Sarah & Jeff, 7-3-17, Sea Breeze Point turned Attic!


Earning My Ears
Jan 27, 2017
Hey everyone,

A few notes from our wedding last week at WDW!

Our story, Jeff and I have been together for about 10 years. Living together for the past 7. We never thought we would actually get married because we were so comfortable, but over Christmas decided why not. My family already had a vacation planned to WDW over the 4th of July, so we basically added our wedding to the already planned trip.

- 7/3/17, 5PM escape wedding @ Sea Breeze Point, 18 guests, no wedding party
- Ladies afternoon tea was held @ the grand floridian before the ceremony at 2PM
- reception dinner held at Big River Grill & Brewingworks after the ceremony
- After party @ Jellyrolls
- we stayed at the Boardwalk Inn, family stayed at Coronado
- spent the rest of the week at Disney doing the 4 day/1 park/day package

Flight out/transportation:
- we were coming from TX, so we left Saturday to get in early. Flight was delayed due to mechanical problems then delayed due to weather. Super stressful, but we got upgraded to first class... so a little more tolerable after that. :) MCO was a nightmare. So busy. Found Jeff's parents (they are Orlando locals) and went to their house
- most of my friends flew from around the country.. and basically everyones flights were delayed because of the weather, no disney magical express issues or check-in problems
- my immediate family drove from TX, seemed to be OK although I4 has crazy traffic lately

- we checked in Sunday before the wedding @ Boardwalk and were upgraded to the a garden view cottage with club access. It was AMAZING. We had our own little garden and lofted upstairs king bed and couch below. It made everything so special and easier
- Parents were at Coronado, it's a much bigger hotel than we all realized also the busses were not great.. and the plan to bus to epcot and boat to my hotel didn't work because the boat to boardwalk from Epcot is inside epcot, lol. Thankfully,they brought the car

- we used Beaute Speciale. They were fantastic. I loved my hair and makeup. They brought 3 ladies to do 5 hair/5 makeup for the group. They worked fast and brought everything needed to get us ready. Having the upgraded room made it even better because there was a lot more space and seating.

Ladies lunch/tea:
- to do something special for my friends and family... I hosted an afternoon tea party @ the grand floridian for all the ladies. We just booked the normal afternoon tea, but all sat together. It was so wonderful the limo picked us up and brought us to the GF, and back to boardwalk where we used my room as the ready room. could not have worked out better.

Men's day of:
- the guys were at disney springs and coronado. The limo went to grab them after us. It worked out well. Everyone made it on time.

- RAIN, the weather was terrible and we got the call around 3:45 that we would probably need to move to the backup location. Since I was at Sea Breeze Point. I figured that meant the convention center and was going to lose it. however, we got the attic... and it worked out better than I could have imagined
- It is a really long walk to the attic, but it was fun and we had our wedding coordinator to help through the whole thing
- Our wedding coordinator also brought us umbrellas :)

- it went by really fast. I walked in to a dream is a wish your heart makes... and we did the rose petals down the aisle. I thought my dress would drag them but it wasn't bad at all.
- We got to the ring vows and at the exact same time the officiant wrapped it up for us on the rings there was a HUGE crack of lightning. Apparently, God wanted us to know the significance of the rings, lol.
- Setup, I wanted the white chairs, but we had to go with wicker at the attic.. i honestly didn't even notice, they also looked pretty comfortable for the guests. it was such a whirlwind
- we were able to stand on the balcony part so I think the pictures ill be great and still got the "outside" vibe.

- we opted for the 2 photographers and had Ali and Brittany. They apparently due to scheduling dont get to work together a lot, but make magic happen when they do
- we took all different types of pictures from throwing up petals in the air to a big circle bubble blowing group photo - i can't wait to see them!

- Big River Grill, we had a hard time finding anyone else on boardwalk who would do a large group. So we went with Big River Grill & Brewing works. They worked out well. The only thing I would have liked was to not have my whole party sat at the tall high-boy tables.. but the food was good and the drinks strong and it was affordable.

After party:
- We had a few under 21's at the wedding, but basically my new husband, myself and our closest friends went to Jellyrolls. we rolled in around 9PM and were able to get tables up at the front. They won't let you move tables in the lower level, but we arranged the chairs to make it work. Jellyrolls was so much fun. I highly recommend it to any epcot area brides.

Then, it was basically happily ever after. We event got the "Just Married" pins from our wedding coordinator which was awesome because they don't make them anymore. So we proudly wore them around the park and nobody else had them, lol.

So happy that we celebrated our at WDW. It was perfect.


Earning My Ears
Apr 25, 2010
LOVE the idea of doing the tea at the Grand Floridian for the girls! And the after-party at Jellyroll's sounds like a blast.

I hadn't even considered the possibility of the rose petals being disrupted by the gown. If I may ask- did you wear a ballgown? This may be something to consider when working out how to allocate our "floral + decor" money.:scratchin

Glad you had such a wonderful day!


Earning My Ears
Apr 25, 2010
Oh, how beautiful! :goodvibes I absolutely love the bodice. And great, I think I should be okay in the dress I ordered. Whew! :rotfl:


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