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Feb 7, 2003
I was just on the phone with DLP, but as you're all so knowledgable here maybe you can help?

Our trip to DLP will be between Oct 31st - Nov 5th 2003 with 4 full days there.

On the DLP site they have a Classic 3 Day Park Hopper ticket that is valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. It makes no other mention of dates other that the 3 yr thing.

Anywhere else I look the 3 Day Park Hoppers are valid from Jan 6th to April 4th 2003 then April 5th to 2nd Nov 2003. No mention of what takes over after that :(

So, the lady I spoke to said this Classic ticket woud be valid for any date within that 3 year period.

Is this right?

And, would I be better buying them now at £77 per adult and £55 per child or waiting nearer the date? Do they go up with any regularity?

TIA :)

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Jun 17, 2000
I'm an annual passholder, so I can't be certain about this, but DLP tickets have high season and low season versions. January to April sounds like low season, so any low-season tickets will only be valid for this time. Not too sure about the other ticket expiring in November - perhaps this is when ticket prices are increased, so the price you've been quoted isn't valid beyond this?



neo's white rabbit

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Feb 7, 2003
Hi Rob

Hence my confusion.

This 3 year ticket seems to be different to the 3 Day Park Hoppers that come in High and Low season. This is via DLP not any other site offering 3 Day Hoppers where they are clear about the dates. If you're at the DLP site and put it Nov 3rd it just says 'No Tickets available'. Go figure! I want something that covers the 3rd and 4th Nov.

When I spoke to this girl at DLP she said a High season ticket would be valid in Low season - so what's the point of the dates? -which they don't list at all for this ticket's info when I was looking at it on their site. Are they different things?


We have a Disney Store here, maybe I should go in there and see what they have and if there is anything on it about dates - presuming they have them.

A glass of wine beckons before my brain goes pop!! :)


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