Ben and Libby's Happily Ever After - A Fairytale Wishes Wedding *Updated 14/3/18 + Wedding Video!


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Jul 4, 2010

Then Ben opened his card from me…

Final card shot!

And once that was done, it was time for them to make a move and get on over to the GF! So the 3 of them and Rachel strolled over to the lobby, taking this gorgeous photo on the way

...and that’s where we’ll leave it!

Back to the Bridal room!

I spent some time conducting final checks on my lipstick (none on teeth!) hair and make-up, and then did a final spritz of perfume. Me, Mum and Vic had a little hug and then I triple checked that I had everything I needed in my little handbag. Phone, lipgloss, concealer, mirror, mini perfume, ID! Check! We then all took a deep breath, and it was go time. EEEEKKKKKKKKK!

We walked out the room, bouquets and bags in hand, and then walked down the hallway. Victoria held my dress up behind me and I found I could walk quite well holding the dress up with one hand and my bouquet in the other. My Mum held my bag for me, and we headed to the lift. Ths was mega surreal! We got in the lift and went downstairs where my media team were waiting. David told me my Dad was waiting by the front doors, and I should just walk very slowly up to him, pause, and tap his shoulder. Mum and Vic hid to the side, and I started walking when David gave me the go ahead. It was really quiet in the lobby and the 2 ladies on the front desk were smiling and waving at me hehe, cute!

Here’s the moment as it happened…

As you can see it was pretty emotional, I lost it as I was walking over to him haha, and I am so over the moon with these photos. If any future brides are reading this and you love the idea of a first look with your husband but you can’t imagine doing it, I so recommend doing one with your Dad or Mum or something! This was the first time my Dad saw my dress as I didn’t let him come to any appointments or anything haha so it really was special :)

After I’d composed myself we had a little photo together!

And then we regrouped, I had a cup of ice water which was much needed, and then it was time to make a move! We needed to walk down to the GF lobby to meet my brother and his GF and the twins, and have some family photos on the staircase :) So we checked we had everything once again, and then walked out the lobby, this time with my Daddy accompanying us :) Ashley took this great action shot as we were walking which I love!

And I think I’ll leave it there for now! I’ve written an alarming number of words and we’ve only just left the room haha but I think we all knew this was going to happen! I’ll probably split the day up into 3 or 4 sections because I really want to share every second and have a detailed record of the day, so I hope that’s okay with everyone :) We had over 2000 photos back from Ashley too and they are all so lovely, they need to be shared!

So the next section will be family portraits at the GF lobby, bridal portraits of me, and then the ceremony :) I really hope you’ve all enjoyed, until the next time! x


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Jul 4, 2010
Day 4 - Wednesday 19th October 2016

The Wedding Day (Part 2)

Welcome back to the longest report of a single day in trip report history! Okay so, I left you as we were walking towards the Grand Floridian lobby for family photos, following my first look with my Dad. I’ll stop the coverage of my story here and switch over to Benj as he was in the GF lobby while I was doing my first look, taking photos with his fam! So I’ll share these now :)

First up his Benj, his Dad and his Mum :) Look at them all petite and him all tall, awww :)

Different variations…

Love this one!

Ben and his little brother Leo

Best Man Jason!

This makes me think of the beginning of Romeo + Juliet (the Baz Lurmann versh!)
‘The boys, the boys!’ haha!

Benj with his brother and two step brothers Liam and Max

Ben’s Dad and StepMum Caroline

Mum and StepDad Martin!

The boys then went outside for a few additional photos while the rest of the family stayed int he lobby.


Ahhh love these little detail shots! So pleased with all the things we chose.

Socks in action!



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Jul 4, 2010
Then they went inside for some photos in the lobby which I looveee! This whole sequence of photos is just everything. I want to get them printed or blown up or something! If you remember we bought the guys personalised hipflasks as their wedding gifts, and they cleverly bought rum to fill them up for some dutch courage on the wedding day!

Casual looking off into the distance like they didn’t just shot half a hipflask of rum!


So that was that! Once Benj had has all his photos taken, he got into the limo with the rest of his family (in a couple of trips!) and they went to the pav. He said it was a bit confusing once they got there, the doors to the ceremony space were closed and there was no-one really there to greet them. So there were lots of people milling about in the groom’s vestibule. Eventually though, people wandered out and then someone from DTFW opened the double doors so they could go into the main room. Benj then chatted with Rev Tim for a while, got miked up by Kristina from Trinity, and then him, Jason and Ian did a fake getting ready sesh in that little room! This had been decided a few weeks earlier on our call with Trinity - we were a bit worried about timings as videog were coming later than they would normally (due to us having an earlier ceremony time and 10pm dessert party!) but David said they’d just do fake getting ready shots at the Pav! Perf! So the guys took their ties and shoes etc off again and Kristina filmed them :) And then it was just Benj, Jason and Rev Tim chilling in the Groom’s vestibule for a while, just waiting…..eeeekkk!

So, back to moi! So as we were walking towards the lobby, somehow someone informed us that the limo was waiting outside the front so we should go round the back in case Benj was running late and just getting in and saw me! Eek! I’\m honestly not sure how we found this out as we just had photog/videog with us, I think maybe someone told David? Or Rachel texted Ashley? I don’t remember it’s all a blur! It didn’t even bother me though, we just changed path and headed round the back of the GF and up the stairs into the bit where the grand staircase is. We had lots of people wishing us congratulations and things as we walked which was so so lovely :) And then as we walked up the steps, I saw that my big brother was holding the door open for me and I got soooo excited :)

So in we went and there was my brother, his girlfriend Pash, our two flowergirls, and a Disney lady who was keeping the entire operation flowing haha! It was so nice to see my little family finally :) The flowergirls looked SO GORGEOUS I was so happy! We all hugged and had a quick chat and everyone was asking me if I was nervous and I was like not yet haha! Ashley then took me up onto the staircase and we started doing family photos! This was such a special moment for me, I’d read so many trip reports of brides having their photos taken on this beautiful staircas and I just couldn’t believe it was actually my turn. I remember looking around in between photos and seeing all the holidaymakers catch a glimpse of me and smile or wave or tap their other half on the shoulder and point, and it was soooo exciting.

Loveeeeee this

And this one of me and my big bro :)

Me and Victoria then had one just the two of us

My brother, Pash and the girls were all done at this point and they had their boutonnieres all sorted, so they headed off to get in the limo to be taken to the WP. It would then come back for me, my Dad, my Mum, and Victoria. Perfectly as planned all those months ago!

As we said bye to those guys we were chatting to the wedding co-ordinator who was mega awesome but I can’t remember her name :( she had a headset on and was making sure Benj didn’t nip back into the lobby to grab something or anything haha, and she also had the floral buttonholes etc for everyone to pin on. She told us that there was a ‘rogue bride’ running around the GF with an entourage of bridesmaids trying to have photos taken! This bride wasn’t a DFTW bride as our lady had buzzed all her contacts asking if she was anyones haha, so she wasn’t very happy about it! I seem to remember Lisa saying something about those 2 hours in the GF lobby before our 2.30 wedding time were ‘ours’ and I wouldn’t see another bride, so I guess thats why it was all kicking off! Our co-ordinator said that Ben’s family had all been fascinated with the entire situation and were highly angry on our behalf haha! I actually wasn’t that fussed because I was so so excited, but Ben’s fam and my fam were pretty annoyed! Bless them.
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    Jul 4, 2010
    We actually were a bit ahead of time at this point (soooo I could have spent more time staring at my hair in the mirror!?) so Ashley asked if I’d like some bridal portraits outside in the GF grounds.


    So here we have some more Libby spam! #sorrynotsorry

    Some Victoria spam to break up the Libby spam…

    I just love the lighting on these photos! So much brighter than on the staircase!

    Oops back to me!

    Ohhhhhhh I loved my bouquet so muchhhhhhhhhhh I can’t even handle it!

    I saw this photo online and requested it specially!

    And that’s that! Such a treat to get these extra photos but it was the end of the time we had before the ceremony and we really needed to be hopping and skipping over to the Wedding Pavilion to...get married! ARGHH!

    We headed back into the lobby and then it was time for me, Vic, my Mum and my Dad to get in the limo. So we said goodbye to Ashley and David who were walking to the pav ahead of us. I remember asking Ashley to take a photo of our sign in the GF lobby haha and she said she would, and she did! Yay! We then headed to the front to get into the limousine. The lovely driver greeted us and helped me into the back where I took up the whole seat haha! My parents and Vic sat in the other seats. And then we were off! It was so surreal! There was some ice water out for us so we all had a sip which was really nice, and I think I just sat in stunned silence that this was actually happening!

    My Dad took this photo :)

    And then we arrived! Yay! We pulled up at the pav and the driver again came to help me out of the limo which I probably did in a not very glamourous way.

    Then I saw Lisa! I got so excited and she walked over and hugged me.

    She asked me how I was feeling and I told her all about our morning and what we’d been up to. She greeted my parents and we all had a quick chat before Lisa disappeared back into the pav. We were going to be filmed and videod walking into the pav across the bridge! We were told to just look casual and chat like we would haha, I think we did a pretty good job considering we were all nervous!

    Firstly, some shots of the beautiful wedding pavilion :)

    Once into the pavilion, I was ushered into the Bride’s vestibule. The double doors were closed and it was so mad to think that all our guests were inside, along with my future husband!

    As I was in the Bride’s vestibule, Ashley was taking photos of all our little touches, and general ambiance of the WP :)



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    Jul 4, 2010
    We got in and we just had time to grab some water and have a quick make-up redo. I re-did my lipstick and lipgloss, and touched up my eyeliner etc cause I’d been crying haha. Rev Tim then popped in to say hi, and he was like “I’ve made some changes based on your dress” I was like what? It was already hard enough to remember what in the lord’s name we had rehearsed yesterday, let alone any new changes! Basically he said we were to go round opposite sides to do the unity candle. I honestly couldn’t really comprehend what he was saying so I decided to just worry about it at the time and hope that I could copy Ben or it would become clear wjat O needed to do. I thanked him and then he headed out. I then realised I needed to pee, so I popped into the lovely bathroom that’s off the Bride’s vestibule and Victoria helped me. It was totally fine! I was a pro by the end of the day haha! I then came back out and it was nearly time. My Mum and Dad came back in and my Mum wished me good luck. Then it was time for the parents to walk out (they were going first, then my flowergirls, then Victoria, and my Dad was walking my Mum then doubling back to come get me!) So it was time for the door to close, and it was just me and Victoria for a bit. We took a selfie, obvs!

    And I took a solo selfie!

    And then we were super quiet as I wanted to hear the music for our parents walking down the aisle. Basically we had been really unsure on what they should walk down to. Nothing felt right, and even when I asked them for ideas, my MUm suggested the music her and Dad had their first dance to but we weren’t loving it haha. Then one Saturday we were drinking wine in our kitchen and listening to Spotify, and Ben was like ‘I’ve got it.’ and just started playing the song. OMG, it was so perfect. I freaked out! The song is ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’ by Billy Joel. I grew up listening to Billy J as my Dad is a huge fan and he was always playing on long car journeys/holidays to France etc. And it’s one of my faves (Downeaster Alexa is my absolute fave if anyone is a Billy Joel fan!) and my family all calls me and Ben Brenda and Eddie :D Cause we’re high school sweethearts etc haha, and we all just ignore the unhappy ending to the song! But yeah, when he started playig that I just knew they’d love it. And they did! My Mum cried! Ben’s parents love Billy Joel too so it worked out really well!

    But as I was stood in the vestibule and the first few piano chords rang out, well I really lost it! And annoyingly had to redo my makeup after just doing it haha! But it was such a special moment and I then felt nothing but excitement and anticipation.

    This was the parents walking out :)

    Ben’s Mum doing the unity candle

    Apparently they had trouble with it and it took ages hah! Me and Ben did ours with no issues!

    My parents :)



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    Oct 11, 2008
    Loving your wedding report! I had been following along and was a little sad you stopped updating! I am so excited you are back! You look absolutely stunning! Your dress is very similar to mine, except mine has straps! Cannot wait to read the rest!
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    Mar 11, 2009
    You looked so pretty! Hair, makeup everything was perfectly done. Loved your mums hat, Gorgeous photos! Really enjoying Ben story/ photos too.


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    Mar 27, 2009
    Thank you for coming back to write your report! I love the mums’ hats! I wish we did that in the USA!


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    Oct 31, 2003
    @Libby_Darling I am thrilled you came back to update us all-thank you!

    Oh my goodness, you looked amazing! I LOVE the photo of you looking down and off to the side in front of the fountain, seriously looks like something out of a bridal magazine! The series of the photos with your dad and the first looks/tap on the shoulder were so awesome, you can see your emotions and I could tell you were trying so hard not to cry!

    The whole thing is spectacular!
  • Libby_Darling

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    Jul 4, 2010
    Loving your wedding report! I had been following along and was a little sad you stopped updating! I am so excited you are back! You look absolutely stunning! Your dress is very similar to mine, except mine has straps! Cannot wait to read the rest!
    Aww thank you so much! I'm so sorry I stopped updating, I'm def going to finish it now! It's really important to me that I have a record of our day to look back on :) So glad you're enjoying x

    I'm so excited you've come to share your day with us!
    Thank you!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! x

    You looked so pretty! Hair, makeup everything was perfectly done. Loved your mums hat, Gorgeous photos! Really enjoying Ben story/ photos too.
    Wow thanks so much! So glad you're enjoying and thanks so much for commenting I love hearing what people think :D :D xxxxxxx


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    Jul 4, 2010
    I'm loving all the wedding stuff! You look so beautiful!
    Thank you so much! :) :) :) I felt beautiful! x

    Thank you for coming back to write your report! I love the mums’ hats! I wish we did that in the USA!
    Haha really, do you not!? That's so funny! Hats are a big thing with weddings over here! So funny! Thanks so much for reading and commenting :) xxx

    @Libby_Darling I am thrilled you came back to update us all-thank you!

    Oh my goodness, you looked amazing! I LOVE the photo of you looking down and off to the side in front of the fountain, seriously looks like something out of a bridal magazine! The series of the photos with your dad and the first looks/tap on the shoulder were so awesome, you can see your emotions and I could tell you were trying so hard not to cry!

    The whole thing is spectacular!
    Aww thank you so so much! What a lovely message to receive :) Thanks so much for all the kind words about my photos, we were so pleased when we got them back. And yes I was trying so hard not to cry haha but failed, trust me it gets a lot more tear-heavy in the next few updates!! Hope you continue to enjoy reading about it! :) x


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    Jul 4, 2010
    All safely where they were meant to be!

    After about 5 minutes, my Dad returned and Lisa came to get Victoria. We hugged and I said I’d see her in a second!

    While this was happening, my beautiful flowergirls were preparing for their big moment in the holding area :D

    And the boys walked down the aisle, with Rev Tim leading the way!

    General audience vibes!

    Then it was the girls’ turn!

    Oof she’s a stunner int she

    And the princesses!

    Handsome groom!

    Everyone freaks out a bit when the twins are about



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    Jul 4, 2010
    So back to the Bride’s vestibule when it was just me and my Daddy! We had a little hug and I asked him what it was like in there, and then he totes got emotional! I wasn’t expecting this as he’s a man who seldom cries, and he hadn’t cried during the first look so I thought it was all over! But I think the combination of the Billy Joel song, the beautiful Pav, and then just walking me up the aisle had all got to him, bless him. So we hugged and then it was really REALLY time to go. Lisa came to get us, and her and her assistant guided us into the little holding areas. The doors were firmly shut and I took a few very deep breaths. Lisa said she wouldn’t open the doors til I said I was ready. Eep! I said...okay! I’m ready! She ducked her head round to signal to Bill the organ player to start my music, and the beautiful notes of Pachabel’s Canon in D started to float out into the holding area. I took an even bigger breath, she counted to 3, and then they flung the doors open...

    This is Ben’s face when he realises the doors are about to open…

    And when he sees me for the first time <3 how adorable

    And off we went!

    I don’t really remember walking down the aisle! I don’t think I made eye contact with anyone I was just focusing on the front and Benj! I cried, obvs, and we did walk nice and slowly so it didn’t rush by. But in no time at all, we reached the top!

    My Dad kissed me and then handed my hand to Benj, as smoothly as we’d rehearsed! It actually all felt quite natural and normal!

    And then me and Benj finally looked at each othr properly :) He told me I looked beautiful and I said he looked handsome.
    “Oh hi! ”

    Awww I think Ben’s Mum is crying :)

    And there we were, ready to start the ceremony! Everyone where they needed to be, and all had gone smoothly so far :)

    So. I don’t have a transcript of Rev Tim’s ceremony but basically we had a non religious ceremony, and we wrote our own vows which we read to each other. We also had 2 readings, one from our friend Joe, and one from my brother Jon. We did a Unity Candle ceremony too :) The ceremony was the most important part of the day for us and we wanted to make sure it was personalised to us and what we love, and that our friends and family were involved too. It was probably about 30/35 minutes long and we loved that as every second spent in the WP was just so special :)


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    Jul 4, 2010
    Rev Tim said some lovely words first of all. This would be clearer if we had our video back yet but we don’t so I’m going off my memory which is not the best haha! But he welcomed everyone, thanked everyone for coming, and then said some words about love and marriage and our relationship :) We had met with him at Christmas and chatted for ages so he knew us quite well! He’s also very experienced and astute, and we loved that he cracked loads of super retro jokes about marriage etc, for example about husbands doing what they were told ha which we thoroughly enjoyed! But he kept the ceremony quite serious which is what we wanted. So apologies in advance for the photos spam but I just really want to give a detailed account of the ceremony and what happened :) I hope you enjoy!

    Standard Alice!

    Smiley bride :)

    And then Rev Tim said Ben and Libby have written a few words they’d like to say to each other, and he motioned to Ben to say his vows first.

    We both pretty much burst into tears immediately.

    This is what he read out, word for word…

    From meeting at a murder mystery party playing a husband and wife to becoming best friends, then lovers, now lovers, best friends and husband and wife our journey has been the best attraction I’ve ever been on. The ups, downs, twists and turns, though sometimes unexpected always end in joy, laughter and a longing for the next one.

    The thought of my life without you scares me. You are a constant source of motivation for me to be the best person I can be. A reason to get out of bed and a reason not to go to sleep. I love you for being you and for letting me be me.

    So today I make you these promises.

    I vow to always love you more than you think I do. My words and actions could never display the extent of my adoration for you.
    I promise to hold you when you need to cry and to cry to you when I need to be held.
    I promise to be strong when you are weak and to show you my weakness when I need your strength.
    I promise to make you smile when you’re feeling down and allow you to pick me up when I am low.
    I promise to always tell you that your hair looks amazing and that your make up is flawless.
    I promise to support you in whatever you want to achieve.
    I will try my very hardest to make your life easy, bring calm to your storms and be your light in the darkness.
    I make a commitment to make our life exciting, constantly surprise you and never let you be bored.
    I promise that so long as our bodies still allow it we will never stop dancing in the kitchen and speaking in the ridiculous voices that we save just for each other.
    Above all, I promise that you will never have to put out the bins.

    I will be the Chandler to your Monica, the Walt to your Lillian, the Christian to your Satine and the Carl to your Ellie, and that we will stay on our adventure forever.

    And this is my reaction….

    (We think this is when he said ‘Walt to your Lillian’ :o:)

    As you can see, there were lots of tears and struggling to keep it together!



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    Jul 4, 2010
    Obviously Ashley Jane does weddings all the time and she said it was one of the most emotional she’s ever been to, and that she really had to try and keep it together!

    So after that quite frankly incredible performance, it was my turn. Now, because I’d cried soooo much during Ben’s vows, I was all sniffly and croaky for mine! It didn’t matter but I feel like in the sneak peak it’s really obvious! But I then cried again during my vows anyway so it really didn’t matter!

    This is what I read out, word for word…

    My Benj. Since the day we first met, as 15 year olds playing a married couple at a murder mystery party, our love has been effortless. We’ve grown up together and experienced all of life’s major moments as an indestructible unit of two - from shy flirting as we ate lunch together in school, to skinny jeans and crazy hair during our college years. From tearful goodbyes and long car journeys when we lived at opposite ends of the country, to moving into our first flat and adopting our feline princess, it’s always been me and you. As everyone always says to us, our love really has been a fairytale, and some days I can’t believe how lucky I am. I love your positivity, your endless patience, and your ability to cheer me up when I’m panicking. I love how you make me laugh every single day. I love our Friday nights spent drinking wine and listening to Spotify in the kitchen, and the way we always end up singing Moulin Rouge in bed when we’ve drunk too much. Whatever we do we have the most fun, and every day with you is a new adventure.

    And so, as we stand here today in our most favourite place in the world, in front of our most favourite people in the world, I make a promise to you. I promise to love you today, and tomorrow, and all the days after. I promise to support and encourage you as you follow your dreams, and to comfort you if things go wrong. I promise to go on adventures with you, to try every day to make you smile, and to stand by your side when you need me to. I promise to grow old with you, but never to grow up. You’re my best friend, my voice of reason, and, starting today, my husband. You bring me so much happiness and I truly am a better person because of you. I love you with all of my heart Ben, and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of our story holds.

    And this is Ben’s reaction…


    I love this one of my parents holding hands!

    Wowzer, what an emotional rollercoaster! There literally was not a dry eye in the house as I looked around through my own tears, and it was just an incredible moment to be surrounded by all our favourite people, all sharing in our love story and experiences over the last 12 years. Writing our own vows and reading them out was truly one of my favourite parts of the whole day.
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    Oct 31, 2003
    On WOW-your husband's face when he saw you! You guys certainly had an excellent photographer, they captured so many emotions.


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    Jul 4, 2010
    Guys as I was reading this I just realised I haven't shared our video with you!! I'm so sorry! I'll post it here and also on the front page somewhere! Please let me know if you watch it and what you think! We are so so so in love with it :)

    Our Wedding Video


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    Jul 4, 2010
    After the crazy emotion of our vows, we had a minute to compose ourselves. It honestly was so emotional, looking at the video I just don’t know if there was a dry eye in the whole house!

    Ashley said she struggled to keep it together, and Trinity said it was one of the most emotional ceremonies they'd seen.

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1176 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1183 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1184 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    Once we’d composed ourselves the teeniest bit, it was time for the first of our two readings from our friend Joe. He is one of our oldest friends and it was so special to have him do a reading for us :) He read a piece called ‘I’ll be there for you.’

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1186 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1185 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1187 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1188 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1189 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1190 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    I’ll Be There For You, by Louise Cuddon

    I'll be there, my darling, through thick and through thin
    When your mind's in a mess and your head's in a spin
    When your plane's been delayed, and you've missed the last train.
    When life is just threatening to drive you insane
    When your thrilling whodunit has lost its last page
    When somebody tells you, you're looking your age
    When your coffee's too cool, and your wine is too warm
    When the forecast said, "Fine," but you're out in a storm
    When your quick break hotel turns into a slum
    And your holiday photos show only your thumb
    When the food you most like brings you out in red rashes
    When as soon as you boot up the bloody thing crashes
    When the jeans that you bought in hope or in haste
    Just stick on your hips and don't reach round your waist
    When you gaze at the stars, and step on a nail
    When you know you'll succeed, but, somehow, you fail.

    So my darling, my sweetheart, my beloved, my dear…

    When you spill your beer, when you shed a tear
    When you burn the toast, when you miss the post
    When you lose the plot, when I'm all you've got
    When you're last in the queue, don't feel blue
    'cause I'm telling you, I'll be there for you.

    How cute is that :) I looked at soooooooo many readings and just couldn’t find any that summed up our relationship perfectly. I originally chose a Harry Potter reading for our other one, so I wanted something quite light-hearted for Joe and this was perfect :) Even better was the fact that Joe sung the last line a la the Friends theme tune - Friends is my favourite TV show ever ever ever and it hadn’t even occured to me that this poem was so similar! He’d checked with Ben first and Ben told him to go for it haha!

    Next up was my brother Jon’s reading. Now this was originally going to be a Harry Potter reading about love which I searched and searched for and it wasn’t mega about love but I just love this quote from the books and I felt after much searching that it was actually perfect. I’ll share it here just in case anyone is looking for a HP wedding quote haha!

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1192 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1194 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1198 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1199 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    An excerpt from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Dumbledore considered Voldemort over the top of his goblet for a while before speaking.

    “Yes, I certainly do know that you have seen and done much since leaving us.’ he said quietly. ‘Rumours of your doings have reached your old school, Tom. I should be sorry to believe half of them.’

    Voldemort’s expression remained impassive as he said, ‘Greatness inspires envy, envy engenders spite, spite spawns lies. You must know this, Dumbledore.’

    ‘You call it “greatness”, what you have been doing, do you?’ asked Dumbledore delicately.

    ‘Certainly,’ said Voldemort, and his eyes seemed to burn red. ‘I have experimented; I have pushed the boundaries of magic further, perhaps, than they have ever been pushed –’

    “Of some kinds of magic,’ Dumbledore corrected him quietly. ‘Of some. Of others, you remain…forgive me…woefully ignorant.’

    For the first time, Voldemort smiled. It was a taut leer, an evil thing, more threatening than a look of rage.

    ‘The old argument,’ he said softly. ‘But nothing I have seen in the world has supported your famous pronouncements that love is more powerful than my kind of magic, Dumbledore.’

    ‘Perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places,” suggested Dumbledore.


    But, a month or so before the wedding, my brother informed us that he’d written a reading for us! We were blown away, how thoughtful! We had no idea what it was though! Well, when we heard it….

    See for yourselves!

    Love is a Philosopher’s Stone,
    Keeping us innocent and free throughout our years.
    Now is the time,
    to let it go,
    as Akuna Matata and the Bare Necessities become your guide.

    Love is a Chamber of Secrets,
    Only revealing its true nature to those daring enough to open it.
    When you wish upon a star,
    in magic you will trust
    All it takes is faith, love and pixie dust.

    Love is the Order of the Phoenix,
    Rising from the ashes when life’s spark seems all but lost.
    Somewhere over the rainbow it soars,
    Here the spark never waivers,
    as there’s no place like home.

    Love is a Prisoner of Azkaban,
    Where the innocent and true are unbound by those around them.
    Where the Bells of Notre Dam will ring for every Un-birthday to come,
    And from here to Neverland,
    everyone hails to pumpkin song.

    Love is a Goblet of Fire,
    Calling upon us to perform feats of bravery and enter the unknown.
    With a bibbidi bobbidi boo and a spoonful of sugar,
    Whatever’s in your path
    Just keep swimming,

    Love is a Half Blood Prince,
    Overcoming life’s conflicts with unending commitment and devotion.
    You’ll count the Dalmatians, you’ll feed the birds,
    Follow Basil into adventure
    and discover,
    You are a toy!

    Love is a Deathly Hallow,
    passed down from generation to generation,
    Ensuring once upon a dream,
    can always lead to happily ever after.

    So be our guest, climb aboard the spirit of adventure,
    Past the Island of Na Boom Boo
    And through the Little April Showers,
    With a chim chimmeny chim chim cherieee,
    You’re both as lucky,
    As lucky can be

    Second star to the right and Straight on till morning
    To infinity and beyond,
    It’s not gonna be boring!

    Now It’s time for me to go
    Just one last piece of advice,
    Your new life is waiting
    And as I’m sure we all know….
    Life is always better,
    down where it’s wetter,
    under the sea.

    Pretty awesome, huh! Literally blubbed. He combined my two loves so so cleverly! Totes emosh.

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1201 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1203 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1204 by Libby Millier, on Flickr

    AJP_Ben+Libby_Married-1205 by Libby Millier, on Flickr


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