As the virus drags on, are you relaxing your own standards?


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Jul 1, 2014
I am beyond scared of this virus. Even though I'm in a demographic likely to be just fine, I still have no desire to spend weeks sick and coughing. I have been wearing a mask since early March and have been staying home and avoiding crowded places like movie theaters since Jan, because a lot of people in my area had a mystery illness that caused intense coughing spells for weeks.

When the theme parks announced reopening, I thought they were crazy. And with the restrictions in place it might not be as fun of an experience. But as this pandemic drags on I find myself thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad to go if crowds are low and everyone is masking up. We are local and have APs to all of the major parks anyway, so if we left due to crowds it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

I know it isn't the safest idea, given that the virus is still circulating, but boy is it tempting to relax a little and get back to life.

Anyone else getting cabin fever from this pandemic?


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Nov 12, 2006
I think everyone has cabin fever, even the people who have had to go to work, since everyone’s life has been upended by the virus. So long as you are wearing your mask, maintaining social distancing (which will be on you to maintain, as others may or may not consider it necessary) and practice good hygiene (especially hand washing) you will reduce your risk a lot. I haven’t been going anywhere but the grocery, but our office will be opening later this month, so I will be out and about soon.

As far as the parks, I have a trip planned in August and will be taking the normal precautions, and if I feel uncomfortable with crowd levels or how others are practicing virus prevention, I will leave the park for a while. Like you, I have an AP, so I have that flexibility.

I think the virus will be around for a while, so we have to find a way to live with it by taking precautions, but at the same time, not hiding away either.
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    Mar 31, 2002
    I'm fine. I stay home most of the time anywhere.
    I do wear a mask when I go out and so I shop fast because they get so hot.
    I am not ready to go to a hair or nail salon. We used to go to a movie every week, not ready to do that yet (our theater isn't open yet anyway).
    I am still not comfortable eating sit down in a restaurant.
    So........just grocery shopping.
    I do have a WDW trip in December and I will be going


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    Oct 14, 2009
    I have. we are back at work full time and full staff. I just don't feel like everyone can live 6 feet apart and stuck at home the rest of our lives. I hug my family now the ones that want to, and we are going to our first group thing it will be out side and we are taking steps to keep everyone safe. We've got everyone's plates cups etc bag in individual bags. I don't wear a mask but i do use hand sanitizer. the same token while i'm at work i'm in my own cube and we aren't with public and I'm not hanging out with strangers and the like or going to events like that. I'm relaxing some but still trying to be a little cautious too.


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    Jul 7, 2001
    Yes, somewhat.

    We increased our COVID bubble. We now see our kids and grandchildren. We do not wash our clothes as soon as we come back from the supermarket. We do not wipe down all our merchandise with Lysol wipes. I do not wear gloves anymore but do carry my hand sanitizer and wash my hands constantly. I do not wipe down all my door knobs, refrigerator handles after putting groceries away. I stopped wearing the same "two pair" of sneakers/shoes ( I branched out lol).

    Not only is it required, but will continue to wear a mask for a while when in any business/store, office, etc. Outside, no mask. We do usually have it around our necks "just in case" we cannot keep distance from someone but this is very very rare for us here. We carry gloves and masks in the car in case of an "emergency" too.

    Not to mention the riots/protests etc. - but if there is no rise in COVID cases after this, it makes me feel even more confident that it's not spreading as fast as they say or as before or it's slowing down or like I have been saying, it's going to disappear overnight. Please this is not about what is going on - just that there is obviously no social distancing and not everyone is wearing a mask. It's more of a - let me see what is happening with all this regarding COVID>

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    Aug 21, 2011
    Sort of kind of. I'm sitting in our RV in Albany, GA right now. Albany was one of the biggest hits here in Georgia but my hubby has a client here that needed him so we packed up the RV, grabbed the dog and here we are. He said there are normally only 3 people in the office and yesterday there were 2. He wore a mask when around them but didn't when working on his own (he is an IT consultant). He wiped down the area he was working in with wipes and has hand sanitizer in his truck. I've pretty much stayed in the RV park, walked the dog a couple of times but no one was around. We went for a drive last night so I could get out and went down to the river walk. It was actually sort of crowded but everyone was keeping their distance and we wore masks.

    Before we came here we camped in his parents yard for a few days to do some work on the RV. We told them we were not going into the house and not getting near them. That lasted all of 2 hours. We had supper with them and his brother and SIL out at the "she shack" which is pretty large but you couldn't help but pass closer than 6 feet next to them. We went to the house a few times but made sure to stay a safe distance from his parents and we didn't do any hugging. We were more worried about us possibly having something and giving it to them then them giving it to us. His brother and SIL told us they have pretty much been going to the store and in small groups "with people they know" without masks since the beginning so if they didn't give us anything it will be a miracle.

    I was hoping to go to WDW in Sept. but not sure if I can get tickets now.
  • DisneyJamieCA

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    Jun 21, 2007
    Yes. I agreed with the shutdown in the beginning and followed it 100%. But then we reached our original goal (I still don’t understand the current one) and I started to question some of our restrictions. So I did start making choices that didn’t affect the public’s safety, like seeing my parents.

    My county just announced that we’re going from mitigation based closures to risk based closures. With that, hair salons, indoor shopping, indoor dining are all opening back up. And we’ve finally gotten our beaches back!

    It’s all baby steps for me. I’m comfortable with curbside, not quite there with dining in. Maybe will try patio. Took ODD to the ortho, but still prefer curbside grocery pickup. Travel sounds like something I want to do, but I haven’t been able to settle on a place I feel totally comfortable. I feel like the next two weeks will be telling in terms of cases and I’ll have a better idea then.

    We social distance still (although starting to feel like making our bubble a little larger), and we wear masks. My kids will be going back to in studio summer dance at the end of this month, so I feel like will change a lot for us because then our little safe bubble will have been broken anyway. I’m ready to start learning to live in this new normal.
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    Jul 9, 2001
    Another kind of / sort of. DH and DS are back to work full time. They have to wear masks all shift and get temperature checks. But I no longer wipe down all the doorknobs and faucets every time they get home. I am back to work 1-2 days/week. I do have to wear a mask on the subway and walking to/from work, and at work, but I take it off in my cubicle. I no longer put all my clothes in the washer upon getting home from work. We do however, still wipe down the steering wheel and car handles every time we have gotten back in the car from shopping and are staying home besides groceries and working. Nothing is really open yet here, so time will tell on that.


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    Jun 20, 2006
    I'm not being quite as careful with hand sanitizer. The first couple of times I would go to the grocery store, I would use hand sanitizer as soon as I got back to the car. Now, I forget sometimes. I do wash my hands as soon as I'm home, though,
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    Aug 6, 2015
    We are still careful and are staying home as much as we can. We have both been working from home and I've been going to the empty office to get some work done on occasion. We still just send one of us to the store, don't eat in any restaurants, use the hand sanitizer like we are addicted to it, and try to stay away from people. Our son won't be back in daycare for at least another month.

    I am itching to go somewhere. I'll be 170 hours over the maximum PTO I can carry over to next year and I fully intend to use all of it as opposed to sell it back which means at this rate there will be a lot of staycations if stuff doesn't start to open this fall. If my work even in Orlando still happens in October we may just stick around Florida for a few weeks instead of the original 1 we intended.
  • Southernmiss

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    Aug 27, 2011
    We are learning to live with 'it'.

    Still hand sanitize, wash hands, wear masks out, and curbside pickup most big orders of groceries.

    Church has reopened with social distancing and masks, and extensive cleaning between services.

    We went to daughter's high school graduation with social distancing and masks inside, but outside no masks for pictures and some side hugs by students (there was a nice gulf breeze that evening that hopefully helped blow germs away). Daughter had 4 friends over after and went to a friend's family party on Sunday and hung out with 3 of the 4 friends from graduation again yesterday.

    Have steadily worked through it all with masks and social distancing.

    Other people in our area are weary and are not as careful as we are.


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    Apr 1, 2001
    Somewhat. Our Stay-At-Home order was lifted before Memorial Day and we can now gather with ten people or less. I visited with a friend yesterday. We sat outside mostly. I wear a mask and practice social distancing in a public place. Our bars and restaurants are opening on Monday at 50% capacity. I won’t be rushing to go inside a restaurant. I want to wait and see how things play out. I am at higher risk.


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    May 17, 2004
    Sort of. We have emergency orders until June 30 so there’s not much to do anyway.

    I still wear a mask and social distance, but I stopped being as scared as before. I’ve started to let the kids play outside. Our area is excellent for social distancing. The neighborhood kids only play things like tennis or baseball. They made up their own baseball rules like no catcher, etc.
    All playgrounds in the city are still closed.


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    Jun 24, 2005
    I have only relaxed to the extent that I've gotten restaurant meals delivered a couple of times and now we go through the Starbucks drive through. Still doing only curbside pickup for groceries and any other shopping, but it's getting tempting to start going in stores. Walmart keeps leaving milk and chicken off my orders, which is super annoying and makes me long for the days when I walked into the store and just searched for what I wanted (and figured out my own changes if something wasn't available).

    I know I could have been walking into stores this whole time, but we have been very serious about this because we have high risk people in our family, and it's a big step for me.


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    Dec 8, 2009
    We never really changed anything other than not going out as much since everywhere was closed. But my daughter still had her tumbling private lesson, we went to DH's parents and vice versa, had playdates with one friend set, hit walmart/target 2-3 times a week and got target.

    So now that things are finally opening we are almost back to doing normal things, however we are on the side that we won't go to places that require masks, especially the themeparks. Too hot and miserable and I am not trying to keep them on 3 kids faces and keep them from whining.


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    Dec 26, 2002
    Nope. Not relaxing standards.

    A bit of cabin fever and wanting things to be “normal” again. I made my first attempt at getting out and couldn’t do it. I drove 50 miles to the coast just to see/hear the ocean. My intent was to mostly stay in my car and read. There were too many people there, none wearing masks. After several group choose to walk by my open car window I decided to leave.

    Other than work and supply runs every 2 - 3 weeks I’m staying home. Just like I have since early March.


    Earning My Ears
    Jun 1, 2020
    We are going a little stir crazy. We are still being careful, taking precautions, staying home mostly. But I did schedule a trip to PVB/BRV the first week in August. I have 30 days left once they do the AP extensions, so this will be a bonus trip for us. Even if we spend a lot of time at the resorts, that is fine with me. Can’t wait to go and excited about lower crowds!


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