help setting up a room


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Sep 21, 2010
I need some help with planning. Some of you may know we have had a terrible time the past few years with our house flooding. Well, we are praying hard that we are going to be able to move in the next couple of months. I get overwhelmed easily so I need to start planning this ahead of time. I was hoping for a 4th bedroom to turn into a little craft/game room. My hubby suggested that instead of a bedroom, that we could get a den and a living room. We are really big into playing board games and the den would be a mixture of game room and craft room. We will have built in bookshelves to organize supplies and games. I have a 6 ft. Foldup table and a small craft table that will probably be used for puzzles and games. Can anyone give me any ideas for anything else that would be helpful or that you have found that works great. It will be so wonderful to have a craft room that won't flood!! that's he main room that floods!!! One other thing I need to plan for is my craft nights when my BFF comes over and we work on our Blackwork projects. We need good lighting for that. Thanks for any suggestions!!!


Jan 28, 2010
Make sure build-ins fit your supplies, ie 12" wide/deep and 12" high or maybe 14'' and 14''. Lots and lots of room for supplies! Some portable lighting to move where ever you need it. Maybe even a built-in workspace with dedicated lighting for your scrapping?


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