Crowd predictions after covid?


Jun 17, 2014
ohhhhhhhh that makes some sense. Because yeah, they filled up REALLY quickly.

Also, I tried to book Be Our Guest reservations, but must have slept through my alarm- instead, I woke up at 7:41 instead of 5:41 like I was supposed to. And that less-than-two-hour gap was all it took for BOG to be ENTIRELY booked for dinner! I was furious, but thankfully someone must have dropped their reservations on another day, because I was able to get an earlier time by checking each night for a couple of days straight. Very lucky.
Surprisingly there have been a TON of openings for places for October when normally it's more crowded. We had planned a September trip assuming the usual free dining promotion before any of this started and have tentatively started planning an alternative trip in October (assuming no free dining this year because of capacity concerns etc.). I booked the September reservations at ungodly-early on day 180 and BOG breakfast and lunch were gone or almost-gone by 5 minutes after opening. I casually looked at the October stuff close to a month late and found reservations every day I'd been considering for both breakfast and lunch. I don't know if I just hit after the wave of cancellations or what, but it definitely surprised me.


been there, done that, TRYING to go back
Feb 16, 2000
We are May 2021 - maybe now May 2022
We have the money saved - we just do not want major crowds
So before March 2021 - we have to decide to move our WDW vacation or not

We started this journey to go to WDW in May 2020 - but COVID-19 travel squashed on that
We are in our 60's - healthy and want to stay that way


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