If you are planning a trip to China including Shanghai and Hong Kong, pay attention to news about Wuhan Pneumonia

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Mar 18, 2018
The World Health Organization has declared a medical emergency in China. Currently, there are a number of cities that are being quarantined with flights cancelled and the army blocking roads in and out.

Both Hong Kong and Shanghai have confirmed cases of Wuhan pneumonia. Shanghai Disneyland will close starting on Saturday and is allowing refunds of tickets and hotels. Other hotels and airlines may be offering free cancellations as well. Masks and hand sanitizer are completely sold out in Hong Kong and China is asking people to cut face masks before disposing of them because some people are dumpster diving to resell used masks.

The Center for Disease Control and many governments have issued travel warnings. If you visit China, it is possible that you may be suddenly trapped in a quarantine with medical supplies running out. Hospitals in Wuhan seem to be out of medical supplies and shipments are unable to get in due to travel restrictions. Hong Kong's government is slow to respond with travel restrictions and screening so there is a high risk of outbreak but you are less likely to be unable to enter/exit compared to the mainland.

If you do visit either China or Hong Kong in the near future, make sure to purchase masks and hand sanitizer abroad before coming. Do not buy typical pollution, pollen or re-washable masks because they are not sufficient for blocking virus. Please purchase individually wrapped surgical or N95 masks. Masks that are approved for PM2.5 are also good. If coming to Hong Kong, be aware that police are still frisking people and confiscating higher quality reusable respirators and filters. Purchase alcohol-based hand sanitizers because typical antibacterial hand sanitizers without ethanol cannot kill the virus.
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Jun 7, 2011
I plan to do the 10K Event in Hong Kong this year. It's usually in November so hopefully it will have subsided by then


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