My journey with EPCOT food while drinking around the World.


Dec 30, 2016
On the 14th of January 2020 some buddies and I decided to DRINK around the world. We had a unique opportunity to go down to WDW for three days and we sad "lets go for it". While drinking around the world (yes we did it!!) is a whole story in itself, I figured the best way for me to make it all the way around I had to eat well, and eat I did!
Starting off in the Land Pavilion (in my opinion the best pavilion) we decided to start with something to eat at Sunshine seasons. I ordered the Sweet and Sour Chicken over white rice. This was an incredible dish, the chicken chunks were juicy and perfectly cooked. The rice was the perfect thing to add to an empty stomach before starting off on the journey.
Starting our trip around the world, starting in Mexico, grabbing some Margaritas we next stopped to eat at Norway, specifically the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe. Grabbing the School Bread and the Ham and Apple Sandwich. This Sandwich was toasted and gooey with a delectable combo of Apples and salty Ham. I highly recommend stopping in Norway for this sandwich.
Our Next stop along the journey was China, we decided to just get a quick app and purchased the Pork Egg rolls from the small stand in front of the huge Chinese gate. These egg rolls pretty good but you could easily forget them as I almost did while writing this.
Japan was the next country we purchased food from while walking and talking to other groups drinking around the world. We were able to sit down at a cozy table up above the Japanese shrine with food from Katsura grill. The Pork Ramen was the savory delicious bowl of noodles and broth this guy needed while attempting the Drink Around the World Challenge. The ramen while probably not the best ive ever had was delicious all the same.
Finally, we were two countries away from finishing, Canada was in our sights, and the lofty smell fried Fish and Chips sucked us in. These Fish and Chips in England is always a must do every time im in EPCOT no matter what. There is nothing in particularly amazing about them, buit the whole charm of the England Pavilion and walking around with that little basket of fried fish makes me salivate now.

So all in all the Drinking around the world was fun, It was an experience Ive attempted before but was never able to finish for any number of reasons. The lesson I did learn and hopefully share with y'all is while drinking around the world, make sure you eat around it too.

loves to dive

DIS Veteran
Aug 21, 2011
I agree, we always eat while drinking. We've actually approached the drinking in 3 ways. #1 beers around the world and my son and I share at each stop. #2 wines around the world. You used to be able to get a flight at just about every country but they have stopped that unless you do the wine walk - we don't like that because we like to choose our wines. #3 - hard alcohol around the world. Obviously, we do not do all three of these in one day - we actually didn't do them in one trip but over a number of trips. We have also done an eat snacks around the world as well. Usually when we drink around the world, we don't get food at every stop, maybe every 2nd or 3rd since we are sharing drinks.


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