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Earning My Ears
Apr 15, 2014
Well I've lurked & creeped around here long enough! My name is Melissa, I'm 32, married & have 3 kids. We live about 20 min from WDW & I'm an RN and work as a director at a local hospital. I was hospitalized about 2 months ago with cellulitis and while I was there the Dr discovered I am close to being a diabetic. She feels that if I loose about 25lbs I can reverse it. My goal is to loose 46.9lbs! Before going into the hospital I would drink 4-5 cans/bottles of Mt Dew a day, I'm proud to say that I haven't had a drop of soda since the day I was admitted!

Since studies show almost 100% of people trying to loose weight do better if they keep a journal I've decided to start one!

I've also did a SWOT analysis of my weight loss goal:

~ I've already stopped drinking soda, something I was addicted to for 20 years
~ I have very supportive family & friends
~ I am determined not to be a diabetic, as a nurse I know that this is almost always the kiss of death

~ I'm not a good healthy cook
~ I love bread & cheese!
~ I hate exercising! It's way to hot most of the year to exercise outside & I don't have time to go to the gym.

~ Packing lunches & snacks, I love our cafeteria food but it's not really healthy
~ Planning healthy dinners
~ Exercise! I will commit to doing the elliptical

~ Stress from work
~ Kids busy schedules, for the next 3 months we will be in GO GO GO mode
~ Eating out, we eat out a lot on weekends


Earning My Ears
Apr 15, 2014
So last week was a horrible week to start anything. If I could make it through last week I can make it through anything.

Lost 3lbs, pure stress diet but it worked! So 43.9 to loose!


Earning My Ears
Apr 15, 2014
Monday 3/9

Breakfast: 100 calorie Greek yogurt

Snack: celery & peanut butter

Lunch: Blackened grilled chicken w/ blue cheese on a wheat bun w/ tomatoes & cucumbers

Dinner: garlic chicken, pasta & tons of steamed veggies....& 2 rolls.

Pretty good except for the rolls. Really need to get in some exercise. Older daughter had a flag football game this evening & has one tomorrow, younger two have flag football practice tomorrow so no exercise tomorrow either :(


Earning My Ears
Apr 15, 2014
Tuesday 3/10:

Breakfast: 1 biscuit & gravy, 2 strips of bacon

Lunch: Ugh! A marketer brought in lunch! I had a blackened burger with blue cheese crumbles & a salad w/ ranch.

Dinner: 2 chili dogs with onions & cheese

The good news is that I drank a ton of water & took the dog on 3 10min walks!


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