Unfishy fish


Apr 21, 2006
I have never been a seafood person. I am trying to eat better and wanted to start adding healthy fish to my diet. What fish would be unfishy starter fish to start adding to my diet? Thanks!


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Apr 17, 2009
Salmon is a pretty dense and flavorful fish that should not smell "fishy" (in the usual use of the word) if it is fresh. I think it has a richer taste than a lot of other fish, and has lots of healthy things going for it.

Monkfish has a taste more like lobster than other fishes, but that might not solve your problem.


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Mar 22, 2007
I am not a very good seafood eater. I've tried salmon multiple times and have never liked it. Here is what I have some success with:

Whitefish (Great Lakes). I like it baked in a parmesan panko crust.
Grouper. A very mild fish I liked baked and drenched in lemon.
Shrimp. Grill it on a kabob stick. It marinades for less than a half hour to avoid rubbery texture.
Tilapia. Very mild. Love me some tilapia blackened then in fish tacos!

Good luck eating healthier!


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Nov 13, 2004
DH hates fish, but I can get him to eat Tilapia when seasoned a lot. He has had salmon but barely tolerates it. When I make Tilapia, I put on Mrs Dash's seasoning (spicy), olive oil, green and red peppers and onion and lemon slices and then squeeze some lemon juice on it. That's pretty much the only way he'll eat it.


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Apr 28, 2010
Haddock is a mild, substantial white fish.
Sea Bass is good and mild but I'm not sure what the availability is nowadays.
Flounder is mild but a little "fishier" than the above.
Tilapia is a good "starter" fish, LOL.

For a while I ate Orange Roughy 2x/week. It's a light, sweet, absolutely delicious fish. However, I learned it has a lot mercury and should be eaten no more than 1x/month. So, I avoid it now.

BTW, I love Fox Point seasoning from Penzey's Spices. It's been great on all the above fish. I brush olive oil on the fish and sprinkle Fox Point on top and bake.


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