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Feb 21, 2001
I am glad that I found this board! I am planning my first trip to France in August and would love to take time to see DLP. The trip will be around the 19th-27th of Aug. How busy is that time of year? Will I be able to see anything in a day's time?Also, are you able to purchase tickets at a discounted price anywhere? Or am I better off trying to book a package and stay a night or two?
I am such a Disney nut that I feel ashamed that I would rather see DLP than the Eiffel Tower! Any advice would be helpful... Thank you in advance!


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Jun 17, 2000
Generally August is a busy month as schools throughout Europe are on holiday. However, don't let this put you off. During this time of year DLP has is extended summer opening hours (9am-11pm at the Disneyland park, 9am-8pm at the Walt Disney Studios), you have the best chance of fine weather and the parks will have their full roster of parades, fireworks and entertainment. A mid-week visit in the summer is my favourite time to visit DLP.

If you are staying in central Paris it is perfectly possible to take a day visit to DLP. You can reach the resort by train, taking 45-60 minutes depending on your kocation in the city. But I would recommend you make a slightly longer visit if you can afford the time. The Disneyland park in Paris is, in many people's opinion, the best of all the Magic Kingdoms around the world. It was recently described by Kevin Yee on miceage.com like this: "this first French park is a masterpiece. Lead Imagineer Tony Baxter masterfully distilled the essence of Walt’s Disneyland, refined the thematic elements, and reconfigured the layout for maximum effect. Jaw-droppingly beautiful and stunningly executed, the park is just gorgeous." I whole heartedly agree with this, so while a one-day visit would allow you to see Disneyland's headline attractions, I think another day or two would give you the time to absorb much more of this beautiful park. There's also a brand new theme park at the DLP resort, the Walt Disney Studios, which although still small has some unique attractions which are of the highest quality.

I've never been able to find a source for discounted tickets at DLP, unfortunately!




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Jan 21, 2003
There is a FL number to call to book your vacation: 407-828-3232 or you can go under www.disneytravelagents.com
I picked up a book on packages at AAA or you can stop at any travel agent to see if they have one for you to look at.
Tickets prices are much more reasonable at DLP than the parks in the States. I do not know if AAA sells discounted passes or not.
We just got back last week after staying there 2 nights. We really liked the Newport Bay Club and the convenience of being able to walk to the parks. I had originally booked the Sequoia Lodge, but with all the snow we have had decided on a much warmer feel of the NBC.
Good luck with your plans.


Earning My Ears
Feb 21, 2001
Thank you Rob and Barb for all your help! I think I will go by AAA later this week and talk to them about planning my trip.
Now, just to figure out a budget! Thanks again!


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