12 Months of Medals: My 2015 (And Beyond!) Running Challenge


The Official Keels of RunDisney
Feb 27, 2008
I'm sorry for your loss. Things like that are never easy. My grandma has pancreatic cancer currently and is battling but of course the outlook isn't great. She had breast cancer over a decade ago and beat that so there is always hope. It's sounds like he accomplished a lot in his life despite being gone too early.
Thanks, Ryan. He was pretty great.

And I'll keep your grandma in my thoughts - she sounds like a fighter and hopefully she can keep that up until a cure can be found. Cancer is really the worst.

I saw an obituary for him in the NY Times last week ... it sounds like he was a great journalist and a great person.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thanks, Sarah. His lifelong goal was to be a writer for the NY Times, and when he did it ... it was just amazing. Some of his best work was at the NYT - Portraits of Grief, etc. He was a very, very gifted writer and the journalism profession is definitely weaker with his passing.


One Step at a Time
Dec 11, 2010
I am so sorry for the loss of your friend...41 is much too young but it seems like his life touched many people. Big hugs and prayers for peace & comfort!


Earning My Ears
Jul 29, 2016
Time out! Who said that only fast runners are good runners? That's not true at all. Just because you're slow does not mean you are not good at it. It just means that you're slow. Don't ever tell yourself that you're not a good runner because you're not as fast as other people. Are you out there running? Are you training properly? Are you resting and fueling properly? Then you're a good runner. Simple as that.
That is probably the most inspirational thing I have read so far to motivate newbies like myself. Thank you:tigger:


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