looking for a way to use them. Nice problem to have, right?
  3. D

    Disney Visa

    How long after approval did your card arrive in the mail? (And to what state?)
  4. D

    Applying for Disney Visa on site...

    If you apply for the Disney Visa while on your trip to WDW, can you use it on the trip? Do they give you a temp card/allow you to charge to the account, or do you have to wait the 1-3 weeks for it to arrive before you can use it? We're leaving in four days and kind of regretting not applying for...


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