2017 05/05 EPCOT chipnDale Harvest Breakfast/ Frozen /Akershus Princess storyboook dining

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    Jun 23, 2016
    DAY 6 - May 5th - EPCOT

    schedule for the day...
    8:05 Harvest Breakfast
    FASTPASS 9:50 - 10:50 Seas with Nemo
    FASTPASS 10:50 - 11:50 Turtle Talk
    FASTPASS 4:15 - 5:15 Frozen Ever After
    5:15 Akershus Princess Dinner

    20170505_073712.jpg This is what it looked like when we arrived at 7:45am...

    20170505_074444.jpg Luckily 10 minutes later, ground wet but stopped raining...


    Lizzy found her Christmas wish list! While waiting for gates to open....
    Park opened at 9am. But
    Had 8:05am Chip n Dale Harvest Feast Reservations. Met Mickey, Pluto, Chip n Dale all while rotating in The Garden Grille Restaurant. Pics didn't turn out as well as hoped. Did not figure for the light in the background.

    DSC_2022JPG.jpg DSC_2029JPG.jpg DSC_2035JPG.jpg

    Enjoyed Regular breakfast items, eggs bacon sausage, mickey waffles served family style. Again had a hard time getting kids to eat. But still good food. Finished at 8:50 or so.

    And headed to downstairs to Soarin'. Walked on first time..no Wait!! since park didn't open till 9am.
    After finishing once we ran around to the beginning and rode it again with a five minute wait...

    did it at MK Sunday and rode 7 Dwarfs basically 3 times with no wait...
    then got to ride Soarin twice with no wait times....

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    Jun 23, 2016
    Thursday Night after the beach day we went to Disney Springs...Ate at Blaze Pizza (very good by the way).
    We sat across teh table from some people from Florida that were regulars at Disney and after chatting with them for while found out they were going to
    EPCOT tomorrow also. We jokingly said "well, we will see you there", knowing full well that there was little chance of actually seeing them...
    Now back to Friday at EPCOT...
    after breakfast and riding SOARIN' twice we are walking towards Test Track, and low and be hold who did we see, but the family we had met the night before
    at BLAZE counld not believe it...we recognized each other said hey and started off toward the next ride....
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    Jun 23, 2016
    DAY 6 - May 5th - EPCOT part 2

    Figured we had time so we walked down to Test Track.
    Said wait time was 30 minutes but we waited more like 45 but everyone thought it was awesome.
    This believe or not was the longest we ever had to wait in a que. Pat on the back for my planning.(Good Job Jim)
    Got to 9:50-10:50 fastpass for Nemo, 28 minutes late. But cast member let us slide.
    Wait was only 15 in regular standby so wouldn’t have been a big deal anyway.
    Then we wandered around the aquariums. Then went to 10:55-11:55 turtle talk with crush fp. Very entertaining.
    Lizzy asked Crush “How do turtles swim?” He answered “with our fins, dude”…
    He then asked her “how do humans swim?”. Lizzy was quiet, that doesn’t happen often,lol.

    Wandered more around aquarium area, then headed out.
    Was gonna hit Visa meet but not open till 1.So we did figment ride, was dated but ok..
    then over to visa meet & greet. Meet Minnie and pluto.
    Lizzy decided after 10 minutes in line she had to pee. Couple of older ladies ahead of us heard and told us to go ahead, very kind and considerate of them.
    Started towards the World Showcase. Did a few photopass along the way.
    EPCOT_WSFRNICON_20170505_8026387325.jpg EPCOT_WRLDSHW2_20170505_8026383949.jpg
    Met Jasmine


    Park seemed very crowded and just harder to manueuver and wander around. Maybe because it was Friday and people were hitting the drinks harder or maybe just because EPCOT was not quite as kid friendly as the Magic Kingdom...still fun but first time I felt the claustriphobia of being in big crowds...

    Kids were hungry they got chicken nuggets, Shari & I waited a bit for something a little different, did not work out that way. We never found anything that looked appealing. We did end up in Germany, kids shared a brat, Shari got Black forest cake, yummy. I ended up at Karamelle-Kuche got some caramel blocks and a couple bags of carmel corn. WOW loved the carmel corn. Carmel was great also. Regretted not using all my snack credits in that store....Cannot have enough of this caramel......

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    Jun 23, 2016
    DAY 6 - May 5th - EPCOT part 3

    Wandered around the World Showcase for a while then headed to the Anna/Elsa Meet & Greet...
    This meet and greet lizzy told Anna a secret. She said Hans said you wash your hair with carrots, they acted appalled, lol.
    And Anna even went and got Else to tell her. They had a lot of fun.
    But then when Lizzy got to Elsa, she froze and was tongue tied. She didn't know what to say. She was star-struck!!
    EPCOT_FROZENCHARB1_20170505_8026557812.jpg EPCOT_FROZENCHARB1_20170505_8026557817.jpg

    After that we did the Frozen Ever after Ride. I think we liked this ride, I actually only remember dread....
    I don't know if you tell from pic but The thing I will always remember about this ride is it is where I thought I had lost all pics.
    When we first sat down on ride, I looked down at camera and noticed that it said 19/19 pics. I thought last I looked there were nearly 900 pictures on there.
    How did that happen, did the kids hit a wrong button, did I, was the card somehow reset. So I hardly noticed the ride...was sick and distracted the whole way.
    After sitting down and looking at it. The counter resets at 999 s we had 1018 pics . lol..needless to say I was happy!!!

    Note for next trip...change memory cards more often so not all eggs are in one basket. This actually happened with our video card later in trip...

    next up 5:15 reservations at Akershus..
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    Jun 23, 2016
    DAY 6 - May 5th - EPCOT part 4

    Went to AKershus for our 5:15 reservation. Had to wait maybe 20 minutes.
    Lizzy made friends with some little girls also wearing Rapunzel dresses, they were from Connecticut. Little girl wanted Lizzy to be her big sister.
    Sat next to them when inside too. The food was Norwegian. So there were a few odd foods. None really stuck out good or bad..there was fish which was very fishy and salty. oNE bite ok, more than that..not so much.

    Met the princesses. Belle when we walked in. Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel. Snow White struck me funny , they stay in character and she had a high pitched voice.

    DSC_2181JPG.jpg DSC_2194JPG.jpg DSC_2202JPG.jpg DSC_2207JPG.jpg DSC_2226JPG.jpg
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    Jun 23, 2016
    DAY 6 - May 5th - EPCOT part 5

    At this point Shari wanted to do some shopping. Kids and I waited by a fountain, I expected 15-20minutes. 50min-hour later she came back for us. I was irratated lol
    but hey we were in the happiest place on earth.
    On the way out we stopped to get a picture with Figment..

    From the beginning of the trip...everytime everyone saw the EPCOT ball...Logan would say where and act like he couldn't see it...
    So it was an inside family joke. we mentioned this to a photgrapher at this point and he had us go around the corner and get this shot....
    EPCOT_FWCENTERROVERSC_20170505_8026750475.jpg EPCOT_FWCENTERROVERSC_20170505_8026750476.jpg

    then back to resort....

    tomorrow---Ohana and Magic Kingdom..

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