Do Blackstone Grills/Accessories ever have deals or discounts?


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Feb 4, 2006
DH and I were were discussing getting a griddle grill and with Fathers Day coming up, I think this will be his present from my DD (9) and I. Something the whole family can enjoy :) I know he really wants a Blackstone one. I am specifically looking at this model:


That said, this is not a must have right now purchase, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any special times or websites/stores that run sales on these? So far I have found that it runs $249 on their website, $229 at Home Depot, and $199 at Dicks Sporting Goods (these were prices as of yesterday) so I was thinking about just ordering at Dicks and being done.

But I always get good advice here on deals so I wanted to check first. Thanks!

Bonus - if you have any pros/cons of griddle grills in general I would love to hear them!


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Aug 8, 2018
It looks like a flat-top grill that restaurant short order cooks would use. Don't have one but it seems like it would work best for pancakes, eggs or bacon, the type of foods you fry. Other food you typically grill might become greasy compared to the typical BBQ since the food sits in the grease during cooking. Not sure of the advantage of this to using a tradition BBQ with the normal setup.


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Nov 25, 2015
I'm looking at one of these for my husband for Father's Day. His cousin had one at a Bills tailgate last year and he made cheese steaks, crab bread, burgers, peppers and onions on it and it was really cool, and cleaning it between each meal item was very easy. There's also no grease trap to clean out and so on. I also have not found any smoking deals, but $199 isn't too bad I don't think? I dunno.


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Jun 21, 2017
I just recently bought a Blackstone and love it so far. Have used it for breakfast, stir fry's & burgers... none disappointed. I'm not sure if they regularly go on sale but I do know Walmart usually has a big selection of Blackstone products.

I have no cons...seasoning was easy and so is the cleanup.

This is the one I bought about 3 weeks ago, same size you are looking for. Not much more but is all enclosed and has the cover. Good luck, you won't be mad you bought one!

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