Cass, Rob & Kira - Christmas on the Wonder 2019 - "Seriously??? We just ate!!!"


Enjoy life
Aug 18, 1999
Thank you Thank you but I am going to miss you. I felt like I was with you The whole trip. Have fun next week.

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  • DisneyPiPhi

    DIS Veteran
    May 1, 2008
    Love your reports! It was great catching up on the Wonder, as we are sailing her from New Orleans in just 7 days. We tried our best to sail on another ship this time to try something new, but the Wonder keeps calling us back! :)


    May 3, 2011
    What a great trip report! This is one of the itineraries that I am considering doing next!

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  • Timon

    DIS Lifetime Sponsor
    Aug 18, 1999
    Haven't done Christmas, but did New Years, and that was magical. This was before they started doing double fireworks, so only on NYE. We did still have all the decorations though, and the trip was great as always.
    Great TR!
    Oooh, I would also love to do a NYE cruise!!! That sound wonderful!! :worship:

    Thanks :flower:

    Sweet! I'll PM you if we have a spare bit of time.

    My 13 year-old also goes to bed with wet hair and by the end of the week looks like she has dreads beginning in the back of her head. Ugh.
    Sounds good! :thumbsup2

    LOL! Too funny! Well, she washes it every day but with those curls of hers, sometimes the 'do she sports is just hilarious! :lmao:

    I really think DCL needs to add more washers and dryers. The last several cruises I have had a hard time finding one open.
    On sea days, they are always busy! They were empty on xmas day but I refused to do laundry on xmas :rolleyes1:p

    Oh my goodness.....she had a crush :love: I think this has been the best cruise for ALL of you :hug:

    Haha I adore the Capt Gala menu and the fact it was in Triton's would be perfect, teehee. But I'm glad you got some more amazing pool time in!!!

    It's SO sad the last night, all the bare doors. And depending on where our room is, if it's not near a 'landmark' (elevators, laundry room, etc) we usually walk right by it on the last night :rotfl2:
    Yup, and she is still crushing! They've been texting since we disembarked. Guess the long distance thing doesn't deter crushes :teeth:

    I am very bummed that I missed Triton's, I love that place and I know most people wait for this menu all cruise long, I'm just weird. :rolleyes2

    Yes! We almost walked by it that night, ourselves! LOL!

    Awwww sad day indeed!!
    I remember the fabulous stay you at the San Luis resort last time :eek: , but two free nights is a good reason to give them one more chance :thumbsup2

    And yay, another Kira photo for the tradition!
    Yeah, I'm not rich enough to turn down two free nights! :rolleyes1:teeth:

    Great trip report.
    Thanks so much!!! :hug:

    Great trip report so far! I saw Kira's wish to visit the ever famous Stanley Hotel someday. Tell her that the Ghost Tour there is cool! One of my favorite spots here in Colorado.
    Oooh she would be so jelly!! She talks a good game about the paranormal but I think she would be freaked out for years if we actually did something like that! :lmao:

    Awwww. The Galveston picture. So cool to see her grow.
    I am soooo glad I started doing these pics in 2016! I love seeing her grow too. :lovestruc

    Sad whenever a cruise ends. Never gets any easier.
    Gosh, you are soooo right there! ::yes::

    Hahahahaha !!!!
    You just be quiet, missy! :earboy2:

    On the left side of this picture looks like you were sailing on an infinity ocean!

    always love seeing pics of you and the fam, but I don’t think I’ve seen a pic of Kira without glasses…ever! Gorgeous little lady.
    That's probably because she is as blind as a bat without them so they are rarely taken off but I wanted to show her the dark circles she had under her eyes. :lmao:

    Once again, a delightful trip report! You make me wanna go on another cruise sooo badly (even though DH and I took a big trip and went to Disneyland and the LA area a few weeks ago).
    Thanks! :goodvibes

    I feel the same way when I write these trip reports, I am soooo ready for another cruise already! :rotfl2:

    Actually, if I could choose, I would go back to Disneyland!! :rolleyes1

    Need to win that lottery first. 💰💰💰

    What a wonderful TR! I really enjoyed it! I also read your Universal TR from Cabana Bay...your DD has changed so much in such a short time. What a beautiful young lady! (we are also a family of 3, with a DD)

    We will be going on our first cruise ever this upcoming March! (not Disney though)
    I'm really excited, and your TR had some valuable information that I'm sure will help out on ours!
    Thanks for the wonderful comments and all of the likes! :hug:

    Oooh what line and ship are will you be sailing? There are so many I would love to try but I am so hesitant because I know I love Disney so much!

    I hope you have a phenomenal cruise, no matter which ship! :sail:

    I just LOVE your trip reports and I'm so sad when they are finished! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time and I look forward to the next one!
    Awww, thanks SM, you are always too kind!! :goodvibes :hug:

    Great report! I am currently doing a Cass, Rob, and Kira superread as we are booked on a Galveston Merrytime cruise this year!
    Hahahah, well, there is a LOT to read to prepare for that cruise!! :rotfl2::earboy2:


    DIS Lifetime Sponsor
    Aug 18, 1999
    Wait...Kira hates nuts but loves Reese’s PB cups? Lol!!!

    loved the trippie, Cass! Always so entertaining.:cutie:
    Yup, she hates all nuts and seeds! I have tried so many times and she just doesn't like them! I was the same actually for most of my life about peanuts and pb, hated peanuts in anything but now I'm not so picky. :rotfl2:

    Another fantastic trip - and trip REPORT! - wrapped up!!

    As always it's been super fun and such a pleasure to 'travel along with you' and again as always, it will be my goal to ONE day be on the Wonder for Christmas. Just need my hubby to get a job that allows a vacation at Christmas :headache:

    Enjoy your Orlando trip and some SWGE time with hubby!
    Thanks bcwife, for all of your support and comments and laughs! :hug::hug::hug:

    One day, we will travel together, I just know it! ::yes:::earboy2:

    Looking forward to GE!! :darth:

    Thanks for sharing, see you next year!!
    Thanks so much!! I sure hope so!! :woohoo:

    I love your reports! Reading about your Christmas trips really got me thinking about doing the same trip. So, I booked my daughter and I on the Merrytime cruise over Christmas this December on the Wonder. Hopefully you will be cruising too.
    LOL! That's awesome!! We are crossing our fingers 🤞🤞🤞

    We won't know until November though but I always mentally prepare just in case. HA! :laughing:

    Oh Cass THANK YOU!! I will so miss coming here each night to get my new story :). I don't know what I'm going to do now! You've given us so much in the last day or so, loved everything. Especially the collage of Kira, I remember each and every one of those trips!! I so appreciate that you take the time to take pictures of your entire trip, fried eggs, oatmeal and all :) nothing is overlooked and I just LOVE that, because you are taking us along and that means so much. I remembered that hotel from last year, wasn't that the one where the cops came and made all kinds of noise? Can't wait to see which one you pick next year. I sooo understood your pool time, that is ME, I seriously cannot get enough. That is why I love being Beach Club dvc members, oh Cass, you have to stay there and experience that huge pool every day, you'll never leave. So I guess this is it till next time, enjoy your time in Orlando next week, and thank you again!!! :cloud9:
    Oh, Jill! Where do I start with you??!! You have been so wonderfully kind and supportive of me for so long now. I love hearing what you think and I am always so eager to read your replies! :lovestruc

    Thanks again for all of your posts and comments, I am so glad you still enjoy these! :cool1: :hug:

    We've stayed at BCV a few times now and LOVE it!! For everything, pool, location, vibe! If we ever bought DVC, I would need to buy a resale for BCV!! :worship:

    I'm not sure we would stay in Galveston again, they have a serious lack of decent hotels that don't have double beds or cost $300 a night!! If my plans come to fruition, we will only have time for one pre-cruise and one post-cruise night BUT we still need to visit for those pics and maybe a stop at Miller's! :rolleyes1

    I look forward to your trip reports each year, especially the Christmas ones. I am not a big poster but wanted to tell you how much I enjoy them. I’m so glad Kira had such a good cruise. My kids loved Edge and Vibe. Now I really want to sail on the Wonder. Thanks for sharing your family and your adventures and keep the reports coming!!
    Thanks for the kind words!! :hug: :blush:

    I hope you get to cruise on the Wonder one day, she's my favourite! :thumbsup2

    really loved reading and following your adventures, you have inspired me to start taking more photos. Thanks so much for all the details :)
    Awww, I'm so glad I've inspired you to take more pics, you can never have enough!! :goodvibes Thanks for appreciating all of the details! :lovestruc

    Sounds like you had a great trip.
    Thanks! It really was! :thumbsup2

    Thanks for writing this! Would like to sail out of Galveston one day and all the info you’re sharing is super helpful!
    Awesome, I hope you get to do that one day! :goodvibes

    As everyone as expressed , your reports are great fun to read. I must add how much I appreciate that you start and FINISH in a timely manner !!! I get so frustrated to start reading a TR , it goes for about a week and then "poof", no more for days , and I have even seen some that take m-o-n-t-h-s or never finish. So thanks, Cass, for entertaining us start to finish before our expiration date :worship::-)
    Thank you!!! :hug: :goodvibes

    I try really hard to get them all done in about two months but this one was the fastest I've ever completed one! :rotfl2:

    Love your reports! Thanks so much for taking the time to write them each time. Even though you are not doing report, I do want to hear what you and Rob think of ROTR. We thought it was pretty amazing.
    Thanks for the kind words :hug:

    I am soooo looking forward to it! I might try to do a video but not sure, see how this trip goes. :scratchin

    I love all your reports 😊 sorry the work one was deleted. I wonder why 😕
    Thank you!! :goodvibes

    It was a work related trip, I'm a travel agent but I am very careful not to advertise or sometimes even mention that I am a TA because it's against the rules and I am a huge DIS supportor BUT looking back, I accidentally posted a photo of my fellow TA's with our logo on it!! :scared:

    However, I would have gladly deleted it if someone had given me a fair warning instead of having my whole report deleted. :sad1:

    I honestly posted it by accident, it was 100% not intentional and I am usually very careful but we all make mistakes. :(

    Amazingly written trip report. Well done and thank you!
    Thank you so much Darryl111 :flower:

    Nothing like a Cass Trippie at 5:00 am on a Friday. :P As always Cass, I just love your background music choices.:love: I had to replay your video back twice to make sure I read those exit signs correctly. Houston or Cleveland? Cleveland? They offer an exit for a city thousands of miles away? LOL.:teeth: I get why, just found it humorous.
    Loved seeing the actual video of the Galaxy Lights. WOW!!! I really saw the sheer awesomeness of all that in a video compared to pics. Just beautiful!!!:flower1::love::worship:

    Kira doing the Spaceship Limbo was so cute too. Love that kid!:cutie:

    Thanks for the entertainment and I appreciate your hard work with the entire TR. I always loves me some Timon Trippies. :flower:
    Yes, I love those Cleveland signs :rotfl2:

    Thanks for being here, for being my editor when I miss my typos and for just being you! :love1:

    I want you to know, because of you, I’ve happily done two things I never do - read a trip report and post a message! :flower:

    I came across your TR during my daily reading of a recent DIS Daily Update and I was instantly drawn in. I love how well you write all the details of your journey and I’m amazed at all the pictures you add to the story. Your honesty is endearing. And most of all, your family is laidback and fun, which makes it feel like we’re old friends. :wave2:

    I even watched your videos (which I hesitated to do because I felt I got the complete story from reading it) and am so glad I did. They bring it all to life and accentuate the fun - especially your visit to the Galaxy Lights! You nailed it on the music choices!

    We have been DVC members since 1998 and have had many trips as a Disney family, but only took our first Disney Cruise this past summer on the Dream. I’m dreaming of our next Disney Cruise, which is at least a couple years away, so your TR was exactly what I needed in the meantime. :boat:

    And since I’m so late to the party, I’ve already started reading your past trip reports! :woohoo:
    Thanks for sharing your family vacations with all of us! :flower3: :thanks:
    WOW!!! :lovestruc

    Thanks for such kind words! :hug:

    I'm glad you watched the videos, they are a live version of my trippies meant to add to your experience after reading my report. While I feel you can easily watch just them and skip the report, I think if you've read the report already, you will gain more while watching them. For example, when you see the video, you will get why Kira is hiding 10 Reese's minis in her hoodie pocket :rotfl2:

    It's so much easier, and faster, to capture a photo, video is a lot harder and I always have to consciously remind myself to take video too.

    Thanks for your comments, for taking the time to read and post! I hope you get back on another Disney cruise soon! :goodvibes

    Thanks for taking the time to write this. Very entertaining to read.
    Thanks for commenting!! :hug:

    Thanks for the report. Always a fun read. I can never get over how grown up Kira is.
    Thanks for reading, as always!! You are too sweet! :flower:

    This was such a wonderful report. I love hearing all the funny stories and seeing things from your perspective. You have a beautiful family. Thank you again for sharing. Have a fun work trip. Thank God we're Facebook friends so I'll get sneak previews :hug:
    LOL! Thanks for reading and commenting, always! :goodvibes

    I'm not sure what I am going to be posting. I'm not very good at posting during the trip sometimes. I am so much better with reports and videos after the trip is done but I will do my best! :hug:

    Love your reports and watching your daughter grow up! Thanks for sharing
    Thank you so much! :lovestruc

    Glad you had a great trip. Always enjoy reading your reports.
    Thank you for the kind words :hug:

    Thank you Thank you but I am going to miss you. I felt like I was with you The whole trip. Have fun next week.
    Awww, I am going to miss all of you guys too! It's so sad when the trip is over but then I get to relive it with all of you so that makes it better. :goodvibes

    Thank you!! :hug:

    Love your reports! It was great catching up on the Wonder, as we are sailing her from New Orleans in just 7 days. We tried our best to sail on another ship this time to try something new, but the Wonder keeps calling us back! :)
    Oh wow!! I hope your cruise is absolutely WONDERful!! :goodvibes

    What a great trip report! This is one of the itineraries that I am considering doing next!
    Thanks!! It's a really great one!! :goodvibes


    Mommy to Claire
    Oct 28, 2006
    And here's a collage of her previous pics...

    I can't believe the difference in her looks in the last 4 years. She has really grown up!

    Another great trip!
    I'm going to watch your videos later, when i have more time.

    Have fun on your next adventure!
  • Timon

    DIS Lifetime Sponsor
    Aug 18, 1999
    I can't believe the difference in her looks in the last 4 years. She has really grown up!

    Another great trip!
    I'm going to watch your videos later, when i have more time.

    Have fun on your next adventure!

    Yes, it's amazing how much they change so quickly at this age! :lovestruc

    Thanks, leaving tomorrow! :cool1:

    Wish you were coming! :hug:

    Deb Stoltman

    Earning My Ears
    Aug 4, 2017
    Thank you so much for writing another trip report! I hope you never get tired of cruising and never tire of trip report writing. I SO look forward to your detailed reports. The pics of Kira on the beach are simply adorable. The difference between 2017 and 2019 is crazy! Your baby is growing up!

    Cloe Colton

    Mar 6, 2018
    Great TR! Thanks for taking the time to post it! Heading on my next Disney Cruise this March and I feel like TRs are where you really pick up a lot of tips - even if it is a different ship!

    Question about the imessaging - does it only work for those who have imessage on the ship? Or does it work for imessaging anywhere? (would be nice to be able to message my Mom about our doggo!) Also, I assume its free to use?

    Diet Coke! Is there a limit to how much you can bring on board? I would love to keep a stash in our stateroom because I tend to be uber lazy on vacations...even if we will be on deck 9! lol any tips for bringing it on board?

    Hope you enjoy your work trip!


    Jul 29, 2005
    What the what?!

    I missed the memo about a new trip report! :sad:

    I've got a lot of catching up to do.
    Last edited:


    Jan 25, 2019
    I loved reading your Trip Report! Yours is one of the first I have read where the writer was HAPPY about a rainy / cloudy day! I love the Hidden Mickey in your sunset picture!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure!


    Jul 29, 2005
    Just got caught up reading your trip report! Thanks for sharing another one of your fantastic adventures. :worship:


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