Alcoholic Drinks and passport?


Kein Traumprinz
May 18, 2018
So DH and I are on DxDP when we go this Saturday. Would servers accept a picture of our passports as proof or our drivers license? I would like to keep our passports in the safe if possible. Thanks!
Coming from Germany, we still get asked for passports at least twice per trip, even though we sre both 40+. Identity cards are sometimes not accepted.

Donald - my hero

<font color=blue>Aww yes. The dreaded "mouse hand"
Jun 11, 2006
i just managed to snag an ADR for Oga's Cantina in January and since it's really ONLY a bar (even though there are a lot of very confused people who dropped actual restaurant meals to get this :rolleyes1) there was a detailed list of what is acceptable ID for purchasing alcohol. I highlighted the Nexus section because someone asked about that


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