Kevin & Kammy's DCL Wedding Trip Report


Ears Earned!
Jun 16, 2011
Hey everyone! Sorry it took me so long to get around to this, but I have finally sat down to start! My husband and I eloped on the Wonder to the Mexican Riviera Sept. 25. Everything was amazing... couldn't have asked for anything more! I'm in the process of uploading photos to share with you all!

So... without further stalling... here we go!

Day 1:

We were packed, excited, kinda nervous. Our neighbor (Downtown Larry Brown) showed up on our doorstep and said our car was here. Of course I was lost, I had put away funds to cover paying for parking at the Long Beach port. But my hubby-to-be surprised me with a Rolls Royce limo! Complete with fresh fruit, chocolates, and mimosa's! Of course... that made the ride to LB go by waaaaay too fast, and I was already tipsy by the time we got to the port. I'm assuming there was a bachelor party the night before (since we were leaving on a Sunday) because once the driver started up the rolls, disco lights and crazy techno music went crazy in the back! I had a good laugh as we tried everything to turn all the madness off!

Once there, we checked in... very very easy... and sat down to take some candid videos of ourself and enjoy the cartoons that were playing in the waiting area. All the vacationers started filing in... lots of lil ones packing their pillows and character plushies. After awhile, Mickey showed up and we took our pic with him in our cheesy bride and groom ear hats. The hubby was a very good sport about this.

After a bit more waiting, our group was called to start boarding. Since I'd never been on a cruise before, or even on a ship, this was all very very new to me. The giant buoys that keep the ship from rubbing against the dock were a bit of an obsession the entire trip. We boarded the ship and were welcome with our names announced "The McKenna Party!" Yay! I felt so sorry for all the crew member when I realized they had about 3 hours of clapping and cheering to go until all the passengers were on board. We headed down Parrot Cay to eat our first of many wonderful meals on board. This one was buffet style.

I made my last call to my Mom before we embarked. Our room was one of the first ones ready, so I spent quite a bit of time watching the workers on the dock load food and luggage into the holds below our verandah.

Some of our luggage had already arrived, so we waited for a bit, and then headed up to the top deck to see the ship cast off. We kept trying to catch the ships horn playing the 'Disney' ditty for our cell ring tones, but just couldn't quite time it right. We stood on the deck until we were out of the harbor and then headed back inside to start exploring the ship.



Ears Earned!
Jun 16, 2011
Day One continued...

We ordered a wine package on the way to lunch so we'd have a new wine to try with each meal. And, a bucket o' beer for the room... Yay Blue Moon!!!

This afternoon when we got back to our room we found a gift from the wedding staff... a Disney Wedding beach bag with 2 extra large wedding beach blankets. We signed up for the Fish Extender trade, and had already received a special gift! A custom tote with my cartoon of me and my hubby printed on the front! Inside was every type of stationary you can think of with our monogram and cartoon! Magnets, notepaper, cards and envelopes, stickers, etc. It was absolutely amazing!

We met with our wedding staff (Ashley & Jennifer) and signed our civil ceremony papers at 3pm. A minister came to perform the service right in front of the giant picture of Walt! :D

Then they took us to the Cadillac Lounge to go over all the details and schedule. Ashley came to pick up our cake topper, cd, flutes, and clothes to be steamed from our room while we were out.

We had dinner at Triton's at 8:15pm and waited in line behind some crazy drunk girls. We met our wait staff, Ridwan & Marakesh. They made our trip perfect.

For appetizers, we had escargot, jumbo shrimp, a bacon mushroom tart, and duck confit. All were amazing.

We had a bottle of Simi 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. We couldn't finish the bottle so we brought it back to the room.

For entree, Kevin has 3 cheese lobster macaroni and I had a grilled sea bass with mushroom risotto.

For dessert, we had a sunday, a Grand Marnier Souffle, and we split the King Triton dessert: a creme brulee, chocolate mousse, and a prailene eclair.

We took the end of our wine back to the room but were too exhausted to finish it. So we crawled into bed and fell asleep to Aladdin on tv.
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    Ears Earned!
    Jun 16, 2011
    This morning I woke up with a sour stomach and tried to fall back asleep, but ended up going down to the track to walk off my sourness. I walked 6 laps (2 miles) and watched the sun peek out. Then I went down and grabbed a cup of coffee and headed back to the room to find Kevin in bed watching The Green Hornet. After a little rest, we headed out to deliver our Fish Extender gifts about 9am. We got a little lost int he process but made new friends along the way. Here's a picture of our cabin door!

    After our rounds on every deck, we went to the Beach Blanket Buffet for a late breakfast and sat on the aft deck looking off behind the boat. We looked down onto deck 7 aft where our ceremony will be tomorrow. We went down and walked the deck for a bit. Then we went back to our room for swimsuits and books and found a complimentary cheese plate with brie, gouda, bleu, baby bell, swiss, cheddar and colby cheese with grapes and assorted crackers. So, full from out late breakfast, we of course had to scarf down some fine cheese!!! I finished the last glass of Simi from dinner last night and Kevin had a Bleu Moon from our bucket.

    Then we finally loaded up our books and headed to the pool. We found loungers around the top deck of the adult pool and spent the afternoon drinking sodas, soaking up Mexican rays, and relaxing. Random, but while getting my soda from the self-serve fountain, a sparrow landed on my foot! I guess he must have been a permanent vacationer!

    We ended up sunning for several hours. Kev read the original (non-movie based) "I Am Legend" and I finished a reread of "A Wrinkle in Time." We needed a snack so we walked down to Goofy's Galley for some finger sandwiches (mmmm... tomato, mozzarella, and pesto!) and fruit, and ended with a couple of swirl soft-serve cones. It was formal night on Monday, so we went back to shower off sunscreen and sweat, and ended up just lying around for a bit. Ashley, our wedding coordinator, called and he and Kevin went to Deck 7 to overlook their video recording plan. I took some extra tickets we were accidentally given down to guest services and then roamed the ship taking photos. I got back to the room and Kevin had beat me back. We watched "Bednobs & Broomsticks" while getting dressed for formal night. I wore my new black, white, and pink dress and Kevin wore his black suit. We had dinner at Animator's Palette at 8:15pm. It wasn't as good as Triton's, but we still went back to the room super full!

    For appetizers, we had bay scallops over cheese risotto, and crispy cheese ravioli frittata.

    For entrees, I had a swordfish steak over jasmine rice with a red pepper glaze, and Kevin had a NY Strip rare with a baked potato and asparagus spears. We split a jumbo shrimp with linguine in a mushroom cream sauce.

    Our wine for the night was a Castle Rock 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon.

    For dessert, we split a trio of raspberry cheesecake, Mickey's chocolate mousse, and a creme brulee. Then we added a strawberry dulce de leche and vanilla sundae, and a pastry-like turnover with a creme/cinnamon dip and strawberries with whip on the side.

    After dinner, we headed to the Promenade Lounge for some nightcaps. Kev had a Macallan scotch, and I had a mojito.

    Since it was formal night, there were backdrops set up all over the atrium so we had a couple of cheesy pics taken in our snazzy clothes. We played a little 'tipsy' shuffleboard, and then we called it a night.



    Ears Earned!
    Jun 16, 2011
    Today I woke up nauseous. For the first time I couldn't walk right and I had a stomach/headache to boot. I wanted to start the day off with a couple laps on the track, but I barely made it through breakfast. The boat was really rocking from the leftover hurricane waves, so I went back to the room and left Kevin to finish his breakfast. But we did manage to get a couple pics with Mickey and Goofy before I took off.

    I called Ashley and asked if he could score me some Dramamine or something. He came right away with both pills and his personal wristbands with pressure point buttons to help with the rocking. He warned me that Dramamine would make me drowsy. I took both the pills and the wristbands. I got sleepy quick. I fell asleep in the bathtub.

    At 1, I headed over to the Vista Spa on the 10 front deck for my hair appointment. The entire place was so soothing. There were couples getting massages and mani-pedi's, and sauna baths. The girl who did my hair was from Croatia, and she did a great job. She said she had the same type of hair and know how to tame it. She curled it with a round brush and hair cryer, teezed the top for volume, and then pulled it to my left shoulder and made some more exact curls with a flat iron. The she added the flower and veil, and it was perfect. She took me to the acupuncturist who gave me 2 small stickers with tiny black seeds that she taped on my wrists between the 2 tendons on the underside. They worked wonders! I went back to the room and started pulling out all of my wedding stuff.

    Time went by very quickly. Kevin forgot to bring his yellow tie and he was so bummed. Jennifer brought my bouquet in a vase. I tied my charms from family members onto it with a ribbon from the beach blankets gift. Kevin wore a new tan suit and sky blue shirt. He had a corsage to match my tropical bouquet. I got dressed and Kev went out back to help set up and wait. I finished dressing and waited in the room and watched "Sleeping Beauty." Right when the good fairies started putting everyone in the kingdom to sleep, Ashley and Jennifer were at the door. They walked me to the elevators and our the deck door. I walked out and met Kev at the altar and the rest is history!

    It was so so hot we were all pouring sweat. The poor cruise employees had to wear full uniforms. A lot of new friends from online came with little ones to see. Our photographer Goran took lots of pictures. We toasted with Fairy Tale Cuvee and found that Kevin's glass had a hole in it where it was etched too deep and the champagne kept running out! So we toasted for pictures and then he had to drink his glass very quickly! Then we cut our cake and everyone had a big piece. After eating, more pics, and our first dance to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - What a Wonderful World, and wiping the sweat over and over with napkins, we headed back to the room to dry off and redo my makeup.

    After half an hour, we headed out to meet photographer Goran (also from Croatia). He took us all over the ship and took several hundred photos. He said we were the most fun wedding he had done.

    So, exhausted, we went back to the room, dropped of the flowers and my shoes (ouch!) and went to the Promenade Lounge for an aperitif of Johnny Walker Black (Kev) and a Chocolate Martini (me).



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    Jun 16, 2011
    At 8, we headed to Palo for our reservation. It was absolutely amazing. It is the meal we now use to grade all other meals.

    For appetizers, we had grilled shrimp, tuna carpaccio, and calamari fritta.

    They also brought us an amazing anti pasta assortment.

    And then a limoncello to cleanse the palate.

    For dinner, Kev had the braised beef tenderloin over sauteed spinach and smashed potatoes. I had sea bass in an orange ginger sauce cooked in a paper bag, with baked and speared potatoes. We shared a lobster ravioli in a white truffle sauce.

    Our wine was a Santa Margherita Pino Noir 2009. It paired perfectly.

    For dessert, Kev had an orange creme soda in a cool chocolate cup. I had some sort of creme and red wine mousse in a martini glass with biscotti-like flat pastries to dip. Both were amazing. And of course, we had to share the legendary chocolate cake souffle! It was definitely worth all the hype.

    The chef presented us with a Palo souvenir!

    And Kevin signed us into the guestbook.

    We couldn't finish our bottle, once again, so we took it back to the room for later. There was a bucket of our champagne from the ceremony in the room when we got back, but we were too exhausted to notice.

    We passed out at 11pm.

    At 2am, Kevin woke me up to see the lightning storm we were passing through. I've never seen anything so amazing as lightning over an endless sea.
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    May 10, 2005
    Was the wedding cake a white cake or yellow? Loved reading your report!


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