June 24-26 (Mon-Wed) 2019 crowds, weather


Earning My Ears
Nov 3, 2018
My family is visiting WDW next end of June for 3 days/4 nights, Monday thru Wednesday, staying at Pop Century. The last time we visited was in 2012 around Christmas and it was COLD and super crowded but manageable due to EMH and extended park hours for the holidays. I have heard June is very hot, we are coming from the west coast and aren’t used to the humidity so are unsure what to expect. Looking for any insider tips on crowd predictions and weather, and what to pack clothing & gear wise to deal with heat. Thanks


DIS Veteran
Apr 19, 2008
Historically, late June is in the 8-9 range (while Christmas is a 10)

Temps are generally lows in the 70’s to highs in the low 90’s, but the very intense Florida sun + humidity will feel really hot. I think it’s ideal to take a mid-day break (resort pool or water park), otherwise you would probably need to be in air conditioning 1-5pm

I think breathable, moisture wicking shirts (not dark in the intense sun) feel more comfortable than cotton.
Afternoon storms are common and result in a lot of lightning closures to outdoor rides and pools.
(ponchos are helpful to keep going), but it is possible to have rain patterns that result in many hours of rain/day.


DIS Veteran
Sep 19, 2010
I went in June...only once... It was so humid that in 6 days, I lost 9 pounds. Best weight loss program I ever did. HYDRATE! Use cooling towels. Be ready for rain that does not 'fix' the humidity. But...its' Disney...so it's great! :umbrella:


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