Our Tale as Old as Time Wedding and Disneymoon


Jun 5, 2011
Our celebration kicked off with DH and I waking up together in our house and having breakfast together. The weather report for the day was rain. All day. So we drove around looking for a jumbo umbrella. It was wonderful spending the morning together. We went our separate ways to get ready.

The Hamlin House where we were having our reception was nice enough to let us use their bridal suite before the ceremony so that I could get ready closer to the ceremony site, letting us cut back on how many hours we had to get the limo. It was the perfect space. Our photographer, Kristen Leigh Davide, was only able to shoot half of our day (doctor's orders). We chose to have her capture the first half of our day. I'm still sad that all of our photos aren't hers. She's just awesome.

The awesome shoes my sister Sam painted for me. I wanted to wear them for the reception, but I ended up running around barefoot for most of it. lol

How many people does it take to put on a wedding dress? lol

Sister love.

My mother murdering my scalp with bobby pins. lol

From the very beginning, I wanted my BMs to be able to pick out whatever dress they wanted as long as it was blue. I loved the outcome. Everyone got to show off their own unique style and remain in their own prices range.

Then Kristen was off to meet the boys at the Karpeles Manuscript Library.

Hidden Mickey!

DH didn't want to do a first look so we compromised with an around the corner meeting before the ceremony started. It was the perfect stolen moment before the whirlwind that happened after. :lovestruc

On to the ceremony!



Jun 5, 2011
Now did I mention that the weather report was rain? And boy they weren't kidding. It POURED the entire day. Made me very glad that we had decided to splurge for an indoor ceremony venue. The price was a bit steep for the minimum three hours ($195/hour), but it was worth the peace of mind. Not to mention the owner was just great. We ended up being a little over our three hours between the rehearsal and the boys getting there early, but they were find with it and let us set up our decorations the day before (honestly, all we had was an aisle runner). They also had candles that they provided lit along the alter. It was perfect.

DH's grandparents ended up being late. His grandmother's health is not very good and I guess they didn't give themselves enough time, so there was a bit of waiting around to be done and hiding out in the basement of the library for me. I also managed to get dirt all over the back of my dress and after my girls managed to get me cleaned up, I stayed in this chair to keep myself neat.

Once his grandparents finally arrived it was time to get the show on the road.

These stairs at the start of the aisle terrified me. I kept having wedding nightmares that I was going to fall down them and either break a leg/arm or chip a tooth. I'm happy to report that I made it down the stairs with no issues at all.

DH, who never cries, actually teared up a bit. :lovestruc

One of my favorite shots.

I just love this space. It's so perfect!

I now pronounce you husband and wife. :love:

I will say that the one negative is the best pictures we got from the ceremony were mostly the black and white ones. I guess our ceremony spot was a not so light friendly place. But shrug, the B&W pictures look gorgeous so it's not that big of a negative.

Picture time!
  • DebbiePMN

    Apr 27, 2013
    This is wonderful! You are such a beautiful bride! I need to figure out how to "follow" you on here. I'm one of the Sept 2013 travelers!


    Jun 5, 2011
    This is wonderful! You are such a beautiful bride! I need to figure out how to "follow" you on here. I'm one of the Sept 2013 travelers!
    :wave2: Hi. If you haven't figured it out already: right above the first post in this thread on the right hand side there's an option called "thread tools" and in the drop down menu there's an option to subscribe. :)

    I am following can't wait to see more
    Yay! Welcome aboard! :goodvibes


    Jun 5, 2011
    With the ceremony over, we headed outside to find that it was still pouring. Thankfully, we didn't plan on have a staged exit from the ceremony, so it was right on to family pictures.

    DH's family is so small compared to mine. He's an only child. We asked his OOT aunt and uncle (DH's father's brother) to join us. DH's father sadly passed away in 2006 after a motorcycle accident.

    And then you have my huge and crazy family.

    Crazy, I say.

    With family pictures done, we decided it was best to take the rest of our pictures at the Manuscript Library. Our original plan was to head to the Buffalo Japanese Garden, which is such a lovely location.

    We might still do a trash the dress type shoot there this summer, but there's very little cover and everyone would have been soaked and miserable. The pictures turned out awesome and Kristen is such an amazing photographer that the space we were in seemed so much larger than it actually is. The only complaint of the space was our limo driver, who decided to chain smoke on the patio. Our photographer had to keep asking him to move because he was in the shot. Since we had a budget wedding, we went with some of the cheapest vendors in our area and Giorgio's Limousine is the only one that gave disappointing service (he didn't know where he was going, turned the wrong way and DH husband had to correct him, and when he dropped us off at our reception location he asked DH about a tip as soon as he got out of the limo. Seriously, who asks for a tip?! And asking the groom of all people? SMH). They fit our price range and allowed us to have a limo, but it's the one negative spot of an otherwise perfect day. Anyway, moving on...

    Mismatched dresses and shoes. I love how they turned out in the pictures.

    Can you tell my sisters have a flair for the dramatics? There's a reason one of them is friends with two Disney princesses. lol

    DH and his bandmates rockin' the air instruments.

    The rain couldn't put a damper our day! But really it couldn't. We love the rain. It reminds me of Disney. lol Favorite Disney memory: getting stranded at DTD without ponchos. We asked for plastic bags for our electronics at one of the shops and then proceeded to walk back to SSR jumping in puddles and singing Disney songs. If I owned rain boots, there would definitely have been some jumping in puddles pictures. I almost did it in the heels, but MOH talked me out of it, which is probably a good thing. lol

    Since DH and I are high school sweethearts, we just had to the obligatory prom shot.

    I had no idea was DH was doing behind me. He's such a cutie.

    Another hidden Mickey.

    A Disney wedding was always out of our price range, but since it's been such a big part of our lives there was no question that we were going to be incorporate a lot of Disney things. DH was so awesome to play along with some of my picture ideas. Here's our Cinderella shot.

    Elusive Just Married pins.

    Sleeping Beauty shot.

    My favorite shot of the entire day. Kristen did such a great job of capturing a fairy tale vibe.

    Water kept dripping down on to DH and I couldn't stop laughing.

    I eventually managed to pull it together. lol

    Now on to the partying!
  • ariel_

    Jan 8, 2010
    Your pictures made me smile so much! The fun and joy really comes through in your photos! The black and white shots of the ceremony are so beautiful!!


    DIS Veteran
    Jan 1, 2011
    I love seeing your wedding come together! The pictures are just stunning. Those shoes your sister painted are amazing, I want a pair ;) And I really like how your bridesmaids look. In retrospect maybe I would've done that too, although I really love the dress I picked for mine. But I like how it's a little more unique to have them in different dresses! Even in the rain your pictures are beautiful. I really love the setting of the library!


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