Disappointing Halloween at DLP


Earning My Ears
Feb 6, 2000
Our plan for Halloween was to spend the morning at the Studios, rest for a bit at the Santa Fe and return for the Halloween party in time to see the castle show/fireworks.
Enjoyed the Crush Coaster and Ratatouille ride but the rest of the Studios Park was disappointing. Lots of closed rides and shows. Hence lines were tremendously long.

After our rest we entered the park for the party. Directed down behind Main Street with no option to walk down and do a little shopping. After the 7:00 pm fireworks we had planned to eat in a sit down restaurant- unfortunately they were all closed until 8:20. When we tried to enter Adventure Land we were told you couldn’t until 8:00 despite us having a wrist band. When we finally convinced the cast members to let us past we asked a CM for directions to Phantom Manor- they didn’t know where it was and sent us the wrong way.
Lines were long and the posted wait times were vastly underestimated. Hyperspace Mountain single rider was listed at 30 minutes. After waiting 40 minutes in the rain and moving about 10 feet (with about 60 feet to go) I bailed.
In general we found the event to be very poorly organized in comparison to WDW, Disneyland California, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
However the 3 rides we managed (PofC,Big Thunder Mountain and Phantom Manor ) were all superior to their counterparts at


DIS Veteran
Jul 8, 2006
It seems like a part of your trip report is missing.
Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience.


DIS Veteran
Feb 5, 2012
This is exactly the reason why I skipped the party (and Halloween altogether) this year. Way too busy to be entertaining.


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