How are Disney going to charge $500 to $1000 a night


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Apr 30, 2001
I agree. I think Disney just wants to make it clear that a resort reservation in and of itself does not guarantee park entry without a park reservation as well. Based on how many people I know who book on-site trips to WDW well within the ADR/FP+ windows and show up to WDW with not a single ADR/FP, there are almost certainly going to be some guests that show up with a resort reservation and no park reservations. This way Disney has something to point to when people complain that they can't get into the parks. We aren't talking about something as limited as a dinner reservation at a reasonable time at Ohana (which maybe would accommodate 300-500 people per day?) or FP+ for a popular ride when the parks are busy, we are still talking thousands of spots at each of the four parks when none of the resorts are full and some of them are fully closed or being used by the NBA/MLS. Disney just doesn't want to guarantee park admission to resort guests because (a) it isn't true since you still have to obtain a separate park reservation and (b) they know people will disregard the park reservations and get cranky when they show up.

I imagine that most resort guests shouldn't have too many problems making park reservations so long as they take advantage of their priority window (Disney can control how many people are included in the priority window and I highly doubt that the number they set would be higher than capacity at all four parks, even if it includes all confirmed resort guests since many people are cancelling their trips and not all resorts are going to be open to the public/open at all). I could see MK being harder to reserve than the other parks, but even then it won't be like FOP/SDD FP+ which disappear within minutes of your window opening, probably more like the first to run out towards the end of the priority window or early in the general park reservation window.
Thank you for being a voice of sanity in the freak out world called the DIS. I agree 100%.

We are a small community in the greater scheme of things. Many people will not know all the rules (resort reservation, already purchased tickets, park reservation in advance, etc). While I believe most of it is legalize in terms of not guaranteeing entry, a lot of that is pretty standard stuff. I just don't see with the given number of resorts being open (even if they were at complete capacity which I doubt) perceived massive cancellations/rescheduling, and the freeze on new reservations, and ticket sales, that as long of resort guests with tickets take advantage of their window, it shouldn't be a problem.


Dec 31, 2017
There’s no confirmation one way or the other on maid service.

Disney isn’t going to reduce prices regardless. They’re charging the same prices for the parks with major cuts, no way they reduce resort rates.

They can do it because enough people are willing to pay it. Don’t blame Disney for charging what people are willing to pay.
I am surprised they are not marketing it as an enhanced park experience and charging a premium for the reduced crowds in the parks.


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Oct 16, 2017
While they are DVC resorts, they have always been available to people who do not have DVC though, which is what I meant. Sorry for the misunderstanding. So what I'm trying to say is that Disney is opening up, but only for those people with lots and lots of money.
They're moving people with existing reservations in the June 22-July 11 time frame to DVC resorts free of charge, if people decide to keep their reservations.


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Feb 9, 2020
I can see all your points and your concerns are valid as a GM of a hotel up here in Michigan I to have had to lay off people, and make major cuts but here is my take all this is temporary... Even though the Disney

name is on a shampoo bottle the still have to supply out to the companies that make them and those companies are not offering any discounts because of the situation. Even on a good day i still dont get breaks on cost because I am doing slow at my hotel So i guess what I am saying is that if you feel like the magic is gone and you dont want to pay that price for things not being there atthis time then don go but if business stayed closed until it was truly over Think about if the magic was gone forever


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