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Aug 28, 2016

(Please forgive the outdated satellite view, it was the all that I could find.)

I feel like Disneyland had a lot of dumb things happen to it in the 90's. I feel like since then, the park has been kind of broken and incomplete. With upcoming renovation rumors and new lands coming up, we may be getting close to a sort of renaissance. As someone passionate about the park's well being, I have though long and hard about how I would restore the park to it's glory.

This would include the upcoming Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy, and the rumored Marvel Land. Disney is also supposedly planning to refurbish Fantasyland and (at last,) Tomorrowland. Tomorrowland definitely got hit the worst in the 90's with that "New Tomorrowland". It's a complicated land, since times are constantly moving and the definition of the future constantly changing. So what I think we should do to bring Tomorrowland into the 21st century is to remove all traces of that Jules Verne overlay, and give the look a focus on nature and eco-friendly future technology. For example, instead of the Astro Orbiter to congest traffic, we have a beautiful futuristic entrance garden. I believe it could give the land a beautiful updated look.

Another thing. Even now, when Disney's California Adventure has improved drastically, it is clear that it can't exist without it's sister parks support. They don't even use. it's name when marketing it's attractions. Frankly, it should just all be one park. We rename the Disneyland Park "North Disneyland", and DCA "South Disneyland". I mean, they have the security outside that center space between the park. They should just put 2 cool looking entrances on each side where they have the security checks (We would still keep the original park entrances though). Beyond those gates and between each park would be Disneyland Center, a more decorated area connecting the parks. It would make the park-hopper ticket obsolete, but any potential money loses from that could be made up for by higher attendance. It's worth considering at least.

Anywho, Here are specific attractions and lands I feel would help the park feel complete again, Star Wars and Marvel included.

Mike Fink Keel Boats: Surely they can make new keel boats that won't capsize this time.

Peoplemover Thru Innerspace: An updated Peoplemover which would meet current regulations and vehemosly discourage jumping between cars, as being caught doing so would result in eviction from the property. In the tunnel where they had the Super speed Tunnel and The World of Tron would be a tribute to The Adventure Thru Innerspace.

Walt Disney's World of Tommorow: The omnimover system for Buzz Lightyear can be used for an omnimover attraction through a highly detailed future world based off of concepts by Walt Disney, such has his short films and his original concept for EPCOT. I've heard there was space in there they weren't using, so that could be useful. Also, we can keep the laser gun technology as remotes to activate certain futuristic showpieces to see what they do, to give it a sense of interactivity.

Adventure Thru the World Beneath Us: With Star Wars Land opening in 2019, it would make sense to move Star Tours there. In it's place, I suggest a new omnimover ride in that space, Adventure Thru the World Beneath Us. It would be based on an old exhibit located in Tomorrowland, called The World Beneath Us, and would be a spiritual successor of sorts to Adventure Thru Innerspace. As it's name suggests, it would be an incredible jouney through the geological underground world. Caves with glimmering gems, a magma room, and some fictional fantastic factors existing in the "unknown" regions. It would probably be easier to just bring back Innerspace, but I think it's important to move forward.

Journey Into Imagination: The Dreamfinder and Figment finally come to the west coast, part of Tomorrowland as the driving force toward the future. This would be a port of the ORIGINAL ride, not any of the ones with Eric Idle (poor guy).

Circlevision 360 3D: For a long time, Disney has been struggling with what to do with the Carousel of Progress building. Based on it's circular shape, I think it would be the perfect place to put a new Circlevision theater. This one would be larger and utilize 3D technology.

All-New Autopia: A new version of Autopia showcasing eco-friendly electric cars. Throwing back to it's existence as 2 separate tracks, it would feature an extended track with two stations, one in Fantasyland, the other in Tomorrowland. You would board in one and disembark at the other, making it a real method of transportation.

Captain EO Remastered: A remastered Version of the classic 3D show, Captain EO, which would have enhanced and updated 4-D effects such as the lasers and smoke from it's initial run.

Motor Boat Cruise Through the Enchanted Forest: The classic Motor Boat ride with a twist. In keeping with Fantasyland's theme, this new updated version would feature state-of-the-art animatronic mythological creatures, and end in a cave where you encounter a lifelike Unicorn. It borrows from the concept of Quest for the Unicorn from the never-built Beastly Kingdom in Animal Kingdom in Disneyland.

Mystic Manor: The incredible trackless ride from Hong Kong Disneyland. Need I say more.

Pirates of the Caribbean Restored: I'm all for keeping things fresh and adding things to the Disneyland experience, but there are some things you just don't touch. Pirates of the Caribbean is quite simply one of the greatest theme park rides of all time. Unfortunately, beginning in 1997, they have toned down the darker aspects far too much. That's just the way pirates were, chasing women and burning villages. Today, we pretty much have Boy-Scouts of the Caribbean. I would love to see it restored to it's original form. If they really wanted to make the slave auction scene less upsetting, they could have just added a guy to the rope.

Swiss Family Treehouse: That Tarzan overlay has long-outstayed it's welcome. Anything with a soundtrack by Phil Collins is bound to get dated fast.

Tahitan Terrace: The former Aladdin's Oasis space is literally just sitting there abandoned in plain sight. They never even took down the sign. It just begs to be used again.

All-New Tom Sawyer's Island: Pirates Lair after all this time just feels like promotional material for a movie that came out over a decade ago. I vote we just go bac to calling it Tom Sawyer and make it cooler than it ever was.

Dark Kingdom: Fans of Mickey's Toontown, please don't kill me. The place was cool when it first opened. But in all this time, Disney has simply let that place rot in plain sight and the publics interest level is pretty much abysmal. Seriously, just look at Donald's Boat, the paint is literally peeling off. They even took out the cool gags from downtown. If Disney and park visitors hold such a common indifference to the place, and they are not going to give it any TLC, then I think the best thing to do is scrap the whole area and replace it with something much more impressive. Here's my proposal: A while ago, there were rumors of a "dark" Magic Kingdom in Disneyland which would be populated by the villains, and Beastly Kingdom would have had an "Evil Side" where they would have they're Dragon coaster. What I propose, is Dark Kingdom. A place ruled by the villains. Sort of the Mordor to Fantasyland's Gondor (While still being PG of course. It is Disneyland.). It would sort of be a desolate wasteland of a kingdom which would be about twice the size of Toontown. I envision 2 main attractions. The first would basically be The Dragon Coaster from Beastly Kingdom, as the land's signature E-Ticket attraction. A high thrills inverted coaster through a ruined castle with state-of-the-art special effects and technology, featuring an encounter with a giant animatronic dragon, the largest ever built. The second ride would be a boat ride through the underground caverns, which are inhabited by mischievous, morbid, but kinda lovable goblins, who like to cause trouble and play bone instruments. Also, everynight before the area closes in preparation for the fireworks, would be a nighttime show, where a large animatronic Chernabog, rises from Bald Mountain, and raises his minions. This would be a show with lights, pyrotechnics, smoke, and low-level fireworks encompassing the entire land.

Skyway: There is nothing that takes more out of me than having to walk back and forth between Disneyland and DCA. What needs to happen is that a new skyway must be built from the left of It's a Small World to Paradise Pier (or Pixar Pier, I guess) Once again passing through the Matterhorn. That would be so cool.

Disney Concert Hall: These days, Hollywood Land seriously lacks attractions. This needs to be remedied. What can be done is attractions based on Disney animated works and be retitled, Mickey's Hollywood Land. With Mystic Manor replacing the Fantasyland Theater, Hollywood Land would be a good place to put a concert hall, kinda like the one they were originally planning for Disneyland's resort expansion. This could have a nightly show where a live orchestra plays performs Disney songs beside footage from Disney Films.

Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin: If we get rid of Toontown, Hollywood Land could probably be a good place to relocate Roger Rabbit.

Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway: Also in Hollywood Land would be a western clone of the ride that is going to replace The Great Movie Ride in Disney World.

Mickey's Philharmagic: The fan favorite 3D show.

Main Street Electrical Parade: And not just a limited run this time. We can have a Frozen float if we really must.

New Parade: A new Disney parade celebrating Disneyland's history.

Paint the Night: Along the DCA parade route

New Parade 2: Another new parade featuring Disney properties.

New Fireworks Show featuring Fantasy in the Sky: An all-new highly elaborate fireworks display with the classic Fantasy in the Sky as it's lead in.

Country Bear Reunion: Through Disney's history, they usually only took out attractions when they had something better to put there. This was not the case with many of the rides closed in the 90's. Country Bear Vacation Hoedown closed in 2003 but that's close enough. It was replaced with an underwhelming Winnie the Pooh ride which would have been much more in-place in Fantasyland. The Country Bear Reunion would be the 3rd incarnation of The Country Bear Jamboree. Maybe if there's room in Fantasyland, we can put pooh bear there.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Over here sounds good.

Rocket Jets 2.0: An updated Rocket Jets back on top of the Peoplemover station, with arms that extend out as they rise.

Mission to the Beyond: A successor to the old Rocket rides that existed in the space now occupied by Redd Rocket's Pizza Port. A tribute to the history and future of space travel, it would feature the classic mission control room and a pre-show hosted by Buzz Aldrin. "Hi, I'm Buzz. No, not that Buzz." Whereas we have traveled to the Moon and Mars, this version would go far beyond our solar system and would feature an escape from a black-hole. This can either feature the classic circular theater set-up, or it could be a smaller unit which would be a module inside a sphere with 360 3D images projected all around the interior based directly from satellite images, tossed around on a large robotic arm. The first one is probably more realistic

So, am I a genius or a maniac?
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Apr 17, 2008
I actually like your ideas. It sounds like you have put a lot of time into this. Genius or maniac? I would side with genius personally.


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