Mickey Heads in Pool with Pics


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Jan 4, 2011
I haven't been around much cause the summer was taken up with a new pool build that I am contracting myself. Inspired by our love for Disney I needed to include something Mickey in my pool. I saw in the past someone used a plastic mickey head an embedded it in the plaster on the floor. That got my ideas rolling but new there was no way i was putting something into the plaster that would possibly crack or turn color or mess up my plaster job. So I found a custom shop in Florida that has a water jet and sent them pics of what I wanted. 3 weeks later I got my pieces and installed the tile markers and then the plaster company plastered the pool.

IMG_8444 by Jim, on Flickr

IMG_8474 by Jim, on Flickr

IMG_8487 by Jim, on Flickr

Untitled by Jim, on Flickr

IMG_8625_HDR by Jim, on Flickr

IMG_8614_HDR by Jim, on Flickr

IMG_8612_HDR by Jim, on Flickr


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