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Jun 17, 2018
My current order is Jiko, Topolinos, California Grill.

California Grill had been my favorite for years but the last time I was there the food was just okay. I ate at Topolinos a few weeks back and it was exceptional. Jiko, although it doesn’t have a fireworks view, has in my opinion the best food at Disney.


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Aug 24, 2013
I know a website started this rumor months ago, but did anyone actually confirm this? I want to dine here in December and just checked availability for 180 days from now and it's showing available for July 19th.
It looks like maybe they’ve decided to close it one section at a time, so reservations may be limited but can now be found after May 17.

  • Remy is Up

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    May 10, 2018
    We do sigs quite a bit and in our top 10 on property, youd even find Non Sigs but here it is in our opinion based on our experiences at all over a 4 year period since we became AP holders and started buying TIW:
    1. Flying Fish
    2. Il Mulino
    3. Jiko
    4. Citricos
    5. Wave
    6. Tiffins
    7. Boathouse ( Though it can be a bit noisy)
    8. Homecomin
    9. La Hacienda
    10. Yachtsman Steakhouse

    Id give Honorable mentions to HBD, Monsieur Paul, Spice Road, Wine Bar George, Morimoto, Shula, Blue Zoo, Turf Club.
    I dont add V&A because its one most people wont do due to price.
    I leave off Narcoosees due to the fact the last 2 meals there have been awful and it had been going downhill prior to that. And I leave of Cali Grill because I expected much more when the new head chef came over from Jiko and it still comes off as pretentious and more concerned with being a place to be seen rather than trimming the menu and focusing on food quality.
    Le Cellier has been getting better again, which is nice, but, its still not where it was 10 years ago. It appears it has bottomed out, but, it is still trying to improve.


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    Jul 22, 2010
    For us our favorite has been Cali Grill. It has been consistently good and the view is amazing. We have tried Jiko and we thought that was just a total disappointment. I know other people love it but we did not see the value in it and would not be going back. Last trip we went the Yacthman's steak house and enjoyed the meal. The decor was very nice and the food was good. It was our second choice for this upcoming trip if we could not have gotten into Cali.


    Jun 10, 2000
    Victoria & Alberts is the best. But it's not your everyday signature.

    So I would have to go with California Grill Brunch. It is so outstanding. I wish it were in my home town.


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    Oct 25, 2001
    my two cents:

    1. California Grill (love the dinner and the brunch--really love the brunch), and it's hard to beat the venue.
    2. Citricos never disappoints--food and ambiance are superior
    3. Victoria & Alberts falls a little lower on my list than it might objectively deserve for pure quality reasons, but for me, it's. "do it once" experience
    4. Jiko is a fine offering--nothing bad to say about the food or venue which are both fantastic, but for me, going to the AKL is like going to Georgia. Just a bit out of my way.
    5. Flying Fish was my favorite (I even wrangled one of the old red baseball caps the chefs used to wear)--the reworking of this restaurant didn't work for me. It's objectively good, and I can see why others would like it, but the elimination of the seats looking into the kitchen, and the menu changes didn't really suit me.
    6. Steak houses--so, Yachtsman bubbles onto to people's lists, but I think a short walk down the Boardwalk to Shula's would be a better experience, and STK down at Disney Springs was really good. That said, steakhouses have become stupid expensive.
    7. Brown Derby used to be a favorite. Not any more. Service and quality have taken a dive.
  • Shelleyfs

    Nov 3, 2017
    It changes every year for us. This year it was Jaleo and Flying Fish. They were amazing.


    DIS Veteran
    Oct 16, 2003
    California Grill is probably the best one with Flying Fish and Yachtsmen Steakhouse a close 2nd
  • TiggerTrigger

    a.k.a. HouCuseChickie
    Jul 16, 2010
    We've been to (some numerous times) California Grill, Narcoosee's, CRT, Yachstman, Flying Fish, Le Cellier, Tiffins, Jiko, and Brown Derby. CRT isn't really sig for the food, so I kind of hate to include it. Out of these, Le Cellier is the only one that's on our never again list. We've tried multiple times and it's been nothing but disappointment. Cali Grill can be hit or miss with food, but you can't beat the view. Still, I usually wind up with one dish I love and one dish that's average at best. Tiffins, Jiko, and Flying Fish have probably been our best overall food experiences. Narcoosee's and Brown Derby aren't bad, but never WOW to me. Yachtsman was good, but I'm always torn...I think Shula's is better, but it's not unique to Disney and I can get better steak at local high end steak houses over both the Orlando and local Shula's.


    Jun 19, 2015
    California grill. Great food, great view, great experience. The view of the fireworks the best.


    Earning My Ears
    Mar 4, 2017
    Our favorite was Flying Fish. The food was amazing, and our server made us feel at home.

    California Grill was a close second. The view we had was incredible. We had a window table, and I spent the meal admiring Tomorrowland.


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    Apr 10, 2002
    We absolutely LOVE the Flying Fish!! We have done all the major signature dining venues with excpetion of a select few. Flying Fish is my favorite followed closely by CG and Narcosees


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    Jan 5, 2008
    Jiko and Flying Fish are our two go-tos for dinner. And brunch at California Grill is an anytime, drop everything if we can get a reservation (live an hour away) must-do.

    Jiko itself has fantastic food (wild boar tenderloin!), wine (extensive collection of South African wines with knowledgeable servers), and service. There's also a small "cooking place" bar where you can sit and watch the chefs preparing appetizers and desserts, if that appeals to you. I've had steak, short ribs and the grouper there and all are fantastic. But beyond the experience of dinner itself, we love to make a whole event of it -- book a later dinner, arrive at the resort early, explore the displays in the lobby, watch the animals on the savanna, have a drink in Victoria Falls, sit around the fire pit, shop in the store etc.

    Flying Fish is a gorgeous restaurant with amazing service. It's actually one of my favorite spots when solo because the bartenders are incredible and somehow always manage to get everyone at the bar talking together and having a great time. The menu is a little more limited than I'd like and I actually wish it would change a little more with the seasons. The steak and the swordfish are my go-to entrees. Well worth a visit and in the spirit of "making an evening of it" a stroll around the Boardwalk after dinner is delightful.

    I'm not sure it's a signature or even on the dining plan but Wine Bar George in Disney Springs is also worth a look. They offer a weekend brunch and daily lunch and dinner. Really great hospitality here too. Everything I've had has been delicious and I've gotten to try some really interesting wines. They have an outside deck that can be really nice for people watching if weather permits.

    Have a great trip!!


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    May 6, 2008
    DH and I would agree with pretty much all the recommendations given, except we tend to find dining early is the key to less overtired kids in a restaurant! We love booking Yachtsman for 5pm, not many people in there at all so it makes for a nice dining experience.


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