Carnival Breeze (or Magic for comparison)


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May 8, 2016
Have any DIS'ers here sailed on the Carnival Breeze, or maybe her sister ship the Magic? I was originally looking at Allure of the Seas, but I think it might be expensive for our cruise mates. I have never sailed Carnival, only NCL (Epic and Escape). It's an 8 night Eastern Caribbean (Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Maarten, St. Kitts), all new ports for us.

Just wondering thoughts on the Carnival product!


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Feb 16, 2014
I love Carnival ships and Magic in particular. We were on it two years ago (man I need another cruise) and my son and I both loved the ship. I imagine Breeze is even nicer, though very similar.

For your ports, haven't been to St Maarten but I have been to the others and they are all nice, depending on what you want to do. San Juan isn't so great for a beach day though it is doable. My kiddo prefers Carnival to RCL, finds them more "fun" and he will actually go to the kids club, while on RCL he refuses. Magic;/Breeze has lots to do, water slides, an outdoor place for playing foosball, mini golf and of course there is a ropes course. You also have the benefit of Guys Burgers, Blue Iguana, the sea day brunch, and the pasta place (go at lunch, it's free, and you pick what you want, they make it and bring it to you, super good and rarely busy). Oh, and the BBQ, which you should do when you get on the ship, by the time you have a seaday people know about it and it gets super busy.

Ben E N

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Jul 14, 2017
I sailed on each the Magic and the Breeze over the past two summers. Both were very nice, but the Breeze seemed just a bit nicer and newer. I would go on it again any time. Staff is all very friendly and the food was very good. If you would like any specific questions answered, feel free to ask.


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