OMG! I am OBSESSED with DisBoards! Ahh - Support Group needed...


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Jan 25, 2007
Since this pandemic and "safe at home quarantine" I have thought a lot about Disboards!!! But today I finally got on for more than a minute...I believe I got on once or twice since the pandemic started, but their didn't seem to be any interesting threads...I thought it might be buzzing with news of something interesting...but I didn't see today I went straight to seeing about this thread!

How are you all doing?!? Obsessed Disney fans!!

As a real quick recap we did do the shortest notice of planning to go to Disney...we went in November of 2019 with the six youngest children and my parents. We had a blast! Memories to treasure forever!! My parents are 78 and 75 and I don't think my mom will go back....they are still very active and in good health...she just got tired of Disney and what they took since 2008 to get her back there!!! We all had fun!!! She was glad she went! Now that the pandemic has hit I have thought quite a bit of how thankful that we went in November of 2019!!! Who's to know how it is going to be now and I wanted to give the younger kids a traditional Disney trip with their grandparents like their older sibling got.

So how are you all doing during this pandemic? Did anyone already have did that go? Is anyone planning to go and see what it is like during this time?

Anxious to hear from you all!


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