Add 2 nights at another island?


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Jan 13, 2012
We prefer Maui (Kaanapali/Lahaina) over Oahu, but thats just personal preference. While on Oahu we split between North Shore (Turtle Bay) we loved it, and Waikiki which we didnt really care for as much, just too crowded, plus we stayed at the Waikiki Hilton which my wife compared to a bus terminal because of the crowds.

We visited Aulani for lunch. while on the island but that was right after we left Turtle Bay and visited some natural sites. Aulani while it looked very nice just looked fake. We had just been on cliffs and rocks and beaches and imo Disney was fake rocks and could have been anywhere. WIth that said we were just talking about staying at Aulani for a few days to really give it a try. If not there Kauai.


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