Ten Reasons. "I'm Going Solo Because..."


Aged to Perfection
Oct 8, 2002
If someone has a Disney melt down, I only have to deal with myself! LOL 😊
Are you (jokingly of course) implying you would be the one having the melt down? Because you'd have to deal with castmembers... 😜
I might have read it wrong but, I think that @PrincessCindi meant that if there was a meltdown, it would not be by someone that she had to deal with. In other words... someone else's problem. She can just walk away and do what she is doing at that moment or beyond.


Aged to Perfection
Oct 8, 2002
As a person that due to circumstances, has forced me to go solo for the last 20 years (three exceptions). It great but after a while it becomes more and more important to have someone to share that experience with. It's nice to have the MIckey Bar whenever you want, ride SSE over and over again, but it will get old. An occasional solo is very beneficial just not constant.

My memories still flash back to the 80's when we went as a family and shared the experience with my girls from age 7 to late teens. I don't miss the cost though. My breaks in solo have come with trips with my daughters and their families and my sister.


Earning My Ears
Mar 15, 2015
Not having to share your bed or blankets. I like to sleep in the middle on solo trips because I can.
Just sitting eating a snack that I also do not have to share.
Being able to relax enough to enjoy and alcoholic beverage.
Not having to ride spinning ride that make you sick for the joy of others.
Being able to relax in bed and watch something without pausing it 20 times.
Going at your own pace and knowing you can change your mind. You only have to please yourself.


If I am posting I am at home dreaming about Disney
Nov 21, 2013
I'm going solo for the first time next month and can't WAIT to do this!

Also can't wait to close the parks every night (no "we've done everything, let's go back to the resort now!"), eat my weight in snacks, and go on Tower of Terror however many times I want.
This may be my favorite thing about being in a park by myself. I ride ToT at RD and "ride it till I puke"


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