Restaurant Rewind: Memories of more Magical Times. February 2020 Dining Report. UPDATE 23rd May - TUNE-IN & BROWN DERBY LOUNGES!

Erica Ladd

Jun 12, 2018
Sad about the booths but I do recall thinking there was hardly any place to sit when we went 2 years ago. I’m so hungry.


Mar 27, 2018
I love the Beach Club! We stayed there last year for our honeymoon. We only did walk up for Beaches n Cream but I can’t wait to try it out next time!


DIS Veteran
Jan 12, 2009
Following up on Karamell Kuche with No Way Jose! It’s practically a DFB food challenge final! That sundae is a star. I admit I once sat at the old counter all by myself at Beaches and Cream and ate an entire No Way Jose to drown my sorrows the day after my DH had an emergency appendectomy at Celebration Hospital in the middle of our vacation. It kind of worked. I was running on fumes at that point and it was the ultimate comfort food. 😍
  • DisneySweetTooth

    Earning My Ears
    Oct 31, 2019
    Loving the reviews so far! I like the look of the Beaches and Cream renovation. I’ve only heard good things about the French Dip. I’m tempted. But not sure I could wrench myself away from getting my favourite - the banana split.


    Disney foodie served with a side of sarcasm
    Jul 18, 2010
    Oh you have me so wanting some beaches and cream. I hadn't seen many pictures since the renovation but glad to see they retained the charm while adding some space. That place is just way too small. I'm a sucker for some grilled cheese and tomato soup too (the plaza has great ones too) so I would have ordered exactly the same thing. Total comfort food
  • quietly

    Nov 11, 2014
    LOUNGING AROUND: Tune-In & Hollywood Brown Derby Lounges

    Hello Dis-Fam!

    Apologies for the bit of delay in posting this review. Quarantine has been hitting me hard and I’ve just had to focus on my mental health and day to day life. I’m sure many of you can relate so I won’t dwell on it too much but thanks for sticking with me and onto our regularly scheduled programming!

    With lots of planned out meals upcoming in the second half of our trip, we decided that today would be more of a “wing it” day in terms of food and decided to give some lounges a try!

    After an unsuccessful attempt at getting a RotR boarding group, we found ourselves in Hollywood Studios with empty tummies and decided to give Tune-In Lounge a try!


    We’d heard good things about the food at 50’s Prime Time Cafe but the concept of being yelled at, made to stand in the corner and all that shtick TERRIFIES us. Props to all of you brave enough to handle dining antics but I’m the sort of person who panics just ordering the food let alone being yelled at to eat it. So we decided that we’d give the lounge a go as we’d heard they serve the same food but without the angry cousins.

    We started off with the


    served with raspberry sauce, grapes and apples.


    This was just ok. The middle was delicious and creamy Boursin cheese and went great with the apple and grapes. The breading on the outside was ok. It was course and didn’t really have a great firm texture which I think this dish really needed. Perhaps I’m overly sensitive to that because the bread stick element on this was AWFUL. It felt like it was meant to be a firm grissini texture breadstick that had gone stale and soft. Like not bread that had gone hard - a floppy cracker. Very unpleasant. Other than that this was an ok appetiser but I wouldn’t get it again.

    Next we decided to share


    Golden fried chicken, fork tender pot roast, and traditional meatloaf with all the fixings.


    I love a good sampling platter of different things so this seemed right up our alley and a great way to get to taste a lot of the menu without filling up all available tummy space!

    On it we got to try:


    I personally think this was the best of the bunch. Meatloaf isn’t a big thing in Australia and the few times I’ve had it I’ve not been overly fond of it. I thought this had a good flavour and a nice, firm texture. Overall it was a nice classic dish that definitely transported you into that 1950’s vibe.

    Fried Chicken.

    This was really nothing to write home about. I know a lot of people really rave about the chicken here and maybe we got an off day but MAN was that bland. It felt like it had no seasoning at all and had just soaked up all the oil from the fryer. This would be a definite pass for me in the future.

    Pot roast

    I really enjoyed this - but I love gravy and casserole style dishes so this wasn’t a shock. I’ve certainly had better pot roast, even in WDW, but it was a solid element on the plate that was deserving of its spot.

    The mash potato side was great (love me some American mash - you guys just get it right!) but the green beans here were so garlicky they just weren’t for me. Em ate most of them (I think partially trying to apologise to her body for the previous nights No Way Jose challenge she’d put it through) but agreed not only was there a lot of garlic but it had a raw taste too.

    I decided to indulge in an adult beverage because while sitting at the bar it just felt right! I tried


    Vodka, blue curaçao, sweet-and-sour, sprite and souvenir glow cube.


    This was a hit for me but I love blue drinks. I swear it’s like the child in me going up to the bar and playing adult. It was sweet but had a great zing to it and I love a light up glow cube so this was a winner.

    Overall I’d say Tune-In Lounge just isn’t for us. The food was very meh and without the ambiance to carry it, which we wouldn’t go for, there just isn’t a lot of appeal for this location for us. I’m really glad we tried it though so we can knock it off the list and keep a spot open for something we love!

    Such as...

    Ok. So after doing a few rides around DHS - including my first ride on Slinky Dog Dash which was awesome! We headed to see if we could get a table at



    We were immediately seated under a shady umbrella that was most appreciated as it was frightfully hot that day. It’s amazing how much shade makes a difference in the Florida heat.

    We decided grab some items off the small bites menu.


    Finely chopped greens, turkey breast, bacon, egg, crumbled Bleu cheese, avocado, chives, Cobb dressing.


    Going into this I could not understand how a salad could be so hyped. Famous? Surely it’s just some assembled leaves and miscellaneous ingredients? Nope, I get it. It’s delicious.

    There is something special about this salad and it’s awesome. It’s an awesome combination and I love the fact that when it’s all mixed together each element still shines through but they all manage to complement each other. There was also a weird sugar crouton bread thingy on the side that went really well with it. I also really enjoyed the texture of this. Because everything was so finely chopped it was easy to get a bit of everything in every bite and it was very much enjoyed. I never thought I’d say this but I’ll definitely be returning to the Brown Derby Lounge purely based on a salad.

    But the salad wasn’t the only winner here. We also tried the



    Angus beef, Hazen blue cheese, cognac mustard, red onion jam.

    I wasn’t too keen on the idea of the red onion jam and Emily was hesitant about the cognac mustard so we got the sauces on the side and tried them out as we wanted.

    These were fantastic! You’ve definitely gotta be a blue cheese person because there’s an awesome sharp bite from the cheese that just knocks these out of the park. The bread was lovely and soft where it needed to be but had a nice crunchy exterior to keep the integrity of the slider together. The beef itself was well cooked and tender and was definitely the star of the show. I loved the mustard sauce as well and would definitely get them again.

    I also decided to try a sneaky

    Pomegranate Martini


    - and I’m so glad I did as it was fantastic. Light, fruity and refreshing, it was the perfect accompaniment to an excellent lunch.

    Overall we loved Brown Derby Lounge and will definitely be back. Everything we ate was amazing and it’s made us consider putting the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant on the list for next time. Yum!



    Disney foodie served with a side of sarcasm
    Jul 18, 2010
    Love the Brown Derby Lounge. We'd had a terrible experience in the restaurant several years ago so we were hesitant to give it a try. But I'm so glad we did. I like you wondered how a salad could be so hyped but it was the perfect balance of everything. Next time we go we'll have to give those sliders a whirl. They look and sounds delicious


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 29, 2003
    Following along...we're hoping to make it to DW in October, after having to cancel in April. Looking forward to your Harambe Nights review!
  • Mich123

    DIS Veteran
    Jan 12, 2009
    That salad! I would so love to create it at home, but I don’t think I have the knife skills.

    Harambe nights is on my next trip list, I’m looking forward to your review of it.


    planning epic 2021 trip!
    Feb 20, 2013
    I just found your report (loving it!) and am now following along, living vicariously through your dishes. :)


    Aug 27, 2013
    Hello there lovely people.

    I’ve been wanting to write this dining report since we returned from Disney World in February. But as we all know, since we left the most magical place on earth, things have gotten a lot less magical all over the earth.

    I don’t know if it’s a good time to post fun stuff, or whether or not these reviews will be relevant once the parks open up again - but honestly I could use a distraction and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So let’s stroll down memory lane, hand in sanitised hand, and review some Disney food!


    My name is Janelle and I’m 30 years old from Victoria in Australia. I was travelling with my best friend Emily 31 and we are both total Disney fanatics.


    Emily travelled to both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World before, so when she suggested it for our 2015 trip to the USA - I decided to give it a try. Guys, I fell head over heels with the place. It’s the one place that always makes me happy and just makes my little heart sing with joy. We try and go as often as we can and this year was the 5 year anniversary of our first trip - we had to celebrate by going back, right? And this time we were going to do it big - DDXP big! Yep. We were taking on the Deluxe Dining plan - and we were ready!

    8th of February to the 20th of February including travel days. I’m not including anything about travel days in the report because no one wants to see long haul flight food from Australia cause that is hell. I shall spare you the 33 hr journey from start to finish just to get there - with this one glorious food exception at LAX.

    View attachment 482907

    Yes, Earl of Sandwich you sweet beautiful angel. I can tell you these tasted like gosh dang heaven after 20hrs on a plane.

    I got the Holiday Turkey because I am all about that Sunday Roast/Thanksgiving vibe. This one has Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and mayonnaise.

    View attachment 482908

    She may not be winning any beauty pageants but boy does she deliver on the talent portion.

    Emily got her favourite as well which is the Earl’s Club. It’s Turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, Roma tomato, and sandwich sauce. She’s a sucker for a good sandwich sauce.

    View attachment 482909

    While our Earl of Sandwich experience wasn’t technically AT Disney world - it was a nice little taster before the main event.

    So while the world outside is turbulent and you might be feeling uneasy, I hope you’ll join me in a little light relief and a whisk back to our culinary adventures as two ambitious Australian girls take on the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan!
    I think it's the perfect time for a new report, thanks for writing it! With coronavirus simultaneously shutting down work and recreation for a lot of us, there are endless hours to waste on the internet. Thanks for the distraction and entertainment!

    Earl of Sandwich is SO good, what a yummy start to the trip!


    Full time stay at home crafter!
    Sep 13, 1999
    Yum! I love how you describe your dishes. So right at this moment I'm craving a No Way Jose, and Filet Mignon Sliders!


    Jun 24, 2001
    I am loving this report and your food choices! I just read from the beginning, so I had too many comments in mind and now I can't remember them all, so I'll just follow along for now.


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