Summer vacation ideas needed?


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Jul 28, 2002
All DH and I have planned so far this year now is a little three night stay in St. Genevieve, MO in October, just an hour an 20 minutes away by car near a nice state park and nature area, that has cute little restaurants, historic homes, and little museums. It's the oldest French colonial settlement in the US. lol - not exactly Paris.

My son, 24, has some time off work from when we were going to do the Paris/Belfast trip (was able to renege on some, but not all of his vacation), so he's going to be visiting his favorite cousin in Idaho who will be a new school teacher (just finished grad school and has a job lined up in the fall) so has the time off. For DS it's a five night stay -- direct flight to Salt Lake City and renting a car for the three hour drive from there to Idaho Falls. It's pretty country out there and I know he'll have a great time. My brother lives out there too.
THanks for the positive spin and kind words. My email box floods daily with all these amazing deals and I feel like I am missing out! On a positive thought though the money saved is substantial taking small drive trips so we will have more justification for a longer stay in Italy next May for DD grad.

What is funny though is I have taken my vacations for granted in a way. Something I am fortunate to do 6 weeks a year. We were sitting on our balcony on 3/15 at OKW and I said I will never just assume Disney will be here and I really want to appreciate my trips day to day instead of cramming stuff in and going 100 miles an hour. So I have vowed to enjoy every minute of these weekend trips b/c they are with my family and that is what it is all about. I can have a wonderful time at a local resort (2 hours away) as I can on a plane trip 10 hours away. Practicing the teachings of Brene Brown on the daily I have decided!

Your trip sounds delightful and sometimes we find hidden gems in our backyard!Hope you go overseas next year!


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Jun 11, 2014
A tour of Grand Tetons and Yellowstone national parks? On the way out you could stop at Mount Rushmore and the badlands, wall drug store, etc. . We have done that drive from chicago a few times. Not hard and lots of interesting things for kids to see.
We are doing the Badlands/Mount Rushmore tour at end of June-taking the 3 kids with us-good old fashioned road trip. Driving from SW missouri.
We are headed to Zion National Park for July 4'th weekend. It's an easy drive from Las Vegas. Hoping the shuttles are up and running by then.
I have a feeling that lots of people will be "re-discovering" our gorgeous National parks all across the country this summer. And that is a GOOD thing so we don't take our national treasures and beauty for granted :)
We were originally scheduled to do a trip to Paris
Ugh us too-4 years planned for grad trip. Oh well-here is to next year!

OP-sounds like a fun summer you guys have planned-several smaller trips so always something to look forward to! Have a fabulous time and if you feel so inclined-a quick report on the haunted stay would be cool!


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Jul 28, 2002
OP-sounds like a fun summer you guys have planned-several smaller trips so always something to look forward to! Have a fabulous time and if you feel so inclined-a quick report on the haunted stay would be cool! is the link. It really gets great review and again 2 hours from me, no idea...see when you go looking for things to do near me you never know what you find!
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    Dec 1, 2011
    We love Charleston, have been going since I was a kid. Lots of cool history, a ghost tour is a must! You can visit fort sumter or patriots point too. Last year we rented kayaks and paddled the Charleston harbor from Shems creek. If you want to stay at the beach I highly recommend the isle of palms or Sullivan’s island. Their both with in 25 mins of downtown Charleston. We just returned from South Carolina today, we rented a beach house since our Disney trip was cancelled and things were pretty much back to normal. Had a great time!


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    Jan 22, 2004
    We canceled our out of state vacation and just booked a long weekend in WI Dells. My employer is not allowing domestic or international travel without having to quarantine for two weeks upon return. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I need my job! Some times of the year I can work from home, so it wouldn't matter. But the week we had booked out of state, would require me to be in the office upon return. I"m hoping this restriction opens up for my Disney vacation in December!


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    Apr 8, 2014
    We are from Pa as well, and are planning on going to Gettysburg for a 3 day trip. Lots of history, shops, and good places to eat. I think enough will be open to allow us to enjoy our trip.
    Just read Gettysburg rescheduled their re-enactments for August if you are visiting then.


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    Apr 29, 2009
    DH and I are in the same boat... We planned to go the Japan this year.... and everything is honestly up in the air... I am waiting for Delta to move the date to include our travel dates, and while they have opened all the prefectures, they are not allowing any tourist, possibly some business traveler from 3 or 4 countries... and you will have to have a plan on file and only be allowed to go to hotel, offices and/or factories, and eating out...will not be allowed to use public transportation... plus you will have to be tested for the virus before you get on a plane, and after you land in the airport which can take like 24 or more hours... So we are stuck... playing the waiting game...

    Our only other option would be Paris... if for some crazy reason it was opened up for tourist travel... Which at this point I don't see happening... any one any thoughts on this..?

    So most likely we will be doing a bunch of getaways.... We live just outside the back gate of WDW, in Winter Garden, and are AP holders... so most likely a couple of one or two nighter's, for some hard ticket events.. maybe even renting a Camper and checking out Fort Wilderness... Then heading for the mountains in the fall to leaf look, maybe a side trip to Biloxi, for some gambling, and seafood... We were invited to go in on a house in the Panhandle the last part of the summer with a few other couples... and we were thinking about going, until we found out this one couple is replacing or was invited by another couple, I did not even want to hear the explanation... and I was like NOPE, DH just said NOOOOOOO ... so that is completely out...

    Really nothing to exciting...
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    Apr 4, 2005
    We always take a BIG summer trip - Hawaii, West, Adventures By Disney, etc. this summer I planned to be low key due to DD summer internships. Well COVID hit and things shifted. She has some free time at the end of July now. We are DVC members and I thought of a resort only stay (we were just in the parks in March and not sure I can get behind a mask in July in Florida). So I am left looking for a place to go for a week. Thoughts I had:
    1. I am currently booked on ADventures By Disney Boston but have strong feeling this August trip will be cancelled by them. And again, Boston in mask not that appealing.

    2. Charleston? Never been. Hot I can imagine. I have visited WDW many times in July for point of reference.
    3. Other thoughts you might have? I am open. We are NOT real into hiking or camping or anything along that line. We enjoy the beach in small doses but couldn't spend a week just sitting on a beach. Love beach with lots of activity to do during day or night. History? Spa?

    I am open! We are in PA/Ohio so I don't mind a 10 hour drive or a flight.
    Thank you!!!!!! I literally can't wait to see your suggestions. :)
    Boston is in phase 2 of re opening so you may be ok. If not what about still flying here then drive to the White Mountains or the Lakes region NH? Church Landing at Mills Falls in Meredith is lovely or there are places on Lake Winnepesaukie or Laconia. Loads for kids to do and also a Drive in and Harts turkey farm.
    You could take a day trip up Mount Washington by car or the Cog rail.
    Loon mountain has condo rentals.
    It’s a lot more scenic and cooler than Boston will be in summer.


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