1. JHank44

    370 VGF @ $18.5, 230 BLT @ $17, and 170 SSR @ $16 - Dec UY

    I have: 370 VGF @ $18.5/point good until Dec 1, 2021, 230 BLT @ $17/point good until Dec 1, 2020, 170 SSR @ $16/point good until Dec 1, 2020. I can also make reservations within a 7 month window at any DVC resorts if there is availability. I am an experienced renter, use a contract, and accept...
  2. F

    Question about multiple contracts

    Ok this is something I am trying to wrap my head around still. For those of you who have several small contracts (especially the ones less than 100!) at different resorts, how do you use them? If you can't combine the points til 7 months, you really lose out of the 11 month advantage. Am I...
  3. SouthFayetteFan

    I love credit cards so much! v3.0 (see first page for add'l details)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are new, It is highly recommended that you read the first 6 "stickied comments" before jumping in here! :welcome:Welcome to the "I Love Credit Cards" Thread!! :welcome: This is a continuation from our Original Thread which generated over 2million views and 70k comments...
  4. donaldwest

    CLOSED: Points not available. Sorry. 230 Points for Transfer. Asking $17 per point. Old Key West is my home resort. Use by Nov. 2020

    CLOSED: Points not available. Sorry :) Hello All! I have 230 points that needs to be transferred by Nov. 30, 2020 I am asking $17 a point. If you are a DVC member already I can transfer the points to you. If not, there is no other option with me. I find it difficult and time consuming to find...
  5. N

    First Timer

    its my first time on Dis Board , can someone please explain to me how this points work, I've gone through the terms and conditions but it's still not helping. and how do i transact with this points.
  6. J

    Rented points, Family Member visiting for one night

    Hello!! So I’m in a bit of a little pickle and haven’t been able to find the answer So I rented DVC points from davesdvcrentals.com and I’m all set for my studio at OKW! (Myself and my girlfriend) My girlfriend’s sister lives in Tampa and is going to meet us for dinner one night and then...
  7. G

    DVC "policy" is costing me points!

    I have been a member since 1994, I love Disney and we go every year. Our home resort is OKW, but we added on a contract at SSR directly through Disney because we wanted more points and they had no OKW points at the time. DVC has always been flexible about our multiple contracts- in terms of...


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