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Jun 10, 2008
I thought I would just do a little write up about our stay from 23rd-27th December...I apologise if I mention what has already been written!

We arrived 1ish and we were checked in very quickly, the kids were given a little colouring in set so they were happy, our room was ready which was great news, so we headed up for a nose before hitting the parks.

The room was clean and everything in working order. During our stay housekeeping was to a high standard. The only thing myself and hubby thought was for the money paid the room was pretty much the same as we had in the NY just different decor!

Breakfast time was busy, but we didnt have to queue at all, fantastic choice for breakfast, we all really enjoyed it. There were always photo opportunities with a character just outside and if you timed it right there were 3/4 other characters in the corridor, which was great, one morning wasnt as good as we experienced the usual pushing in!

Obviously location was brilliant and I expect that is what you pay the money for!

Overall we did like the hotel, mainly for the characters and location, one thing I was hoping for was just a little something for the kids on christmas day, nothing big, just a bag of coins left in our room wouldve been a lovely touch, but maybe I was expecting too much! :confused3

Oh yes.....4pm at the DLH was brilliant with characters galore !

Our view....lovely with all the lights...if we twisted our head to the left we could jst see the castle through the tress!

This was our turndown service, it was hystrical the way all the cuddlies were laid out!
As you can see we had to bring lots of little friends with us, suprised we didnt have to pay a supplement! :rotfl:
Dont know how those choccies got there! :rolleyes1



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Jul 4, 2008
We found a Nespresso machine in our room. :thumbsup2
Also we had a water heater to make tea but I forgot to take a picture.

  • joolz1910

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    Aug 24, 2008
    I'm sorry but I have no photos to add to this thread. I just wanted to add my opinion to help anyone deciding whether or not they should stay here.

    I had originally booked to stay at the SL - after a lot of deliberation, I finally paid to upgrade and it was worth every penny. I totally fell in love with the hotel and it is my dream to stay there again.:goodvibes

    Some of my highlights:

    Beautiful lobby - particularly the chandelier
    Subtle touches like the Mickey wallpaper - easily missed!
    Character interaction to avoid the Park 'scrums'
    Elegant rooms
    Robes and slippers
    Themed toiletries
    Bathrooms with double sink and phone in the loo
    VIP fastpasses (we got 4 each day) for standard rooms
    Relaxed and plentiful breakfasts with stunning views
    Turndown service complete with Mickey chocolates
    Location location location
    Being close enough to nip back quickly
    Looking down Main Street and seeing 'my' hotel lit up
    Watching everyone trudge towards the Village when the Parks closed;)

    My favourite thing was opening the window in my room, after the Park had closed and the kids were asleep, and listening to the Disney music being played in the Park. Priceless.


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    May 14, 2008
    As you may know by now, we LOVED the DLH!!

    It was so lovely to enter the lobby, which even at a time that had been busy at SL was very quiet with no queue at reception.

    We checked in on the 18th of January at about 12.30 and our room was ready. We were on the 3rd floor, in the same building as reception with a view over the main entrance and discoveryland.

    It was a wonderful view in my opinion as I could see the steam train pulling into Main Street and we could hear the Main Street Music and as we got to our room I opened the window and a few minutes later we heard the character express start up!

    The decoration of the room was wonderful!

    The room was beautiful, more so in the flesh than all the pictures I have seen, and the bathroom was soooo much better than the tiny Sequoia Lodge ones!

    As for the beds, they were VERY comfortable and I loooooved the bed spread!

    My other (chocolate loving) half was a big fan of the turn down service!

    We were treated like royalty our entire trip. Jack requested champagne and flowers that day we got engaged and we were delivered a bunch bigger than me as well as champagne and strawberries, which we were told ther was no charge for when we checked out!

    We made reservations for Inventions and California Grill and te person at concierge asked if it was a special occasion and we said about the engagement and we were given the BEST seat in the restaurant for both meals, as well as candles and a big round of appluase from all the CMs at our CG dinner.

    The lady who checked in breakfast was the sweetest, and always there from our first day, on the first day we got there a bit early so I was talking to her, so every morning she gave us a window seat (combining dinner and breakfast we actually only sat at 2 different tables in the CG!) and slipped us extra sweets when we left!

    Breakfast was wonderful!!! Loads of options and all delicious!!!

    Needless to say, whenever we return to DLRP there will only be one accomodation option for us. Jack fancies Castle Club next time, but to be honest I couldn't have wanted more from this stay, so would be more than happy to have a standard room again!


    Jan 18, 2008

    I've just found this thread... I never knew it even existed! There's great info here for anyone interested in staying at the Disneyland Hotel.

    I just thought I'd add my bits! :thumbsup2

    Firstly, I have a page on my website dedicated to the Disneyland Hotel's Castle Club:

    I have also recently completed a video tour of the Disneyland Hotel and Castle Club - see this post:

    I hope this is of some use to those interested.



    Jan 18, 2008

    Further to my post above I thought I'd mention that my site and it's DLP section has just had a massive overhaul.

    Rather than post the exact same message twice (which I'm sure would be against the rules ;) ) please have a look at this this thread if you're in the market for more user based info, photos and videos of DLP, the DLH and Castle Club.


  • Samf1971

    Aug 30, 2008
    We've just returned from our stay here from 13 - 17 September

    Check-in was very slow. There was no queue, and a lady took my name and got our envelope out, gave me the questionnaire thing to fill in and told me to wait at the desk, I filled it in, and then waited for someone to come and see me - which no-one did, the very same lady along with 3 other cast members were stood at the desk next to me chatting and looking at their iphones while I stood and waited, I said "excuse me" but she promptly proceeded to see someone else and place them at a desk with an CM. still I'm stood there being ignored, finally someone came out of the office and noticed I was still there so asked if I was being seen & she then served me. This wasn't exactly the standard of check in I expected (it wasn't busy, there was no queue)

    When I originally booked the room (way back in March) I asked for a low floor as my son has trouble with lifts and stairs and I would be using his major buggy and my DH would also have his wheelchair - but this request was ignored

    I also recently sent an email to ask if it was possible for anything special due to the fact that DH had been extremely ill and at the time were not sure if we'd even ever have another family holiday (sorry to sound so morbid, but he was very ill) - again this request had been ignored (I did have an e-mail to acknowledge my request)

    Hey ho, onto the room

    We had a family room (no. 3247) and had a view over the swimming pool on the left hand wing of the hotel - left hand as you look at it from the front(they said it was the 2nd floor, but we were 3 floors up including the ground floor)

    The family room had 2 beds and a sofa bed, coffee table, dining table and tv console. Our room also had a cot in it when we arrived :confused3 this was never removed although we did ask for it to be. The room was a decent size, probably as it was a corner room and was clean and nicely presented, although I did expect a little more in the room, perhaps a welcome tray and kettle or coffee machine as standard would have been very nice, especially considering the price for the hotel, I felt that the only "extras" in the actual room were the additional TV channels,an ice bucket & the gowns/slippers other than that it was a pretty standard room much the same as the other hotels.

    I requested a bottle warmer from housekeeping which never arrived, I requested it again, still didn't arrive, then the third and final time it arrived along with a kettle - again I expected a much better service than that

    Room service was good, food was nice although expensive but for us it meant that we could sit down for a meal (my DS has Autism and it's very difficult to go to a restaurant as it's extremely distressing for him and also he has a very limited diet and doesn't eat anything)

    Breakfast was in the California grill, I did think the waiters were a little miserable as they never said hello good morning or anything like that, it would have also been nice to have had a coffee pot on the table rather than having to call them back everytime you wanted a drink, after seeing the breakfast photos I was really looking forward to it, but the buffet was very small in the California Grill with not as much choice and the hot food was never hot and even cold on a couple of occasions & again for the price I didn't expect to have to make my own toast

    On whole we were disappointed with the stay and expected better service - perhaps even with a smile! it is after all the top hotel for the resort, the only person who was friendly and pleasant was the chap who brought our cases - Sven, he was really nice and helpful and even commented on how nice my suitcase was!

    Next time I think we'll be back to the Cheyenne as for the money spent on the DLH we didn't think it was worth it.

    Pictures below of the family room, room service menu etc and also room service food.

    Ms Poppins

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    Mar 14, 2009
    We stayed here from Monday 11th - Thursday 14th October 2010.

    We arrived at the hotel reception at approx 13:45, just off the Eurostar. (For anyone wondering: when arriving at the hotel from the Village side and having to go through security - your cases are scanned, not opened for the whole world to see!)

    Reception was quiet and we were seen to immediately. Everything was explained very well (even though we'd been to DLP before) including how fast pass works, breakfast, park tickets and directions of how to navigate the hotel. We were given 1 fastpass each, per day. These can only be used before 1pm and after 4pm.

    The lobby is stunning:

    Happily our room was ready. We were asked to leave our luggage at the concierge desk, who would bring our cased to our room, but we didn't bother and just took them ourselves. From reception we went to floor 2 in the lift and then walked along the main corridor in which the shop, bar and restaurants are located. Some lovely windows along the way:

    At the other end of the lobby we took another lift to the 3rd floor. Our room was number 3364 - on a corner. We had a family room for 5 people.

    The room had 2 large beds and a sofa bed, which my eldest two ended up arguing over as they both wanted it - it was soooo comfy...and large enough for my
    6ft, 16 year old.

    The room is equipped with a tv, mostly international channels, but did have disney channels in English and a mini bar that we did not use and remained locked throughout. There is and ice bucket in the room and the kids were tasked with filling this up each evening using the ice machines located throughout the hotel, which they enjoyed looking for. It turned out they were back within a few minutes each night, so plenty around. The cabinet for the tv and mini bar had a beautiful Peter Pan design.

    The beds were comfy, and there were extra pillows in the wardrobe. We also had 2 big fluffy white dressing gowns and 2 pairs of slippers. The bedding for the sofa bed was in the wardrobe (although I didn't notice this and phoned housekeeping who sent someone up to make the bed up). The beds were turned down each night with gold chocolate coins placed on the sheets. The sofa bed was made each day too. I really love the decor, bedding and feel of luxury. I didn't mind the walk to reception each morning as there is so much to look at on the way!

    The housekeeping service was very good, with our rooms always magically cleaned when we returned. A kettle was delivered in about 10 minutes when I called. The bathroom toiletries were replenished daily, plenty of towels, and all very clean. There is also a hairdryer in the bathroom, double sinks (very handy when there's lots of you!) and lots of space.

    The location of this hotel is it's obvious main attraction. We'd go for EMH and then back to the hotel for about 9:30ish for breakfast which was served in either Inventions or the California Grill. Buffet breakfast with plenty of choice and hot items. Although, I must agree that it could have been a bit warmer on one of the days. Another bonus is the character meets held in the foyer outside the restaurants each morning - saves lots of time in the park if you want to meet a special mouse!

    The character interaction was great - lots of running about!

    Every CM we encountered was very nice and we got a smile and a 'bonjour' from everyone we met from corridors to restaurants.

    We didn't use the pool facilites this time, but probably would in the summer. Location is obviously the main benefit of this hotel which saves so much time. No hustling your way through the Village each night or morning having to queue up for bag check.

    We all absolutely loved our stay here, and whilst I agree it is very expensive (we probably won't be able to do it again) I think every hotel on DLP property is expensive for what you get. Being a family of 5 we usually choose 2 rooms, but with the recent discounts it actually worked out cheaper for us to have a family room here instead of 2 at the Hotel New York.



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    Nov 21, 2005
    We just got back from our first stay at the Disneyland Hotel.
    We drove through the night, and checked in at 9am on Monday 22nd November. Our room wasn't ready, I wasn't really expecting it to be, I just wanted our park tickets.

    We went back to get our room key at 5pm. The room we were given was filthy! The beds had been made, but there were dirty towels, covered in hair, in a pile in front of the wardrobe doors. The bathroom hadn't been cleaned and it was really grungy.

    I phoned reception and complained. They sent someone along with keys to a new room. I was really upset that we had checked in at 9am so they knew we were there, yet at 5pm they gave us a filthy room!

    My eldest DD was really upset that I had complained, she said I had picked on the poor hotel staff. I asked her if she had wanted to stay in the first room we were given, surprisingly her answer was no!

    We moved to the new room. I said I was disappointed that this was how guests that had spent the amount of money it cost to stay at the Disneyland, were treated. I mentioned that I was a DVC member, and this definately wasn't what I was expecting from the flagship DLP hotel.

    We got up the next morning and went to the Studios. At lunchtime I said I wanted to go back to the hotel for a hot drink and half an hour to get warm, before heading to the Disneyland Park.
    We got into the room and the tv was on asking me to get in touch with reception about our move to the castle club!:wizard::worship::worship:

    I rang reception, and was told that a manager would be along with the keys to our new room, overlooking the castle! We were going to be in the room next to the Presidential Suite.:woohoo::yay::dance3::cheer2::cloud9::love:

    We had a fantastic stay. I didn't think that the Dsneyland standard rooms were any better than the rooms at the Hotel New York, but the Castle club is stupendous!

    I have 2 more DLP hotels to stay at, the Newport Bay and the Sequoia Lodge, then I have been to all of them, but both DH and I have been trying to figure out how to combine those hotels with a stay in the castle club.:rotfl:


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    Mar 31, 2009
    We stayed at the DLH in May 2010 and it was fab! Most of the photos I have are repeats of the ones already on the thread but I do have one or two that may be of interest, we were really lucky and were given a standard room (with 2 double beds) which looks out over the park entrance.

    We stayed in room 1420, which is on the top floor above the reception. It has a big window ledge/seat and you could quite happily sit there all day watching the train pulling into Main Street station. Everytime we heard the whistle we all ran to the window :)

    When we got to the room there were two little eeyore plushies waiting for DD, she was delighted. And the chocolates on the pillow at night were a lovely touch. It was a very handy hotel when travelling with a smallie, a hop, skip & a jump and you're back in your room for a rest.

    Room 1420: (the last room on the top floor - beside the round tower)

    The view from our room: (and the train in the station... toot, toot!)

    The view at night: (stunning!)

    Lobby at night:

    Loved it there, hope to stay there again someday:lovestruc
  • Carrie_Cat

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    Feb 10, 2011
    Rack rate 1st April - 31st October 2015 - Thanks to DCP for the photo :flower3:



    Feb 18, 2006
    Question for the Disneyland Hotel experts:

    Starting to look at a trip to DLP in June of next year. Went and plugged in dates on the official site, and no Castle Club rooms even shop up as an option. Is there a date restriction or a trick to this, or do they really book up more than a year in advance? Won't be able to confirm airfare until next month, so I won't have exact dates until then.


    Jan 30, 2012
    Castle club rooms aren't book-able trough the website, you have to call the reservations line for that to get a quote. Same goes for empire state in NY and suites in all the hotels.


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    Aug 4, 2007
    Hi. I have just booked the Disneyland Hotel for next year and have a standard terrace room. I was just wondering if someone could tell me about the terrace part? It cost more so I am assuming it's nice??!! Thanks.


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    May 29, 2013
    Hi. I have just booked the Disneyland Hotel for next year and have a standard terrace room. I was just wondering if someone could tell me about the terrace part? It cost more so I am assuming it's nice??!! Thanks.
    We had a standard terrace room in 2013. Here's a couple of photos of the terrace. It's pretty but we didn't use it. Would be handy for a smoker.



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    Aug 4, 2007
    We had a standard terrace room in 2013. Here's a couple of photos of the terrace. It's pretty but we didn't use it. Would be handy for a smoker.

    Many thanks that looks nice. I'm happy to be on the ground floor and able to go outside my room that feels less claustrophobic. Thanks for the photos :)

    Ms Poppins

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    Mar 14, 2009
    We stayed here for two nights on 25 February 2019 - 2 adults

    Booked via Expedia on a room only basis as we have Annual Passes. Breakfast isn't included anymore as standard, nor do you get hotel fastpass unless you are in the Castle Club/Suites where you get VIP fastpass.

    We arrived by car in the afternoon and check in was quite quick. Receptionist was lovely and explained everything about the parks.

    I'd emailed the hotel before our visit to say that we were celebrating our 25th Wedding anniversary and could we please have a nice room with just one bed as we wanted to have a seating area. Our room was located on the 2nd floor, past the hotel shop/restaurants.

    Room 3220

    P1010816 (480x640).jpg

    The room was beautiful, 1 large bed with a sofa and table/chairs just as we'd asked.

    P1010661 (640x480).jpg

    P1010662 (640x480).jpg

    P1010663 (640x480).jpg

    P1010664 (640x480).jpg

    Complimentary water and champagne!

    P1010666 (640x480).jpg

    A kettle, nespresso machine and complimentary coffees/tea etc were included

    P1010718 (640x480).jpg P1010717 (640x480).jpg

    Trusty ice bucket and glasses - ice machines are located on each floor I think

    P1010719 (640x480).jpg

    continued on next post.....

    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009

    The bathroom was really nice. Lovely little details around the mirror and bath. Shampoo/Conditioner/body wash etc included. Nice big fluffy towels too.

    P1010665 (480x640).jpg P1010721 (640x480).jpg P1010722 (640x480).jpg

    Hairdryer is attached to the wall in the bathroom

    P1010760 (480x640).jpg

    There were two bathrobes and slippers in the wardrobe. Also an ironing board/iron and digital safe. Laundry service is available on request.

    P1010759 (640x480).jpg

    Turndown service each day, with lovely Disneyland Paris Hotel chocolates and Disney cards with characters on them.

    P1010714 (640x480).jpg

    Our room was cleaned beautifully each day. We didn't use the mini-bar or room service but both are available. Breakfast can also be delivered as part of room service.

    We visited the La Vallee shopping outlet one afternoon. There is an on request shuttle service available by calling the concierge and arranging a pick up time from reception. Cost is 6E per adult for a return journey. Great service and less hassle than using the train.

    We didn't use the pool or the spa facilities this time.

    The restaurants are located on the 2nd floor beside the Cafe Fantasia bar and near the shop. We didn't use any of these facilities this time except the shop but have in the past and Cafe Fantasia in particular is lovely.

    The location is obviously amazing. We were located on the side nearest the exit turnstyles and it was literally a 10 second walk to the hotel entrance after leaving the park.

    P1010814 (640x480).jpg

    Fantasia gardens in front of the hotel is stunning in the evening as is the entire hotel.

    P1010752 (640x480).jpg

    Having stayed here twice before we were not disappointed. I know a refurbishment will take place, I think after the Hotel New York is completed, but honestly I think it's still a really lovely, well maintained hotel. The Victorian theme is beautiful and I think the furnishings compliment it. Technology wise, free wifi is included and worked well and I'm sure the refurbishment will bring the USB and extra sockets that we are now used to in the other hotels that have been upgraded. Overall an absolutely wonderful stay here and I'd love to stay here again.

    P1010818 (640x480).jpg


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