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The Mean Squinty Eye Works
Jul 6, 2004
I know I am probably asking for the impossible, but have any of you found a way to keep your tent or pop up from being smoky?

I used to camp quite a bit, before I was diagnosed with asthma. And smoke has become one of my triggers. Is there any way to keep a tent smoke free? Anyone else struggle with this?


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Sep 23, 2004
Well I don't camp close enough to the fire ring for it to be an issue, honestly. And, if despite the distance, the smoke was in-line then that would be the end of the campfire.

I know at my set-ups at the local CoE campground where I do camp and have a firering, the pad is far enough away that it's not been a problem.

Bama Ed


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Nov 7, 2010
It's been a long time since I tent camped, but I agree with Ed. I can't remember a time when I had smoke problems from a neighbors site. Certainly not at the Fort. Since it is one of your triggers, I assume you don't have campfires. If there are fires (and smoke) near enough and the wind is blowing wrong, I don't think there is anything you can do to keep it out of the tent.



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Feb 11, 2019
Someone once posted on another board about how one side of their pop up camper vinal window was darker then the other. That was the side they always had there fire.
I have an idea, that might work. Probably better in a pop up then a tent. Close up the tent, pop up . Put a box fan inside crack a window on the oposite side of the smoke. Turn on the fan so it blows in to the tent. The idea is to draw in air that isn't smokey into the tent and create a possitive pressure in the tent. If the clean air is pushing out at the side where the smoke comes in , the smoke cant get in. This is just an idea mind you. It works well in buildings with high powered fans, not sure how it will work with tenting.


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Sep 8, 1999
A couple of thoughts. If it is smoke from your campfire, you can deal with this by not having a wood campfire and instead getting a portable propane fire ring. While maybe not as fun as a true campfire it would eliminate the smoke. Costco sells these as do many other retailers, some are plenty large and produce a good size flame.

If it is smoke that drifts into your campsite from another there isn't much you can do. If they are intentionally trying to make it smoke you can always talk with them, but that probably isn't going to help. The other option you have in your control is picking sites that are further away from the crowd or camping during the non-burn times.


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