Silver Sevens hotel ....


DIS Veteran
Jun 29, 2012
If you are planning a trip to Vegas never ever ever stay at the silver sevens unless it's a last resort.

Silver sevens is a complete dump.
Don't be fooled by those beautiful pictures online because it's not that nice.

Many factors led me to my rating.

- rooms are dirty and small
- hall way smells extremely bad
- keys don't always work in the doors because the mechanism in the doors are almost shot.
- walls are paper thin so u can hear EVERYTHING in the next room...definitely not a kid friendly hotel.
- ac broke... at least mine did.
- they start blasting music by the pool extremely early. 9am so if u aren't a early riser you will be at the silver sevens especially because of the paper thin walls.

Oh also a major thing... none of the rooms have a safe!!! So you can probably kiss your valuables away when the maid comes to clean... I don't trust anybody at this hotel.


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