Favorite Cirque du Soleil Show


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Jan 22, 2014
I remember when it was basically two touring show and they hadn't set up any permanent shows. The first show I saw was Nouvelle Experience in 1990 when it was on tour in San Francisco, and the show ironically had its last show in Vegas.

I've see Mystere twice, and a lot of its acts came from Nouvelle Experience, including the bungee act. That's about it. I've been to Vegas and thought about seeing O without a reservation, but it was basically sold out solidly for years.

In many ways they may be spreading themselves out a little too thin. I'm wondering if they really need to be doing 8 different productions in Vegas.
The only show I saw from Cirque du Soleil was their very first one in a tent in the 80s! My parents had seen them as a street act in Quebec city (my hometown) and brought us as kids to see their first tour! Because DH is a big Beatles fan, we are thinking of buying tickets for LOVE when we go to Vegas.


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