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  1. K

    Setting up a small business

    Hi. (I also posted this on TripAdvisor Disneyland Paris Forum earlier today but it was taken down without explanation.) I consider myself to be reasonably good with consumer technology. I often end up helping out my grandparents' friends with using technology, such as setting up a Sky box or a...
  2. M

    Kitchens & Traveling with Dietary Restrictions

    Hi all, I hope everyone is staying self and healthy during these times! I am planning on traveling to Disneyland Paris some time next year. I have dietary restrictions to the point where aside from french fries and maybe a side salad , foreign Disney Park food is out of the picture for me. I...
  3. N

    Best priced tickets for Disneyland Paris

    Hi all! This is my first time posting here so apologies if this question has been asked a million times or seems really obvious... We are a family of 7 (4 adults, 2 kids and a toddler), travelling to Paris in April and planning to visit Disneyland as well as the Studios on April 15th and 16th...
  4. the_princess

    3 Generations on a Christmas tour - Dec. 12-14 - Pre-trip planning

    When: Dec. 12-14 2019 Where: Disneyland Hotel at DLP Who: Me (30-something), my mom (60-something), my daughter (15 months) Table of Content Pre-trip planning: Introductions Pre-planning and booking Trip report: Dec. 12 Dec. 13 Dec. 14 Before I get started, please enjoy a few shots from our...
  5. P

    Job at Disneyland Paris

    Hello everyone, So I had an interview with Disneyland Paris and after I finished my interview that night I got an email to say my interview was successful and I was just awaiting a contract the very next day I got another email saying my application didn’t match and they weren’t furthering with...
  6. S

    Is Voyagin reliable?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase tickets online for DLP and I see that a site called Voyagin is offering 33% off tickets (I believe they said they're e-tickets.) On the page, it says it's an "official partner" of the park (I think that's what that means?) It would be great to save even...
  7. HermanTriplets+1

    DLP Mini-TR or rather a list a bunch of comments and some pictures! Sept 2018

    Mini Trip Report - September 2-3-4 Two days "solo", one day with DH. No kids. First timer at DLP, experienced Disney Addict at WDW Orlando. What I did, saw, ate: in no particular order: Disneyland Park at DLP Big Thunder Mountain Adventure Isle Pirates of the Caribbean Sleeping...
  8. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Disney Illuminations at Disneyland Park | Disneyland Paris

    Disney Illuminations is the current nighttime spectacular at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Paris and opened to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the resort! Disney Illuminations stars Mickey Mouse and explores many classic Disney films, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast...
  9. D

    DIS Exclusive London / Paris / Disneyland Paris 10/4 - 10/13/19

    https://www.dreamsunlimitedtravel.com/abd/itin_England_France_DLP_podcast_group.htm Kevin@DreamsUnlimitedTravel.com Go with us!!
  10. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Craig Goes to Disneyland Paris and Does A Lot of Stuff!

    Join Craig (@Teleclashter) as he heads to Disneyland Paris (flight, hotel, park admission courtesy of Disney) and experiences as much as he can over the course of two days.
  11. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Craig Goes to Disney FanDaze at Disneyland Paris

    Join Craig as he attends the inaugural Disney FanDaze event at Disneyland Paris, featuring over 90 different Disney characters, new entertainment featuring Ducktales and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and so much more!
  12. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Disney FanDaze | Disneyland Paris | 06/11/18

    In this week's episode, Craig shares his experience of spending a day and a half at Disneyland Paris! If you guys enjoyed the show and want to see more of Craig's video of the DisneyFanDaze event, check out the playlist here or on YouTube!
  13. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Disneyland Paris | 06/11/18

    In this week's episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, Craig shares his experience of spending a day and a half at Disneyland Paris! If you enjoyed this show and want to watch more of Craig's videos from his experience at DisneyFanDaze over in Disneyland Paris, here is the playlist of...
  14. ljandbucket

    DLP Resort Recommendation

    Looking to use DVC points for a three night stay in late July. Looking for any recommendations regarding the onsite properties. DL hotel likely out of the budget but any of the others are in play. Seen mixed reviews on all of the resorts from a number of different sites so appreciate any...
  15. lurkyloo

    The Lurkyloos Do Disneyland Paris in the Snow! UPDATED 10/18 - How to Get to Paris from Disneyland!

    * Because Disneyland Paris is totally beautiful in the snow but also (almost) totally closed! This is the story of our three-week 10th anniversary trip to London, Disneyland Paris, real Paris and Edinburgh, told with customary excruciating detail and, of course, roughly 9.6 bazillion photos...
  16. ghoweywilson

    First trip to DLP** Cheapest 2 day tickets?

    My fiancé and I will be doing our first trip to DLP this May, being so used to the ticketing at WDW, the DLP ones are confusing to me. There seems to be so many options depending on whether you book the exact day you're going, I found one site that said it was cheaper to buy 1 day passes...
  17. TheLittleKatie

    Everything You Do, CELEBRATE YOU! - Polynesian - Club Level - TPV

    It’s the time of your life, You don’t wanna miss out, On right here and now! There’s so many reasons why, You don’t wanna stop, It’s your chance, live it up! And everything you do, CELEBRATE YOU! party: WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME party: I’m Katie :wave2: Welcome to my second trip report...


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