Any reviews for the buffet at The Mirage?

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Apr 10, 2006
We will be staying at The Mirage this August. Specifically booked it because I wanted to take the kids to Love and thought it would be convenient. Lo and behold, they will be on VACATION the days we are there so no Love for us :(

Anyway, has anyone done the buffet there? I'd specifically like a buffet w/ all you can eat crab legs, that would make my son's life complete! I don't know if this is standard at all buffets or not.



Loosing Boo Boo
Sep 20, 2009
Have never tried the mirage, but the Rio is extremely awesome and big choices. Planet Hollywood they have crab legs there and are good as well. Look on Groupon . com or Living Social . com under Las Vegas they sometimes have great deals for a few of the buffets.


Scotty I need Warp 10 to WDW
Sep 21, 2009
When we had the dinner buffet and the weekend brunch they had them but that was 5 years ago. Last trip in 2013 we only did the weekday breakfast which didn't have them .
Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor on the various buffets. The Mirage is a great hotel in a great location.You can walk across the strip to the Venetizn/Palazzo, the entrance to Casear' Forum shops is near the exit by BLT Burger.


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Apr 8, 2011
Im not a buffet guy but I did eat breakfast there once, cause I was at Guy Ferrari resturant (close buy) and they just wouldnt bring the food I ordered to the table, so I got mad and left, went to closest place with no line, which brings me to this buffet it was nice and it was clean and you could see the flamingos walking outside the window

(lol just reread your post, I was thinking or the Flamingo Buffet, never mind)


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