Family of 7 Goes to DLR 2/4-2/10/18 *update 9/9* - “Final Thoughts”


Jul 4, 2013
Hey! I'm really late here...about 2 years too late but I was directed here by a mod to read about your experiences with a large family! We are a family of 6 but our travelling party will be party of 7 or 8. I wanted to did you like Desert Palms? I've been debating with staying there in their 2 bedroom suite (We need 2 bathrooms) I'm loving your trip report so far and your family is just adorable!! Looking forward to reading through the entire report soon! And any suggestions are greatly welcomed! LOL..the last time we went to Disneyland was last year but that was a really quick, spur of the moment trip...the last time we really indulged in the Disneyland was in 2016!! And at that time, we only had 3 sons...our youngest wasn't born yet! Thanks again!


Apr 5, 2016
@silvaohana808 Sorry I haven't responded; I haven't been on the boards for a really long time. Yes, we loved Desert Palms! We only had the 1 bathroom, but having doors close between us parents and the kids was really helpful. We loved having breakfast there every morning. We requested a higher floor because breakfast was on the 5th floor, I believe. So quicker to get to breakfast, then on down to the parks. We ate outside every time that section was open because you can see the back of cars land.
We had a great experience at Desert Palms both times we stayed there.


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