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  1. J

    Disney Wedding Pre-Reception Venue Fee?

    To anyone who has had a wedding Disney World, do you know if I would have to pay a separate fee for the venue? I'm planning on getting married in the Wedding Pavilion and have my reception at the Grand Floridian Ballrooms. My consultant told me that my pre-reception would be held in the...
  2. D

    VGF 2 Bedroom or 2 Main Building Club Level Rooms?

    My family and I are very torn, and have gone back and forth a million times. Turning here for the expert help and opinions. We have a Disney Cruise booked for next June 2021 to celebrate my youngest daughter's graduation, and we plan to add 5 nights prior to the cruise to spend in WDW. When...
  3. M

    **FOUND!!** LOST vintage rhinestone shoe clip - looks like Mickey icon 😞

    I know this is a long shot BUT last night (Feb 14), I lost one of my vintage rhinestone shoe clips. These pieces are very sentimental to me. It looks like a Mickey Icon but is not affiliated with Disney. I don’t know how to attach a photo. I have pics on my phone. The details: We left our...
  4. S

    Just bought into Rivera DVC, thinking of cancelling and buying non-direct.

    On a cruise got caught up into buying into DVC for 250 points at Riviera. Just got home and after doing some research most likely will cancel and look into buying non direct. We have unique situation as well. We like to go to Disney every couple of years, BUT we live close to Galveston so...
  5. J

    MK - entry time + Minnie van

    Hi! Staying at the Carribean Beach Resort: On Dec 28th I have: - 8:30 FP for 7 dwarfs mine train - 9:30 reserv for GF Supercalifragilistic breakfast My thoughts on transportation: - Minnie Van from CB to 7 dwarfs (what time should I plan on getting to MK drop off spot??) - Monorail back to GF...
  6. Newsies

    Newsies' Pumpkin-Spiced Trip Report! - Our MNSSHP, MM August '19 Adventure! *DR link 1/27*

    Hi, I'm Kaitlyn, and I'll be the first to admit I have a problem. A pumpkin problem. I can't get enough of them! Jack-o'-lanterns, pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, pumpkin scented candles, pumpkin cookies, and more than anything: pumpkin spice lattes! This basic witch is ready for fall to...
  7. H

    Rope drop

    How early does the monorail start running from the Grand Floridian to MK for rope drop? Is it generally 6:30am?
  8. NickBCV


    200 Grand Floridian Points available for rent. Reservations before 4/1/19 will need to be paid in full at the time of reservation due to need to borrow points. Reservations after 4/1/19 require a 50% payment upon reservation confirmation and remaining 50% by 12/31/18. I would be happy to...
  9. Ears to Disney

    A Grand and Very Merry Birthday Celebration! A December 2017 TR (WITH VLOGS!)

    CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTIONS! Hi ho! Dawn here! Some may remember me as "dmlovullo" here on the DIS, but I have since changed my name to correspond with our YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I thought it would be better if everything was under the same name. :-) I bring you a tale of...
  10. BriLovesDisney

    Is Grand Floridian Worth it?

    Hello all! We are planning a college graduation trip to Disney for next December. We booked the GF using a BB offer and got a lagoon view. None of us have ever stayed at the GF before but it's always been a resort we've wanted to stay at, especially for a special occasion. However, we could...
  11. HairyChest

    Polynesian Villas / Yacht Club / Contemporary Review

    just got back form a split stay in December at the Polynesian DVC , Yacht Club and Contemporary Resort Contemporary resort We had a tower room with a bay lake view. It was Gorgeous! the view looks better to me than the magic kingdom view (from videos and pics Ive seen) because its not a...
  12. ToffPrincess

    First Trip in 22 years to WDW!! London to WDW

    I have 3 trips coming up in the next 12 months. Aside from Disney Paris (which I am sorry to say I LOATHE) this is my first return to Disney World Florida in 22 years. Can not wait!! Trip 1- 10 days at GF the one I will planning here. Trip 2- 17 days at GF club level (+ maybe Poly for the...
  13. dmlovullo

    Many Adventures to Come! Over Twenty Days of Disney Parks PTR! :)

    June 15, 2017 - Where Have I Been? Hello everyone! Happy almost summer! It is good to be back! In case you forgot what I look like... I know it has been awhile since I started writing my TR from October 2015...which I will admit, I failed at. :( But, I am determined to finish a TR...
  14. NickBCV

    Split Stay Grand Floridian and Beach Club

    Just got back from Disney having booked the Grand Floridian and Beach Club for 3 nights each. This was our first split stay and I would say I would not recommend it. Grand Floridian was amazing and as we expected there was a significant drop-off with the Beach Club. Problems began with check...
  15. TheLittleKatie

    Oh It's A Jolly Holiday With Katie! - Beach Club / Grand Floridian

    The Basics: Who: Katie and Jamie :love2: When: 2nd - 16th September 2014 Where: 1 week Beach Club, 1 week Grand Floridian! Pre-trip hellos! Welcome, foolish mortals, to my first trip report! I am your host, your Ghost Host... There's no turning back now! Our tour begins here in this...


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