Why Not Make It Three???


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Apr 18, 2007
At about 6:35pm we came upon Mr Kamal's Food Truck (although I am not even seeing it on the Disney site's list of restaurants online anymore but it is on the allears list). This is another favorite. We ordered and then went down by the water to find someplace to sit and eat.

We ordered the Mr. Kamal's Seasoned Fries available dipping sauces include saffron aioli, honey kimchi ketchup, and Tandoori honey mustard.

We all seem to like different sauces with the fries. The seasoning on them is good in and of itself though.

We also got an order of Chicken Dumplings served with Ponzu.

Unfortunately, this only comes with three of these but they are SSSSOOOO good! Even Tyler loves these. They are basically fried pot stickers and are really well made. We would get multiple orders of these but there are so many good little snacky type food stops here that we never want to spend more money on the same thing.

Our total here was $12.79 or two snack credits.

As we moved on we decided to hit the Safari again. The stand-by line was not too long so we waited. Most of my few pictures are blury (probably because it was getting darker and the movement of the truck).

After the safari we kind of just wandered around enjoying the views.

This whole area was really pretty lit up at night.

Soon we were approaching dinner time so we headed over there.


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Apr 18, 2007
We had an 8:3-pm ADR at Yak & Yeti.

So we checked in and had a small wait to be seated. When we were finally seated, we were put in the section right inside the door at a table next to the first wall. You are totally not IN the restaurant at this spot and really cannot even see all the very cool stuff inside. I totally dislike being seated on the outside of a restaurant or where there is no way to actually feel like a part of the action...so I was not super happy, but at this point we were just hungry and tired so we dealt with it.

We ordered drinks first. I had the Yak Attack - Mango Daiquiri, Don Q Cristal Rum and Wildberry Flavors...

It was really good and went down quickly!

Cary had a drink that we do not remember (I only have the dining plan receipt not the itemized one). We don't see anything that looks like it. He was big on mojitos and mai tais but there are none of those on the current menu. So, it is whatever is was and he enjoyed it.

We decided to get three meals and a kids meal here. Our waitress was tired and wanted to leave, we could tell. She tried to convince us that we wanted four adult meals...repeatedly. It was actually kind of annoying. We did not need that much food and the kids were not super into this kind of food (although they love this restaurant???).

So for appetizers we ordered
Firecracker Shrimp - Crispy fried shrimp tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce, Asian slaw...

Tyler actually really likes this. It's breaded shrimp with a firecracker sauce and it is really good...not too hot.

We also ordered Pork Egg Rolls - Chili plum dipping sauce. Egg rolls are a standard. All of us like these...but there are only three of them so we have to split them.

And my personal favorite almost everywhere we go...Pork Pot Stickers -
Pan seared or steamed, soy lime dipping sauce. Unfortunately, there are only five of them. So we split these too.

For entree Tyler ordered Kobe Beef Burger - 10 oz. grilled American Kobe beef burger, sesame-soy mayonnaise, and crispy fries topped with choice of shiitake mushroom and scallion compote or Asian slaw.

He orders it with just lettuce and other stuff on the side. He really likes this burger and this is his go to here.

I got a special that is not on the regular menu. I am not sure what it was...I think some kind of beef thing. I love anything wrapped in a tortilla so I really enjoyed this.

Cary had the Sweet & Sour Chicken - Tempura chicken, ginger, garlic, bell peppers, pineapple...which he loved. There was a lot of food on that plate!

And Skyler ordered a Kid's Chicken Fried Rice - choice of Two (2) Sides and choice Kid-size portion of Milk or Apple Juice. She chose broccoli and grapes as her sides and apple juice as her drink. it was a huge bowl of rice and she really likes it.

We ended up bringing some of Cary's and Skyler's back with us we had so much!

For dessert we ordered two New York Cheesecakes - with mango and strawberry coulis, whipped topping.

We all love this...it has the perfect balance of cheesecake and sweet. We took one home with us.

We also had a
Fried Wontons - Skewers of fresh pineapple and cream cheese wontons, vanilla ice cream, honey-vanilla drizzle. We like this but not like others like it. But it was good and we ate it.

While we were finishing up, they were cleaning up and putting chairs on tables. We were not rushed exactly, but we did feel like our waitress was ready for us to leave. And we don't usually linger over a meal. In fact, we were there just under an hour.

We felt our service was a bit worse than we usually get here. We don't usually dine this late here so maybe that's normal for Yak & Yeti late at night. We still love it here and this is probably our favorite table service meal at Animal Kingdom.

Our total here was $176.18 or 3 table service meals, and $10.42 out of pocket. I am sure we will be back!


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Apr 18, 2007
After dinner we headed out. We wanted to head around the long way through Africa but they were not letting us.

When we got around to the front there were still photopass photographers and some people lingering around watching the tree.

So we stood around a bit to watch and then headed out to a bus stop. It was not crowded and the wait was not long. Before we knew it we were back at our room in bed fast asleep.
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    Apr 18, 2007
    Day 8 of our trip was supposed to be our 4 park day. We knew before hand, it probably was not going to happen due to the way some things ended up being scheduled that we wanted to do.

    We started with packing up as we would be moving this night. We brought everything to the car and then headed out.

    Our first stop was a nearly empty Epcot for a pre-park opening breakfast.

    We headed right over to The Land.

    We checked in, were handed a pager and handed it right back! We were taken to our table.

    We met our waitress and she took our drink orders. She also left the Seasonal Fresh Fruit (which is never enough so we asked for more right away!)...

    ...it was fresh and cold, just as it should be. She also brought the Chip's Sticky Bun Bake (that Tyler can finish by himself so we asked for another one for the rest of us!)...

    Which was warm and soft with plenty of icing. For a drink I ordered a water and a Mimosa - Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco with Orange Juice or Passion-Orange-Guava Juice.

    The Mimosa was great! Everyone else just got POG juice, apple juice and a Coke.

    Dale was around before the hot food arrived.

    Our waitress (Kristen G) dropped off a plate of salsa, ketchup, syrup and nutella.

    And then our platter of Fluffy Scrambled Eggs,
    Hash Brown-style Potato Barrels,Thick-sliced Bacon and Sausage Links, and Mickey-shaped Waffles arrived.

    All of this was hot and fresh and we all eat all of this. Food wise, this isn't fancy but it is all the stuff we actually eat...so this is one place that we don't have to worry that someone is not going to like something.

    Chip was next to visit.

    Mickey was next...

    Then Pluto...

    Skye always loved that Pluto has to sign on his nose when she was little...LOL.

    We hung out a bit longer and we got more of the waffles, bacon, and tots.

    Even Panama likes it here...

    Then Dale snuck up behind Tyler and scared him...LOL!

    He hung out a little longer...

    Not really sure what's going on here???

    Skye likes to gut her Mickey Waffles...

    Then Mickey and Pluto came around and goofing off...

    The scene we were passing...

    We finally found we were full.
    We were there about 40 minutes end to end. We have only recently started going here...we have only been a couple of times. Breakfast is the only meal that really appeals to us here so we have not been to lunch or dinner. I don't know if this is something we'd do if we were not in the dining plan though. It is pricey for what it is...although if you can get a pre-park opening slot early in the rotation, it does put you at a prime location for making Soarin' with little to no wait...so maybe if all the stars aligned and it worked for what we needed/wanted. The cost was $173.33 but we used 4 dining credits.

    Since it was still prior to park opening...just barely...we walked on to Soarin' and then moved on.



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    Apr 18, 2007
    Today is 30 days until our next trip is supposed to start. This morning is supposed to be the day they are going to lay out a plan to re-open Florida. We are still crossing our fingers but normally, we'd be bouncing off walls and packing and making lists of the stuff we need or want to buy before leaving, etc. We cannot figure out if we should be excited or if that is just jinxing the whole thing! As of Friday, here in Illinois we need to wear "face coverings" when going anyplace where social distancing is not possible so we have purchased some Disney material so Skye can make some pseudo-masks for us and we're prepared for if we have to wear them in Disney (although we don't want to have to). Since we were planning on slowing down this trip, we are ok with less offerings. This is our third trip on our Annual Passes so we have more than gotten our money out of them. So here we are, waiting to hear what comes of today;s briefing!


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    Mar 21, 2005
    I'm in PA and it's hard for me to imagine Disney opening up in a month. Our vacation plans for summer have been postponed (SAD) so I am enjoying reading trip reports like yours. Can you change your dates to August or later if Disney cancels your dates? Maybe you will get the free dining if you have to postpone.


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    Apr 18, 2007
    Since it was early still and our original plans were to head to Animal Kingdom but that just didn't make sense anymore, we looked for something else to fill our time. Soon we came upon this...

    Joy and Sadness!!! We had to wait about 15 minutes but they were a really fun meet and greet!

    We had a lot of fun there and then headed to check out what was happening.

    Of course she had to instagram it...

    At this point we decided to head to Magic Kingdom so we headed to the Monorail.

    Here's a view of what was going on at the entrance under the monorail station.

    Skye had picked up a fan for the trip (she collects them).

    And construction at the Tcicket & Transportation Center...

    The Poly from the monorail...

    New buses at the T&T...

    We couldn't resist taking one into Magic Kingdom...

    Looking towards the Grand Floridian...

    Over all, the new buses are nice and clean, the charging spot is useful but you're really not on long enough to do any major charging...but it would be useful of you were almost out of charge and in transit to meet someone. We finally made it to Magic Kingdom and headed in.
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    Apr 18, 2007
    I'm in PA and it's hard for me to imagine Disney opening up in a month. Our vacation plans for summer have been postponed (SAD) so I am enjoying reading trip reports like yours. Can you change your dates to August or later if Disney cancels your dates? Maybe you will get the free dining if you have to postpone.
    We are still holding out hope that we will be able to go as planned. June 1 is there tentative date, and as of now, we cancelled our May 30 and 31 reservations so our trip technically starts on June 1. We do now have three nights at the end of May reserved at the Double Tree though.

    Changing our dates is probably not going to be easy and the only time I can foresee that working would be in July and i am not sure that we'd get the nice two week plus trip we want then.

    We have annual passes and this was our last trip on them so we were planning on slowing it down a bit so some things not being in full swing will not bother us too much. But the free dining requires tickets and that raises our cost too much to be useful (and defeats the slowing down vision).

    So, we are "not so" patiently awaiting official word from Disney about when they are planning to open and hoping with everything we have that it is at the latest June 1 (even if it is in pieces)!


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    Apr 18, 2007
    After that we headed over to Pirates where the line was short and almost a walk on!

    We were on and off quickly! We miss the misty Davey Jones or Barbosa and the Mermaid skeleton. Skye rides through chanting "we wants the red head" the whole way! I am so glad I raised kids to be kind and polite but that can tell when PC has gone too far!

    We headed to the dump shop. This one is always fun to look around in.

    Tyler picked up a paid of octopus socks there (with a $3.00 AP discount!) and we headed out. We ended up at Westward Ho for drinks. Cary got the
    Joffrey's Coffee™ Cold Brew with Premium Flavored Syrups - Caramel.

    And the rest of us shared the Minute Maid® Frozen Lemonade Slushy.

    Both were for what they were. Cary's wasn't overly caramel flavored but it was enough. It was about 12:11pm and we spent $9.89...or 2 snack credits.


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    Apr 18, 2007
    We strolled on towards Liberty Square where we caught the very end of this...

    It ended as we were walking up. I have been meaning to see this but keep forgetting. We'll see if it is ever a possibility again. So we kept on walking through.

    We had to take another wall picture. Then headed over towards The Plaza. It was such a nice day out...so far...

    Another wall picture...in the candy store on Main Street.

    Not real sure what we were doing but it appears we were just wandering back and forth...LOL...

    Soon after this we headed towards our lunch ADR.
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    Apr 18, 2007
    We hopped on a bus to Hollywood studios. Remember how beautiful the weather was before? Not so much now. It had become rainy and windy. So we waled from the bus drop off, through the entrance, all the way back to lunch...in the pouring rain! We finally arrived just on time (1:45pm ADR) and of course there were a ton of people sitting all over waiting to be seated...so we were not happy at the thought of standing around forever. But we had time to take our wet ponchos off and go to the bathroom before our buzzer went off. I'm not sure if people showed up early because of the rain or if they were walk ups hoping to get seated of people ended up cancelling due to the weather or what but we were seated withing less than 10 minutes.

    We were seated along the back wall, where we usually are. We all like it back there, you get to see everything from there.

    Our waitress was Barbara and she was a nice lady that was kinda mom-like. She was very friendly and helpful. She took our drink orders and brought bread.

    The kids love this rolls...but they wish they had the option of butter not dipping oil...not that any went un-eaten!

    For drinks I ordered the Pina CoLAVA...which i do not see on the current menu and Cary had the Captain' Mai-Tai (which is not on the current menu either!).

    Skyler had a lemonade and Ty had a coke. For appetizers we were all kind of sharing...except for Cary, he didn't share his but he shared ours!

    Skye ordered the Margherita Flatbread - Fresh Vine-ripened Tomatoes, Mozzarella, House-made Marinara Sauce, Fresh Basil, and drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    She picks the basil off but she's weird. Everyone loves the flatbread here. When we pay out of pocket These are sometimes entrees.

    I ordered the
    Carne d'Italia Flatbread - with Pepperoni, House-made Sausage, Pancetta, and Spicy Marinara Sauce.

    Which the guys really enjoy.

    Cary had the
    House-made Italian Meatball - with Marinara, Fresh Ricotta, and Basil.

    And he said it was super! He cleaned his plate with a roll once the ball was gone.

    Tyler ordered the
    Crispy Calamari - Served with Sottaceto Misto, Spicy Aïoli, and Charred Lemon...

    At the time, this was listed as "for 2" but she said it was fine for him to order. And frankly, if we had been paying out of pocket and planned this appetizer to be for two, it was a little on the small side so I may have been disappointed. But it was plenty for the amount of food we were ordering! Anyway, this is one of Tyler's go-tos here. It is always good.

    For entree I ordered the Charred Strip Steak - Four-Cheese Macaroni with Pancetta, Aged Balsamic-Shallot Butter, and Chianti Wine Reduction

    It was really good, done medium rare. The mac & cheese is a "grown up" mac & cheese and pairs will with the sauce. I enjoyed it.

    Cary ordered the
    Spaghetti and Meatballs - with House-made Marinara, garnished with Pecorino Romano Cheese and Parsley...which bought him another shot at the meatballs!

    They are the same meatballs from the appetizer so he was happy. He enjoyed his meal.

    Skyler ordered the Chicken Penne Alfredo with the chicken on the side. I do not see it on the menu anymore though.

    She has ordered this the last couple of times we have been here. She eats it all but for some reason will not get the chicken IN the alfredo. This time the chicken was better seasoned than prior visits...and it was warm, it has been cold before. Otherwise she loved thie alfredo so she practically licks the bowl!

    Tyler got his usual of Oven-baked Chicken alla Parmigiana - Breaded Chicken Breast with Marinara Sauce topped with Melted Mozzarella over Spaghetti.

    He loves this and it is what he always gets. The steak lover in him wavers but the chicken parm always wins...even the time when his goal was to eat steak at all meals! It is a lot of food too.

    For dessert I ordered the Traditional Cannoli - House-made creamy Cannoli Filling with a hint of Citrus and dusted with Cocoa Powder...which I love!

    Skyler got the Dessert Sampler - Miniature versions of Mama’s favorite Desserts...Lemon Cheesecake topped with Passion Fruit Pearls, Valencia Blood Orange Cake, and Tiramisù. She loves being able to try different desserts...she likes the lemon cheesecake the best, then the blood orange and didn't like the tiramisu much...but she is still developing her taste for coffee...LOL.

    Cary ordered the Tiramisú - layers of Mascarpone and Espresso soaked Lady Fingers topped with Cocoa Powder and Whipped Cream. It was a different presentation than the one in the sampler but he enjoyed them both.

    Tyler got the old stand-by of
    Cheesecake - A No Sugar Added Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce and topped with Whipped Cream...which is always a good option for us!

    All in all, we really love Mama Melrose. It is probably our favorite all around meal at Hollywood Studios, not that there are a lot of options at this point but it is still a good, solid choice for us. We were there just under an hour. Our waitress was efficient and friendly. She kept refills of water and soft drinks coming and food was paced well for us. We have been here both on and off the dining plan. We have used anywhere from two to four credits here and have never had a problem doing that. I am sure we will be back. Our total was $229.86 or 4 credits.


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    Apr 18, 2007
    After dinner we had fast passes for Slinky Dog...the first time I was able to get them...and it was pouring out! Like, had we gone on the ride we would have come out soaked...so we skipped it...we are not happy.

    We headed back to Pop to get our stuff and move on.


    We looked around in the shop a little to make sure we didn't forget anything we wanted. We had moved our car to the front lot earlier so we headed to the van and on to our next hotel...The Hilton Orlando - Buena Vista Palace. We found it easily enough but parking is very different here and it was pouring so not as easily done here as at DoubleTree. We unloaded and went in to get our room.

    We were given a high floor that overlooked a little bit of everything.

    All in all it was a nice room. It was a little run down...like base boards were scratched up and loose, the door was difficult to lock, the bathroom needed a little TLC, the toilet flushing was super loud...and we could hear noises in the hallway and from other rooms. The lobby and common areas were nice and up-kept. It was a lot closer to Disney Springs so if that were important, it's basically across the street. It was slightly more expensive than the Double Tree though and there is not as much room. Overall, we liked the Double Tree better.

    We decided to rest and watch a movie. The beds were comfy!

    When it was time to head out again we decided to drive. It was still raining so Cary took the long walk to get the van.

    And it took a while before he could get up to us. So this is where I decided I don't know how people drive all over The World. First of all, GPSs DO NOT know their way around Disney World! Second of all, neither do cast members in other hotel gates. So when we finally arrived at The Grand Floridian, the guy in the parking security building acted like he had never heard of someone driving to dinner. We asked where we would park and were directed to the closest lot to the security...which i think was the absolute furthest from where we were heading. We were back near the tennis courts. So we parked and headed in...out...in. It was still drizzling on and off. We didn't really know where we were in relation to where we wanted to be, having never stayed there before or come in to dinner driving. Which we probably would not have minded if we did not have a dinner ADR. So we explored our way to dinner.



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    Apr 18, 2007
    So we finally arrived at Narcoossee for our ADR, checked in and were called in shortly.

    We were seated on the ground floor but away from the windows.

    We were given our menus and brought our bread and butter by our waitress, Patty.

    The kids love this bread...it might be their favorite!

    Shortly after we were seated Happily Ever After Started.

    Since this was a full day of eating and we had six credits left we were ordering only three meals here.

    So for appetizers we ordered the Slow-poached and Chilled Shrimp - Citrus Rémoulade, Frisée Salad, Pickled Shallots.

    We all like this. Skye has ordered this before and she likes the shrimp but NOT in the sauce. Cary and I like the whole thing.

    I ordered the Barbecue-grilled Shrimp and Grits - wild Florida Shrimp with Barbecue Sauce, Low Country Grits, Cherrywood-smoked Bacon, and Pickled Green Tomato Chow-chow.

    Cary tried some of the shrimp but it was too "hot" for him. I enjoyed it but i needed the grits with the shrimp. The shrimp was VERY spicy...so the grits calmed it down some. I actually really liked it when all together though.

    And Tyler and Cary ordered the Crispy Rhode Island Calamari - Peppadew-Banana Pepper-Olive Relish, Tomato Coulis.

    This is Tyler's stand by here...at least since the one time when he ordered the cheese plate to make us try all the "weird" cheese. But these are really good and probably my favorite calamari in The World. Everything as fresh and very good.

    Cary and Tyler both ordered the
    Grilled Grass Fed Filet Mignon - Yukon Gold Mash, Roasted Carrots, Cipollini Onions, Red Wine-Oxtail Reduction.

    Cary ordered his medium well and at the time it was served with a seasonal vegetable (which looks like zucchini and squash with potato). He really enjoyed it. His filet was butterflied to make sure it cooked right. Everything went together great.

    Tyler's was medium rare and he ordered fried instead of the vegetables. He loved his. It looks plain but that filet had so much flavor! He was pleased.

    Skye and I ordered the
    Surf & Turf with choice of Cold Water Lobster Tail or Pan-seared Scallops - 6-oz Sirloin Steak with Yukon Gold Mash, Roasted Carrots, and Cipollini Onions. Upgrade to a Filet Mignon or New York Strip for an additional 19.00 (Upgrade not eligible on the Disney Dining Plan). BUT, at the time, this was a filet and it was not an upgrade and it was included on the dining plan. Also, the lobster tail was butter poached.

    We ordered it medium rare. It was perfect. Both the filet and lobster were perfect. Skye and Cary loved the mashed potatoes. Everything was really good!

    For dessert, for me, there is only one choice here...Almond-crusted Cheesecake - with Lambert Cherry Sauce!

    This is close to my favorite dessert on property. Everyone else likes it too. It has changed over the years and has gotten smaller...but it is still really good! We practically licked the plate!

    Tyler always gets the Narcoossee’s Candy Bar - Dark Chocolate-Mocha Bar with House-made Guanaja Chocolate Gelato.

    And he always wishes he had a nice big glass of cold milk to drink with it! It is super rich and chocolate-y ... but it is also really good!

    Cary ordered the Banana Cream Tart - with Salted Caramel and Whipped Cream.

    Which was an odd choice for him because he is not usually a banana kind of guy, But he enjoyed it. It was not overly banana-y. I loved it though...i AM a banana-y kind of girl!

    Our ADR was for 8:45pm and we were there for about an hour and a half. It did start to empty out a bit as we were eating but we never felt rushed. Everything was really good and we still love Narcoossees. It is in a constant battle with California Grill for our favorite signature dining venue. They are two very different experiences in our opinion, so maybe we're ok with having two favorites. We have not gone here out of pocket but we might at some point. We had no problem with only ordering three meals and sharing and there was plenty of food, especially after our big, three meal day. Our total here was $285.29 or our last six dining credits.


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    Apr 18, 2007
    Sounds like you need to move closer to Disney. :)
    That's the plan! Skye was all set on being a Gator in two years but is not found an interest in UCF...and I have been talking about moving to Central Florida for years so even if she wasn't heading that way for college, I was! My old employer's corporate offices are in Central Florida and the company I work for now is all over down there so I am hoping for a somewhat easy transition. We actually have a few apartment complexes we want to check out while we are there next (if we are there next!!!) just to scout out location since what you can get via internet could be a completely different thing that what it is in real life! It is a huge, scary move but there is really nothing here in Illinois for us and it is getting so expensive to live here...plus we're really hating cold Illinois winters! So we're heading that way.

    After Dinner we headed back out to find where we parked. It was still a bit wet.

    But before we went to the car we stopped at Gasparilla's Grill to spend the rest of our snack credits.

    We grabbed a Mickey Brownie, An ALmond Tart, a Chocolate Torsade, three Mickey Crisped Rice bars, and two strawberry milks.

    There was not many people there (it was 10:48pm) so it was pretty quiet. One thing about the counter service places at the deluxe hotels it that they generally, from what we've seen, don't have much to offer.
    Our total here was $37.19 or 8 snack credits.

    So then we found our car and headed back to the Palace. Parking sucked again so Cary dropped us off at the door and went to park. He was able to catch a ride back on a golf cart.

    I think someone ate some junk...where they had room, I have no idea...and then we all crashed for our last night in Florida!
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    Apr 18, 2007
    We were up early, we had places to go and things to do! I had my tart from Gasparilla's before we left and Skye and Cary drank their Pink Milks...

    Both were fresh, even after a night in the fridge, and cold.

    We packed up the car and headed over to Disney Springs. We always feel like we don't spend enough time there...well, we did this trip and we really enjoyed it ... (Skyler's idea of a good place to move to is across the street from Disney Springs so we can dine and hang out there everyday...good thing there are not apartments right across the street...but she did find some very close...LOL). We had a brunch ADR at a new breakfast offering...and we had never been inside at all so it was totally new to us! We parked and worked our way over to The House of Blues Bayou Brunch. This was either the first or second day they were offering this...we were excited to be in at the beginning. We arrive a couple of minutes early and we were seated in a booth (which is bad for buffet dining) in the main room (or I assume it is the main room because that is where there was a stage???). We were given the menu.

    We ordered drinks...just the regular soft drinks and juice. And we were shown the buffet in the back room...which was kind of weird but it worked.

    So I don't have any pictures of the buffet area but it was in the next room and it was basically an area the size of a small room that I assume normally holds tables with buffet tables along all the walls covered with hot and cold items. We were some of the first in there so it was not crowded at all so I should have taken a pic or two.

    Skye's first plates...

    A waffle and scrambled eggs, and caesar salad, mashed garlic potatoes and rice.


    Scrambled eggs, Fried Chicken, and a Waffle.


    Scrambled eggs, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Peel and Eat Shrimp, Fried Catfish, Ceasar Salad, Fried Chicken, Cocktail Sauce.


    Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Honeydew, Caesar Salad, Candied Bacon, Corn Muffin with whipped Butter, peel and eat shrimp, a tomato medley that i cannot remember.

    Another of my plates...

    These were some kind of build your own street tacos. They had a lot of different options. I think these were pork and chicken but I am not sure and I couldn't tell you exactly what is on them. I really enjoyed them, but I think i have confessed my love for anything wrapped in a tortilla before so there you go! LOL

    We all had more plates, I think i gave up taking pics of them since they were in and out so often. We all enjoyed it and it was not super expensive as most Disney buffets are. The venue is awesome with a lot to look at everywhere. Somewhere in here the band came out and played zydeco. It was cool and it wasn't s loud that you couldn't hear the person next to you.

    Tyler and Skyler and Henry...don't know how he got the privileged of coming to brunch today!

    Here's a dessert plate someone came back with...

    Watermelon, Raspberry cheesecake, chocolate frosted donuts, Bread Pudding with caramel sauce and mango cake...I think this mush have been mine because I am the only one who loves bread pudding. Everything was good and very fresh.

    This one is obviously Skyler's...

    Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, Oreo frosted donut, raspberry cheesecake, and a pecan tart. She enjoyed it all, but what's not to like?

    Tyler's plate...

    Croissant, Chocolate Cake, and Glazed Donuts...he liked it all.

    Even the bathroom was cool!

    I could have sworn I had more pictures of the venue and the band but they don't seem to be here. If they turn up I'll add them.

    We were here for about an hour. Our waitress, Christy, was around but not annoyingly so. Our drinks were replaced before they were empty. The food was good, fresh and plenty. Fortunately we were in at the beginning of this brunch and it is always all out and great at first, before things stat getting cut back. I have not heard anything about this brunch lately so I am not even sure if it still exists but I hope it does, we would go back. We were one of the first seatings of the day so gradually there got to be more and more people but tables were spread out well so we did not feel like we were right on top of anyone. Our total out of pocket was $157.62 and we got s free gift from the gift shop next door. It was 11:46am when she keyed our receipt.

    When we stepped outside it was raining.

    We checked out the gift shop to get our free gift and because we had never actually gone into it before...

    We had to show our receipt and certificate and then the cast member went in the back and got out gift...all pre-boxed. We didn't even know what it was exactly. We guessed it was a cup but there did not offer a sample so you could see it. The guy was kinda grumpy actually. I don't have a pic at this point in my pics so not sure if there is one and I am not sure where it ended up in this house so if it turns up, I'll post it.


    DIS Veteran
    Apr 18, 2007
    WOW! That seemed like it took forever! So many things happening in the world, and nothing all at the same time. Well, we're pretty sure our June 2020 trip is going to get cancelled. SO the other day I have Wendy reserve a July trip from the 18th to August 1st at Pop Century (Coronado was not available???) in a Preferred Pool View room. This has caused sadness and happiness all at the same time. There were many reasons for the time frame we choose and now those reasons are gone. BUT, Disney is Disney so even though we are now booked as a familiar resort, at a hotter and wetter time of the year, we know how to handle that time of the year. Plus, assuming we get a mostly back to normal Disney, we are at Pop where there is a Gondola station and the ability to walk across the bridge to Art of Animation. And we are requesting the 60s building. I despise the 90s area so absolutely DO NOT want to be over there. So hoping paying for a preferred pool view gets me 60s. Last night I made dining reservations....and it was easy to get what i wanted and I could have gotten many hard to get ADRs had I wanted. Which could mean good things or bad, who knows at this point. So now we have a probably going to get canceled countdown of 20 days and a maybe going to happen countdown of 70 days. Good part is I get to have the fun of planning again BUT I still was ready to go NOW! We're not so worried about EVERYTHING being available but we would like food places to be open and most things to be available. We're at a point where we've seen the night time shows and the afternoon parade so if those don't happen, it's ok. We are willing to spend time outside of The World also, if there is not enough to keep up occupied. But we do want to have a VACATION not just sitting in our room doing nothing. We want to be able to swim and hit both water parks (Cary never has).

    So I am expecting June to be cancelled anytime now. I think we're even all good with the change, other that we have to wait longer!

    In real life news, Skyler just got hired at Jewel. She has orientation on Monday. She's excited about having her own earned money and GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE! Tyler is starting to get more hours. Game Stop is apparently essential but only the store manager and the assistant manager have been getting house and Tyler is third in line as a key holder so he is starting to get a day or two here and there so he would be thrilled to build his savings up. Cary and I are still working regular so we have not been hit but this horrible thing.

    We got excited when we found out an outlet mall in Michigan City, IN is open so we may try to verify that and take a day trip soon but the weather has been so crazy here that when that will happen I don't know.

    So anyway, I'm continuing on to finish this first of three trips so I can start on the second one. I haven't even gotten the pictures off of my phone for that one yet! Not sure if our Walgreens is even allowing that right now and doing in on my laptop would take me FOREVER so we'll see what happens there!

    Let's move on...


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